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Classroom Decoration Ideas For Teachers

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas For Preschool

Classroom Decorating Ideas for Teachers from Oriental Trading

In regards to some impressive bulletin boards, there is one based upon the rhyme of Peter Peter who put his wife in a large empty pumpkin–except for this version the teacher has put the students in the pumpkin and has their pictures all around it!

Another classroom went with making pieces of corn represent students and labeling them as, “Corny Kids,” which is a very clever pun! In addition, by the, “Corny Kids,” is yet another stellar door decoration, this one featuring an owl declaring how, “Our class is a hoot!”

All of these decorations on the doors and for the bulletin boards in Bright Start Preschool’s Fall hall are great and hopefully you are feeling inspired by them too and will make your own impressive decorations as well for your classroom door and/or bulletin board!

Bright Start Preschool, Hobart, Indiana


High School Math Classroom Decorations

A math classroom can be one of the easiest classrooms to decorate. You have so many formulas to memorize and rules to follow. You can easily fill up every wall with charts and graphs, but dont forget to leave room for some fun decorations, too.

  • Make your charts and graphs colorful. Too many black and white facts and numbers can be boring for some students. Use colors and pictures to make these elements more interesting.
  • Make wall decorations interactive. There is nothing that helps students learn more than practice. Have a whiteboard designated to a problem a day which your students can try and solve. Create a chart with sections missing so your students can fill it in each week.
  • Create a fridge display. Use one of your bulletin boards to make the fridge. Like their fridges at home, you can post homework your students did well on and tests they aced with your students permission, of course.

I Have Found That It Is Very Important That Classroom Decorations Be Simple And Serve A Purpose

When I decorate my classroom, I focus on a few colors. When the classroom has too many decorations, it can be distracting for many students. I love using calming colors in my classroom. I have found that it is very important that classroom decorations be simple and serve a purpose.

I like to have students help me create anchor charts to decorate the room. They can refer back to the anchor charts which helps them answer their own questions which allows me to help students who are really struggling with the content. Here are some examples of the anchor charts I have had the kids help me create:

Karla Banks

The founder of One Room Schoolhouse. Began teaching in 1999 and taught a k-5 pull-out program for 5 years. Then moved to a self-contained k-5 class.

Follow Karla:

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The Best Classroom Designs And Decor On Instagram

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  • The Best Classroom Designs and Decor on Instagram

With the school year fast approaching, or just starting for some, one thing that is on a lot of teachers’ minds is how they are going to decorate and organize their classrooms this year. Technically you can get away without doing much, maybe putting up a poster or two, but there are some special teachers that take real pride in creating the perfect place for their students.

Below are some of the most incredible classroom decoration and layout ideas I’ve been able to find. These teachers have all gone above and beyond any expectation for their classes. Time, money, imagination, and a lot of hard work must have gone into crafting each of these classrooms. I hope some of these super teachers inspire others out there to make their classroom just a bit more special for their students.

My College Students Seem To Have Lost Their Drive To Engage The Pandemic Has Wounded All Of Usyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

Classroom Decoration Ideas: Top 15 DIY Edition for Teachers

I have been teaching college for more than 20 years and have had every kind of student in my classes. For the most part, every class has had its unique level of engagement. But always engagement of some degree college students who are ready to stretch toward their dreams,

Hawaii Tribune-Herald

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Back To School Door Decorations

Back to school season is one of my favorite times of year. Thats why I love back to school door decorations so much. I like fun puns and themes around back to school, like back to learning,yellow, is it me youre looking for? for a school bus, and that sort of thing.

No need to just stick to apples for your classroom door decorations.

Get The Typography In Smart Way: Wall Decal

Image Source:

Some schools are applying the moving class system. They have no permanent class based on the grade. Dont lose the sense of art by giving the proper decoration and typography based on the subject.

If it is a science class, put a name from the periodic table of elements. Take an example: Genius is formed by and so on.

Even though it is sharing class, no reason to leave it without decoration

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When It Comes To Decorating I Prefer A Less Is More Approach

When it comes to decorating, I prefer a less is more approach. Classroom Organization is really important to creating a safe and welcoming space. Part of creating an organized classroom means limiting clutter, including visual clutter. I recommend teachers start off the school year with pretty bare walls because as the year progresses, student work and anchor charts will take up that wall space.

I do think decorating is important to creating an inviting classroom so creating unity in the classroom decor is simple by choosing one or two colors to stick with as your theme. Blues and greens are more calming and less distracting than yells/oranges/reds. When it comes to baskets and bins that will be on display in your classroom, use these as part of your decor strategy and choose neutral colors and boxes/bins that match. Again, this will reduce that visual clutter.

As far as decorating for holidays, I think that is fun! So I say YES! Just be sure to be mindful of the religions represented in your classroom and dont go overboard. Again, less is more

Kelly Jackson

The founder of The Simply Organized Teacher. Kelly helps busy and overwhelmed teachers create organized classrooms

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Carpet As A Chair Replacement

DIY Classroom Decor Project for Teachers!

Image Source:

You dont always need a chair for the teaching process. Change it with mat or carpet because kids will process the lesson better when their body is actively moved.

The old school mindset of sit and learn is hard for kids to fully develop their brain and mental. That is why a no chair class will let kids choose their best to study. They can sit everywhere inside the room with a clipboard and delicate pillow.

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Grab The Free Classroom Decor Guide

We hope you found these elementary classroom decor blog posts helpful. Dont forget to grab the free Elementary Classroom Decor Guide! It offers creative ideas and practical tips to assist you in decorating your classroom. This will help you create a learning environment you are proud of this year!

You can access all of the resources in the video at

Find Cute Decor & Organizational Supplies At The Dollar Store

Speaking of the Dollar Tree, its a gold mine for decorations and organizational supplies like bins, caddies, and trays! The framed art can be hit or miss, so you have to check often and dig through the piles of frames, but you can find some great stuff! I created my coffee corner with adorable coffee signs and even designed different spaces like the bistro and the cafe in my flexible seating classroom.

  • These signs and bin helped me create a cute coffee corner for $5.
  • I used Dollar Tree wall art to decorate!

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Pick A Classroom Theme And Stick To It

Lets face it, the fewer decisions you have to make, the faster you can get your classroom decorated and set up, right? So choose one simple theme, and build from there! Our classroom theme booster packs range from penguins to sloths, camp classroom to rainbows, and beyond. Bonus? They have everything you need all in the theme welcome signs, award certificates, border trimmers, tray labels, class lists you name it!

Go pick your theme!

Skip The Cricut: Print And Cut Letters For Bulletin Boards

8 Classroom Decoration Tips &  Ideas for Teachers

You dont need a Cricut to create beautiful letters in your favorite font! Simply print your letters one per page and cut. 700-800 point font works the best. Cutting does take some time, but its mindless work, so I like to turn on Netflix and crank it out. Its worth it for the extra touch it adds to bulletin boards like this one below!

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Set Up A Chill Out Zone

Social and emotional development is part and parcel of going to school, and with that comes learning to self-regulate your emotions. But thats tough for all of us especially the little kiddos we see day in and day out. Setting up a chill-out corner or zone in your classroom gives kids a place to go when they just need a place to gather themselves before they return to their regularly scheduled programming.

Get everything you need to set up your own chill out zone here.

Create A Pencil Sign Out Station

OK, so there may be another cool way to store pencils that were going to be using this school year. Texas teacher Kathleen Zita, aka @misscraftymathteacher on Instagram, shared this cool pencil sign out station idea with us. Students are required to sign out pencils if theyve forgotten one, and each pencil is labeled with a reminder to please return to Ms. Zita.

What happens when the pencils are gone? The sign-out station gets closed down with a sign explaining that people didnt return them! Not only do you keep track of pencils, but your kids learn about the consequences of their actions.

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Speak Up Your Voice: Movement Posters

Image Source:

We have to teach our young generation to know global issues: plastic waste, intolerance action, air pollution, food waste, et cetera. even when they are still young. Get the moment of celebration like earth hour, the international day of toleration by gluing handmade posters on the classrooms wall.

It is about doing something, even the smallest one, to make our world better. Dont litter and dont waste electricity are two of the examples. Good action should be introduced since young.

How To Decorate The Classroom Of Your Dreams

10 Classroom Decor Ideas for Social Studies Teachers | Back to School Ideas

2021-2022 is the year for you to design the classroom of your dreams! You likely spent some time teaching this past year at your kitchen table or small office space. This upcoming school year you and your students will be back! Grab these helpful tips and directions for how to decorate your classroom for back to school!

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Symbols On The Ceilings

Ceilings are prime areas for decoration, just like kitchens. This is because some students tend to look at the ceiling whenever they are bored with a particular class. Teachers can, therefore, decorate the ceiling in a variety of ways. Chemistry teachers can use the ceiling to display the elements of the Periodic Table. Various informational stuff in different subjects can be on display on the ceiling like decorations. While they might be decorations, they also serve the purpose of giving information about particular concepts.

Use Your Clock As Part Of Your Decor

Your kids are bound to look at your classroom clock a LOT over the course of the school year, so make good use of that prime piece of real estate. Teacher Jeanie Culip used hers as the o in you for this inspiring message, but the sky is really the limit here! Use it as the o in dozens of other words, add flower petals that to make it look like a flower , or even add some pom-poms for a flash of color!

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Colorful Classroom Rules On The Walls

Every teacher has a set of rules they want students to follow whenever they are teaching. These could be rules about asking questions, answering questions, classroom conduct, or even general motivation. Whichever way you look at these aspects, they are all relevant when it comes to the learning process. Decorations that infuse some rules in the classroom both help in improving the aesthetics of the room, just as is the case with home décor, as well as passing on a vital message.

Use Your Classroom Corners As Great Escape Spaces

Tangled with Teaching: Dr. Seuss Classroom Theme PHOTOS ...

Regardless of whether youre teaching in a shared, open plan, or traditional single room classroom you are likely to have a corner that could benefit from an educational makeover.

Classroom corners can become any number of things to suit you and your students needs so long as you capitalize on the fact they are a place for students to escape the masses and retreat into their own head space.

As such they are best used for self directed individual or small group activities requiring little interaction or input from you the teacher, or distractions from other students.

Reading corners are common in most primary / elementary classrooms. To maximize learning opportunities here ensure your students cannot easily see what others are doing when they are seated reading. If you surround this space with soft furnishings it will also dampen the external noise.

Your classroom corners are a great space to clearly display some large excellent visuals reinforcing the key learning concepts you expect of your students in this space. Posters, charts, and exemplary work is a great thing to display and fosters independent learning leaving you to focus on working in other parts of your classroom.





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Cheap Classroom Decor Ideas

What teacher doesnt want to save money and get a deal? I sure do! This post offers classroom decor ideas that work for any budget, recommendations on where to shop, and suggestions for what to focus on to make the most impact for the smallest amount of money. Read the post to get all of the money-saving tips for elementary classroom decor!

Let Them Shine: Wall Of Fame

Image Source:

It is debatable whether or not give the spotlight to the highest rank can be good for the mentality of others who dont. Make an out-of-the-box wall of fame by putting all students there and show the world that every student is worth the appreciation.

It can change the image of education too which always puts ranking into the most important thing while actually, you cannot measure intelligence. Every student is smart in their own way.

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Where Eyes Will See The First: Door

Image Source:

The door is the first access for everyone to get in the class. Good spot to hang something beautiful, especially motivational quotes. Write the quotes with a bright color on a piece of colorful paper. Make it big and eye-catching.

In kindergarten, you can cover the surface with famous cartoon characters or any lovable decoration. Dont let it be plain and let the kids feel happy every time they pass the door or enter the room.

+ Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

NEW CLASSROOM Ideas & Tour! For Teachers

This door decor blog post walks you step-by-step with how to decorate a classroom door. It also suggests classroom door decorating ideas to help you get inspired for the new school year. This post is also helpful to teachers looking to host a door decorating contest at their school. Check it out now!

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Exchange: With Not Enough Subs Arizona Teachers Fill Inyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

And she wasn’t alone, the Arizona Republic reports. Anecdotal reports from the frontlines of Arizona’s school staff and substitute shortage show that classroomteachers, support staff and administrators across the state are being pulled from their regular duties to cover classrooms.


Study Easily: The Auxiliary Tools

Image Source:

Maybe this is a common classroom decoration idea when you stick paper that helps students to understand some material, like the periodic table of the elements in chemistry class, list of mathematical formulas in middle-high school, or alphabet list for kindergarten. Make it fun instead of terrifying.

Another way to do this is, find a way to learn that material becomes easier. For example: creating abbreviations or mind mapping. Write it down into an aesthetic piece of paper then hang it.

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More Science Classroom Decorating Ideas For Doors

Have a bit more time? Try one of these science classroom door ideas!

The debate is still ongoing whether it is OK to teach with memes- some teachers love it, while others feel like its pandering, but Im a fan of memes, so here you go.

Love this science bulletin board with animal and plant cells. This can easily be adapted as a science lab door.

As far as science classroom decorating ideas go, this is one of the most impressive Ive ever seen. Its a 3D model of frog anatomy. Could also do with people.

Think like a scientist- open your mind to science.

This is a phrase I see on science t-shirts a lot. You could do any number of varation of this science door.

Keep calm and experiment on. A good phrase for a science lab door.

I like this STEM bulletin board because it shows all of the elements of STEM and you could easily change the shape to fit your classroom door.

Another science door with a think like a scientist theme.

Minions are popular choices for classroom doors. I like this science is a blast classroom door.

I like the idea of maximizing the work you do once. So, you could keep the same base on your science lab door with this, just switch out the scientist each month. Less work and more learning!

This is a cute science door theme for younger kids.

I like this science door because the little science teacher in the center has the real teachers photo.

Science plus you IS a great mixture.

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