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College Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Dorm Room Idea #: Add Extra Storage Space With A Bedside Organizer

COLLEGE DORM ROOM IDEAS @ DOLLAR TREE (cheap decor organization)

Another favorite addition to this space is this bedside organizer that we hung from the foot of her bed:

Its perfect for extra storage at her desk area plus its accessible from the top of her raised bed so she can slip things into the pockets like snacks, headphones, etc. The exact one we bought is no longer available but is very similar.

Now on to the desk area heres how this space looked originally:

Create A Cozy Feel With Layers And Textures

This clever room concept features peel-and-stick wallpaper that looks like vintage bricks. Its a lot more elegant than the simple drywall it covers up, and it can be easily removed when the school year is over. There are lots of variegated textures present, from the knitted throws to the fuzzy pillows to the crushed velvet storage chest which makes the room feel cozy and chic.

Rock The School Spirit

Guys in their early twenties and flags on walls go together like pb& j

While being a full blown stereotype, this dorm from SolidCake proves theres clearly nothing wrong with embracing it! This space is incredibly homey and lived-in, perfect for entertaining guests. The addition of an area rug contributes to an overall welcoming vibe that you cant help but feel cozy in.

One tip to increase longevity, and to go for a slightly classier look, is to hang your flags in a frame.

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Loft Or At Least Lift Your Bed

If you keep your bed in its original position, it will take up 95% of the room and leave you with barely any other space to put your things.

Optimize space by lifting or even lofting your bed to be like a top bunk! While it might seem like a hassle, it creates so much more space for futons or storage that in the end, you will be so thankful you did it!

I did this both years I lived in the dorms and I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way!

Dormify Large Collapsible Storage Cubes

So explore the wonderful world of beautiful dorm room decorations and ...

It can be tough to guess how much storage space you need before you actually see your dorm room for the first timeand thats exactly what makes Dormifys Large Collapsible Storage Cubes so useful. Each fabric cube acts as a storage basket, giving you a convenient place to store clothes, toiletries, and other must-haves. But since the cubes are also collapsible, you can easily fold up any that you dont need and slide them under your bed.

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Coordinate With Your Roommate

Recreate This Dorm Room:

For girls especially, the desire is to have the CUTEST dorm room! For parents, that sounds super expensive!

Coordinating decor keeps costs super low and doing so allows for each to spend what they want, but still create a cohesive and cute space for their school year.

Some great ways to coordinate are by color or print, just match a few things within the dorm and yours will be the talk of the building!

Classy And Elegant Theme

If youve always wanted to feel like youre a princess living in a luxurious castle, nows your chance! Start freshman year off strong feeling like royalty with a classy and elegant girl dorm room theme. For the color scheme, focus on white furniture and bedding with accents of gold and pink. Alongside chic area rugs and accent pillows to add depth to the room, fill your walls with wall art and mirrors surrounded by gold frames. Finish the space off with a plugin pink crystal wall sconce to truly resemble sophistication.

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Maximize Your Desk Space With Decor

Photo via

Everything on your deskyour organizer, lamp, pencil holder, and morecan be coordinated with the rest of your dorm room design! You can even create exactly what you want for your college storage needs with a DIY desk project. Plan your schedule by using a whiteboard/corkboard combo, decorated with fun magnets, pushpins, pictures, and more. Give some extra light to your space by adding a desk lamp to help with late-night study sessions. Get crafty and collect scrap materials, magazine cutouts, or patterned paper to DIY a craft organizer for your notepads, scissors, and other supplies.

Create Space And Storage

Interior Design Genius Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Everyone needs their space, especially when sharing a small room with someone. To set boundaries and create a bit of privacy, cubed bookcases offer just the right amount of enclosure without making an already small space feel even smaller. If space allows, this type of bookcase can stylishly divide a room while still adding a clear decorative element.

BUY IT: Cube Shelving Unit from Ikea, $89.99

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Your College Dorm Room Might Be The First Room You Actually Get Full Say On Theme And Decor It’s Super Exciting Expressing Yourself Through Colors Artwork And Trinkets If You Need A Little Inspiration On Your Soon To Be College Dorm Decor We Think You Might Find How You Want Your Room To Look And Feel Here

Today we’re talking about girly girl rooms, specifically for college students. Finding a theme you want for your small space room is something that has to be decided first.

College dorm decor can be inspired by a comforter or a piece of artwork and it can build from there! These dorm room ideas will give your college dorm room a jump start.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you purchase at no cost to you using the links below. All opinions are all my own.

Slide Into Soft Sheets And A Comfy Comforter

A comfortable set of sheets, cozy quilt, or comforter helps keep you sleeping oh-so-soundly. If possible, bring the same brand bedding you use at home. Most dorm beds are Twin XL, so make sure to pick up the proper sizing. Keeping with your color scheme is super easy with bed-in-a-bag options.

Youll be spending a lot of time in and on your bed. Pick out bedding that looks and feels great, from boho-chic to perfectly plaid.

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Customize The Dorm Room With A Chalkboard

As a fan of multi-functional spaces and furniture, Im also a fan of chalkboard walls and the creative freedom they allow us to have.

You can draw for fun, or for function.

In this room, they drew their own mural, but you could also draw a monthly calendar, to-do lists, or daily affirmations!

How to Copy This Look

Paint one accent wall with chalkboard paint and go wild with creativity!

For the rest of the walls, paint them a similar gray tone, or keep them light for maximum daylight distribution.

Add natural wood and jute accents and lighting, and add floor-to-ceiling curtains for added height.

Make Your Bed Extra Comfy With Pillows

30 College Dorm Room Decorating Ideas (you don

When dorm room decorating, an easy way to add character is with throw pillows. Whether its a cute Dorm Sweet Dorm or a cheeky Call Your Mother, pillows are a quick way to incorporate your fashion sense.

Pillows are fairly inexpensive and can be bought individually or in pairs. Or, create your own with fun fabric, fringe, and a pillow insert.

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Create A Bulletin Board

A bulletin board is a must-have you need to keep close to your desk. You can use a corkboard, fabric and paint board, or even an upcycled picture frame to pin your schedules, to-do lists, lists of your friends birthdays, recipes, and etc. Even if you have a planner where you keep everything nice and organized, you can use a bulletin board to pin the idea down and get back to it later. Also, its a great way to remember everything, especially if the reminders are right under your nose or directly in front of youthis way, you simply wont be able to forget anything.

Dorm Decor Ideas That We Are Obsessing Over For 2020

This post is all about dorm decor ideas .

I was obsessed with every single detail from thinking about what I was going to put up for my dorm wall decor, the comforter and pillows I was going to get for my bed, literally even how I was going to organize my dorm closet.

At the time I thought I was really weird for being so excited about planning that, but now I know that thousands of girls do the same thing ).

At this point, we all know how putting together a super cute and original dorm is fun but also a lot of work!

Here are some of the most adorable dorms that will make you want to decorate your dorm ASAP!

This post is all about dorm decor ideas.

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Create Color Pops With Plants

The last thing you want your dorm room to do is to overwhelm you in your downtime.

Create a calming space by adding plants to a room with a white color palette.

Plants have been shown to decrease stress levels in humans, and improve air quality!

Make your personal space in your apartment extremely calming by using plants as the main art pieces in the room!

How to Copy This Look

Think all-white for the walls, decor, and bedding and all-green for the plants and any accent colors.

Start by painting the room a blank white base color, then add your white furniture to the space.

Choose white or off-white bedding, a plush rug, and lots and lots of plants.

You can add color purely through the leaves, or choose plant pots that add pops of other colors to the space.

If you want to add some warmth, add some simple wood furniture or accents!

Loft Your Bed For Twice The Space

College Dorm Essentials For Guys | Freshman Dorm Room Decorating Ideas 2021

Most dorm bunk beds offer the capability of lofting. This option frees up valuable floor space below for studying, lounging or storage. Once the bottom bunk is removed, you can add a futon, desk or storage containers. In this dorm room design, the bunk wasn’t lofted out of necessity, but mostly out of the desire for a cozy lounging spot.

SHOP THE LOOK: Futon & Bedding Collection from Target, $10 and up

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Dorm Room Decorations For Girls

For this college student bedroom decorating idea, white brick wall paper will change the entire feel of an ugly cinder block wall! Bring a charming vibe within a matter of minutes. The best part about it is, if you mess up, its repositionable and removeable! Get your white brick removeable wall paper here.

Make A Green Statement

Plants can infuse life and color into your room. They also lend a homey touch to an otherwise institutional setting. Because space is limited, start with a small, easy-to-grow snake plant. Not only are they hardy but they filter indoor air and remove toxic pollutants. If you dont have a green thumb, try succulents, which need little attention.

Want the look but not the responsibility? You can add artificial plants or drape a dried eucalyptus garland over your bed frame or window.

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Best Dorm Room Ideas That Will Transform Your Room

This post shows you the 26 best dorm room ideas to give you inspiration to have the cutest dorm on campus.

Having a cute dorm is a must but finding dorm room ideas that actually make that blank and boring room cute is HARD!

With all that searching, I’ve found the best ideas that all freshman should know about.

This post is all about dorm room ideas.

Dorm Room Idea #: Make Recharging Electronics Easy With A Usb Lamp

16 Fantastic College Dorm Room Decor Ideas and Remodel * aux

On her desk, she has that has a pretty cool hidden feature a USB port built into the base:

Now she has an easy, accessible spot to charge her phone and never has to worry about losing a charging plug.

And one final little detail thats definitely the most special one my daughters grandma cross stitched this pillow for her the year before she died I know shes smiling down on her seeing that it found a home in her college dorm room

My daughter is so happy with how her dorm room turned out and of course Im so happy that shes happy:

Its been fun having you all along on this little adventure Ive gotten so many great tips and pieces of advice along the way that I appreciate so much! Best wishes to all of you who are in my shoes this year getting your kiddos settled away from home and for those of you with younger kids, hold them tight this day will come before you know it!

If you havent already seen it, be sure to check out on dorm room essentials with a free printable checklist!


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Make Room Under The Bed

Short on storage? Look no further than the space beneath your bed. Use extra-long storage containers to hold linens, clothes, shoes and other items you may need access to often. Rather than storing empty suitcases from move-in, use the suitcases as storage to eliminate unnecessary clutter around the room. Use an extra-long bed skirt to hide unsightly bins for a clean look.

BUY IT: Dormify, Lofted Bedskirt from Dormify, $89

Check Out This Amazing Ole Miss Dorm Room

We don’t often think of college dorm rooms as being “fancy,” but there are two students who’ve put together the fanciest dorm room we’ve ever seen. Abby Bozeman and Lindy Goodson are freshmen at Ole Miss with an impeccable eye for interior design. When the two girls saw their cinder block walls and dorm mattresses, they immediately went to work turning their cramped space into an elegant retreat. With tufted headboards, mirrored furniture, and matching monogrammed pillows, this dorm space is truly a work of art. Following the dorm rules of not putting holes into the walls, the girls resorted to hanging everything in their room with Command Strips. Using T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, and antique stores as their guide, Lindy and Abby transformed their dorm room on a budget. The girls did spring for custom-made headboards, pillows, and bedskirts to complete the look. Abby mentioned that she did consider interior decorating at one point, and it’s something that’s she picked up through the years. “I feel like it’s a skill that we just acquired from our moms,” she said.

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Cute Pink Dorm Room Decor

This dorm bed rests on an elevated platform with several storage drawers and open shelving underneath, while the matching desk features drawers, shelving, and a hidden keyboard tray. An additional storage unit tucked in the gap between the bed and desk is another way this room maximizes its storage capacity.

Create A Kitchen Space

Vintage Inspired College Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Some nights you wont feel like going down to the dining hall for dinner. On those nights, youll appreciate a mini kitchen. To create one in your dorm room, youll want to invest in a mini-fridge, microwave and single-serve coffee maker. Add to that open storage cubes with baskets where you can store plates, glasses, coffee cups, silverware, stackable mixing bowls and snacks.

If you have the room, consider adding a table for two where you and your roommate or a friend can enjoy a meal in the room. Because youll need to wipe the table as well as wash plates, utensils and cooking bowls, make sure you have a caddy with cleaning supplies on hand. After a meal, take your dirty dishes and caddy to the appropriate communal area to clean up.

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Painting Dorm Room Walls

I have to be honest. When I first saw the room I thought how in the heck can I pull this off? There were restrictions with the Resident Housing Department. We couldnt remove any of the furniture from the room or hang anything from the ceiling, nor nail or drill into the walls. However, we could paint the walls with an approved color. BINGO! First off was painting the hospital cream colored cinder block walls Sherwin Williams Reflection .

Add Jute Textures And Orange Colors To Ground You

If you like the all-natural look as I do, consider designing your space around the colors you find in wood and bamboo.

My clients are often surprised to find that a space feels grounded and relaxing when most of the color is attached to the floor.

In this room, the soft white walls open up around the wood floor and furniture.

How to Copy This Look

Use all wood furniture ideally with a consistent tone then accent the space with orange blankets, pillows, and wall ornaments.

Place a few woven baskets in the space for blankets or laundry, and make sure to include a soft white throw on top of your colorful bedding.

Add a jute rug to the space, and accent with fresh plants!

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Invest In A Comfortable And Cute Comforter

When shopping for dorm room essentials, youll want to invest in cute and comfortable bedding, including a comforter, pillows, and mattress toppers. Dorm rooms are often quite small by necessity, which means you dont always have a lot of opportunities to express your personality through your decor.

As a product youll use daily, make sure to get a comforter that is made of high-quality fabrics, designed to be comfortable, and will look chic and fashionable in your room. Because it takes up a lot of space on your bed, a comforter tends to become a focal point.

Choose a comforter in a color and pattern that expresses your personality while adding layers to your decorating style.

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