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Coastal Decor With Leather Sofa

Coastal Sofas For Your Beach Home

How TO Make Leather Sofa Making Recliner Model Sofa Design Royal oak Model

Coastal sofas come in many different materials, shapes and sizes. From rattan to wicker to wood, there are so many different options when it comes to choosing the right sofa for your beach home. Certain materials have a nautical vibe to them, while others can give a tropical feel to your living room. It all depends on your taste, style and budget.

Below weve rounded up 21 different coastal sofas for you to browse, broken down into 7 different sofa categories. These are the types of sofas we see most often in coastal living rooms or beach home family rooms. Were sure you will find the perfect beachy sofa for your space!

Bring The Ocean Feeling To Your Living Room

You might think that the beach style is limited only to nautical themes and shabby decor. However, we wanted to show that with the freshness of the coastal landscape, a chic, elegant and fun interior is possible too! Scroll down and check these beautiful design ideas!

With the gorgeous selection of coastal living rooms, you cannot resist the beauty of the beach in your house. It will take you out of your safe monochrome zone and dive you into the freedom of the ocean that youll enjoy being in it.

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Make Decorating Your Room Fun

Spend the big bucks on the larger most used pieces of furniture in your room. A good leather sofa is a great investment and will last for decades if well cared for. The little things like the pillows, throws and accessories cost less and can easily be changed making your look more flexible.

Enjoy the decorating experience, then kick back and enjoy the warm and cozy room you have created.

If you would like free design help reach out to the ladies of leather at Wellington’s, we would LOVE to help create the room of your dreams!

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Mid Century Modern Style

Want a spectrum of brightness, contemporary and sleek artwork on a plain white wall, along with natural plants? This style will certainly create the extremely chick and serene outlook of a mid century modern style living room that you are looking for. Also, add a contemporary floor lamp- it will stand out in your living room contrasting the black leather sofa.

Image: stadshem

Restar Modern Large Velvet Sectional

Image result for beachy home decor with dark furniture ...

From: Restar

Not just a sectional with a reversibly chaise option, but a sectional with big reversible chaise option. Im a fan of this one: I love the combination of a low profile, thin design and padded arms. If in addition to coastal you are also going for minimalist, then this one is definitely for you.

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Think About The Room You Are Designing

Is your room large or small? What is the function of the room? How much seating do you need? The way you use the room plays an important part in the colors you choose to use.

Coastal should be cozy. We would suggest using bold and brighter colors throughout your room while grounding your leather sofa or sectional with cooler colors. Smaller ways to use bold colors would be through throws, art and toss pillows. Remember balance is key to a cozy coastal room.

Bring The Beach Indoors Wherever You Happen To Live

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a cul-de-sac or a studio apartment you can create your very own beach home by following a few easy design principles.

  • Think light, bright and airy both in terms of color and natural light.
  • Don’t overcrowd your space choose a standout piece or two for each main living space, and accessorize thoughtfully.
  • Go for comfort casual and cozy rules.

If you want to transform your space into a coastal paradise, stop into a Jerome’s Furniture showroom. One of our design consultants will help you piece together the look you’re going for.

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Beach House Sofas ~ Your Coastal Decors Cool Center

When were talking about living rooms, usually the first thing that is noticable is the sofa. After all, it does usually take up the most space in the room. So, youve got to make sure that youve really got a good one. And if were talking about coastal living rooms then it is completely natural that the first thing that well be taking a look at is finding the best Beach House Sofa.

See all of our Beach House Living Room Decorating Ideas:

Linen And Cotton Slipcovers

How to Decorate With Leather Sofas & Fabric Chairs : Perfect Interior Design Tips

Depending on your budget constraints and how often you update your beach house décor, you will have various options. If you dont mind removing and replacing slipcovers, these are great economical alternatives to reupholstering your sofas.

You have a large variety of colors and patterns to choose from to suit your style. Because the slipcovers are removable and relatively inexpensive, you can update your beach house look when you feel like it.

Make sure they are machine-washable rather than dry-clean only.

The downside is that slipcovers tend to get a bit shabby with time, and they can be a pain to put back on your sofas.

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Ways To Decorate A Coastal Living Room With Leather Furniture

It might seem that the coastal home décor should seamlessly mesh but thats just wishful thinking. Yet, with the correct pairings of stripes and weathered wood, you can enjoy the breezy and seaside-inspired décor with leather furniture in your own living room without ever setting foot on a beach.

The leather furniture pairing with coastal décor is not a new idea. However, as leather is not always the first thought when it comes to coastal fabric, it can be intimidating for style amateurs to try to combine these two in their interior design.

I hope this article will give you some inspiration and ideas for new ways to incorporate leather furniture into your coastal chic living room décor. In addition, it will showcase some of the trends in the coastal living room looks from the recent past.

An All White Furniture With Vibrant Accents

Image Credit: mommyessence

The white living space above looks every bit modern and dreamy. It has walls that are painted in pure white. Apart from the walls, the two sectional sofas and the tufted coffee table too are white. All this white gets a boost from the sudden burst of yellow splashed on the cushion as well on the pottery arrangement placed on the coffee table. The yellow integrates nicely with white and adds up to the vibrancy of the decor. In all, the decor looks anything but boring.

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Stick With Natural Materials

Coastlines are wildly spectacular largely because there is not a single man-made shape or texture in sight. Coastal homes emulate this wild ambience with natural textures from the ground up and with a leather sofa, this is no different.

Striking in form and stature, the mid-century look of a leather sofa needs to be balanced out with softer textures, such as teak, rattan, nude leather or even denim. Together, all of these work to create a breezy and natural home that exudes elegance while remaining its beachside appeal.

Natural beauty: Furniture such as the Luna Coffee Table in teak timber provides a captivating design that alludes to a copse of trees, while the soft gentle of the Cuba Armchair mimics the graceful curves of nature. Finish it off with the artisan jute Atrium Barker Natural Rug, which adds woven fibres and textile fabric.

Plush White Sofa With Sailboat And Flowers

Pin on Furniture Design Ideas Compilation

Image Credit: mimesis-interiorismo

A white color scheme in any room tends to create a cold space, most people say. But, there is one easy way to break the iciness and bring in warmth and cosyness. You can use fluffy and layered cushions and throws on the white sofas in bright shades, and also use rustic elements in the form of wooden coffee tables and flooring. In the picture above, the room looks breezy with a white color palette, but, at the same time, it does manage to usher in a feeling of warmth. The flower and the sailboat model in blue and brown lends quite a bit of punch to this moderately spacious living area.

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Warm Accented Living Room With White Sofas

Image Credit: astana-apartments

Does wood integrate perfectly with neutral tones like cream, beige, black and white? Yes, it does, and how so beautifully as in this picture above! The living room is a homeownerâs paradise which is infused with warm accents and plush furniture. The white sofas look adorable, specially when they are complemented well by the blue and white floral pillows thrown on them. The wooden coffee table and the antique cabinet with myriad stylish accessories help in creating a warm ambiance.

Best Fabric For A Beach House Sofa

When decorating your beach house, you may want a light and airy décor that reflects the environment. People often choose light fabrics that instill a sense of calm and peace. But what is not that peaceful is a fabric that is easily stained by spilled drinks, faded by the sun, or shows damage.

Especially if your beach house will be home to small children or used to host parties, youll want to choose fabrics that look good and are still easy to clean. After all, whats so great about a holiday that requires extra work to enjoy it?

These days there are many plain and patterned fabrics available for both indoor and outdoor upholstery use. Especially in holiday homes and beach houses, the new trend is to use outdoor fabrics indoors. They have expanded in range and are no longer available only in a limited set of prints or colors. Even the texture has improved, making them a great choice for stylish interiors that last.

The best fabric for a beach house sofa will be one that is durable and hardwearing, sun damage resistant, and easy to clean. The best outdoor sofa fabric will be made of olefin or acrylic. For indoor sofa upholstery, choose duck or sailcloth, Olefin, acrylic, or Osnaburg woven cotton.

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Cozy Living Room With Soft Beach Inspired Palette

This mid-sized seaside-inspired living room shows the importance of highlighting the calmness of the sea through color with soft medium and pale blue accents on neutral design elements including medium brown tone wood floors, white walls, tile fireplace, white, beige, and gray furnitures.

ID# 115237 | Credit |

Sectional Sleeper Sofa W/ Right Corner

100+ Best Leather Sofa Set Designs For Luxurious Home Interior Decoration || Interior Decor Designs

From: VVR Homes

Even without the sleeper component, I would still be really excited about the design of this sectional. I love this combo of sharp edges combined with overstuffed back cushions. I also think that the color and fabric choices are just right for a coastal-themed living room. And its sectional, giving you more layout options for your room. Aaaaand it is also a sleeper which you really need in a coastal area because you will get a lot of visitors!

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Neutral And Simple Living Room With White Sofa

Image Credit: itinyhouses

There are neutral tones present inside this luxurious looking living room. The moment you come inside, the green planter greets you with an open arm. It acts as a breaker of the monotonous scheme created by white seen on the couch, the curtains and the wall. And, it also gets integrated seamlessly. The wooden flooring too adds to the casual flair of this 250 square foot room.

Well Let Me Let You In On A Little Secret

Matching is not essential to beautiful home decor in fact it is down right boring.

So stop stressing about having things match and lets come up with some clever ways to make the things you love work well together to create a beautiful, layered, and interesting home that reflects who you are and tells your story!

If you take away anything from this entire series, I want it to be this

It is possible to mix and match interior design styles in your home, and actually its really important to do so because it creates a ton of visual interest and tells your story.

If you love florals and the hubs loves texture, you have to find a way to weave the two different decorating styles together in a way that makes sense and doesnt make one person feel like theyre living in someone elses home.

Hard to do, I know.

Especially when your style is far superior to your spouses kidding. Okay, maybe not.

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Antique White Styled Living Room

Image Credit: h-cdn

In the picture above, we have a stylish antique themed white living room where the decorator has placed slip-covered white sofas along with other white elements. Rustic tones are set in with the help of two wooden cabinets with pots and lamp. The stairwell seen above looks antique with mirrors that are hung on the walls. The light color scheme seems to work like magic with all these antique accents.

The Best Natural Fabric For A Beach House Sofa

42 Fresh Modern Farmhouse Living Room with Leather Sofa ...

The best fabric will be the one that suits your décor style and is in keeping with the look you are going for, but which is also hardwearing, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. A good durable fabric will make all the difference.

Your fabric choice will depend on your décor goals and how much use the room will get. For an area with low use or for sofas with easily washed slipcovers, look into natural fabrics such as woven cotton or linen and canvases like duck or sailcloth. Choose a slipcover that is machine washable rather than dry clean only.

Sailcloth slipcovers come in a range of natural colors that will suit the relaxed look of a beach house. .

A lovely fabric with a rustic natural feel is Osnaburg, a loosely woven fabric similar to but less course than burlap with a subtle linen look. Originally Osnaburg was woven from flax and jute, but nowadays, its a generic term for a course-woven linen or cotton.

With natural fabrics, choose heavyweight options that can withstand a lot of use. Natural shades that will not fade in the sun are a good option. Another thing to note is that patterns are better at hiding spills and damage, so that is another option when choosing your fabric.

While leather may not be the first choice for beach house décor, consider a leather sofa as an option. It may be one of the best choices for a long-term, easy-to-clean sofa.

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Blue Accented Wall And White Sectional Sofa

Image Credit: ghar360

If you want your white living room to start looking bright and alive, then you must choose to paint your wall with an accent color. In this picture above, the living roomâs dominant color scheme is white. And, to most, it would have looked cold if the blue painted wall was absent. With the blue painted wall behind the white sectional sofas, the whiteâs coldness seems to vanish, and instead, you get to see a bright and airy looking decor. Matching well with the blue wall and white sofas are the throw pillows.

Beach House + Leather Sofagood Idea

I have moved into our beach house permanently and redecorating to make it a proper house.

Looking for living room sofa and considering leather. I now have a white slipcovered sofa that is constantly dirty, so hard to wash, I hate it.

I thought leather could work, was looking for a sand color but those aren’t as durable as a harder leather, are they? And I want a modern look.

Biggest problem is people coming in from the beach with lotions on them and getting on sofas. How would leather stand up to this, and which kind of leather is best?

I’ve tried getting on Duane’s forum but my login is never accepted. I want a very deep, modern sofa and most of H& Ms look traditional.

House is in northern california, Santa Cruz.


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    Accent Pieces Vs A Matching Set

    The quickest way to dress down a leather sofa set for a new look is to separate the matching furniture pieces. By taking a leather sofa and pairing it with wingback chairs in a different fabric and color, the look of the leather pieces has been transformed from formal to casual in just a couple of swaps.

    Although linen slipcovers are still a favorite when décorating a beach house, now you see more straw and seagrass accent pieces than slipcovered armchairs or sofas.

    Textured, woven pillows adorn leather furniture pieces with the help of jute. So place some natural jute throw pillows on a bare leather sofa to add an eye-catching design to your living room.

    Decorating Ideas For A Living Room With Brown Leather Sofa

    how to make leather sofa repair

    Your sofa is most likely the largest piece of furniture in your living room. However, because of the color of other items decorating the whole space, sofas are covered with various materials of other colors. The colors of furnishings, blinds, doors, floors, and walls influence the choice of sofa colors.

    However, if we want to stick to nature, brown should be the most preferred color of sofas, if they are made of wood. Thus, you may want to insist on using this practical color for the leather sofa in your living room.

    You can have your way if you give thoughts to these seven decorating ideas for living room with a brown leather sofa shown in this article.

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