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Christmas Tree Decoration At Home

Start With The Lights


Once your tree is fully set up in the perfect location, its time to start the decorating process. The lights should go on the tree before anything else. Before you put them on the tree, test your light strands to make sure theyre functioning correctly. Start from the bottom and work your way up, weaving each strand between branches without overlapping the cords. A good way to check to see if youve got the whole tree covered is to turn off the rest of the lights in the room, take a step back and squint at your fully lit Christmas tree. This will cause any bare sections to stand out as obvious dark spots. Adjust and rearrange the lights, filling in those dark spots until the lights are uniformly spread out across the whole tree.

Build A Birch Log Votive Holder

Theres something about papery, white birch bark that evokes the chill of winter. Why not

Warm up a wintry birch log by drilling in holes for small votives or tealightswe recommend using battery-operated ones. These birch logs are simple and clean and make a striking holiday centerpiece.


Atomic Age Christmas Tree

Throw it back to the atomic age, a period between the 1940s and 1960s when design was frequently inspired by the shocking technological progress of the time. People of this era were intrigued by space and atomic science, which was often mirrored in interior style. And how cute is that DIY no-sew tree skirt?

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Head To The Garden To Set The Festive Mood

For some simple yet great Christmas Garden decoration ideas, you can choose from a range of festive, tasteful, and elevated options. While you can go for the classic Christmas house decoration outside including a door with garlands and wreaths, matching white lights, a Christmas tree and more, you can also opt for a fun journey with festive quotes or facts from your entrance mailbox to the entrance welcome mat. You can also choose to light up the pathway with paper lanterns or rice lights in glass jars to make your welcome stand apart. String lights are one of the best ways to elevate your Christmas outdoor decoration ideas, especially if you have tall trees that can light up cheerfully in the night-time. Stringing fairy lights from your Christmas wreaths can also help you come up with several DIY Christmas outdoor lights ideas and Christmas Garden décor themes.

Where To Put Your Tree

Decorating: Christmas Trees

After your tree has been purchased you need to decide the best location for it in your home. Ideally, you want the tree in a highly visible location with great natural lighting and high ceilings. One snagged branch could bring the whole thing toppling over, so if you have young children or energetic pets you should highly consider tucking your tree into a corner.

It might take some rearranging of the furniture, but try to position your tree so that it is the focal point of a room. If your furniture is typically centered around a television, consider shifting the focus of the room towards the tree for the holiday season to help foster conversation and family time. Also, dont forget to put your tree near an outlet so that you dont have to run extension cords across the room to power the lights.

Dont want the hassle of decorating a full tree or want to try to something new this year? Here are 12 ingenious Christmas tree alternatives.

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Show Your Tree Some Love With These Fun Diy Christmas Tree Decorations

Felt Is Fun: Say no to plastic bells, baubles and tinsel and make your own Christmas tree decorations this year instead. Felt is easy to work with and you can go as far as your DIY skills allow you. You can cut, stick, sew and embellish whatever you come up with will look festive, cute and fun when made with brightly coloured felt! Trees, snowmen, candy canes, hearts, stars the possibilities are endless.

Hang Those Cookies: Decorations made from salted dough or gingerbread cookies make for a super-fun holiday activity for the whole family. Not to mention the added advantage of making them will save you a whole lot of money! Get creative with cookie cutters and bake yourself some sprightly ornaments.

Bring In The Candy Land

Candy land themes have been quite popular in the past few years. So if you have kids at home, opt for this theme by bringing in bright colored ribbons and ornaments. Also, don’t forget a cute tree topper that is bound to give your Christmas tree the cutest look ever.

10 beautiful Christmas tree decoration Ideas for Christmas 2021

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Traditional Christmas Stockings & Decor

Totally in love with this DIY traditional Christmas stocking from BHG. Learn how to make this plaid and fur stocking with their easy tutorial, and make one for every single member of the family!

Studio DIY shows us how to make their classic striped DIY Christmas stockings. Kids of all ages will love these, they are kind of a cross between the feeling of old European Christmas photos with wool socks hung by the fire, with a touch of Grinchville mixed in for fun!

There isnt much that is more traditional Christmas than a gingerbread house, but if you dont want to pull out the candy and frosting, try this Make these adorable felt gingerbread ornaments from Polka Dot Chair. She has a bunch of other classic Christmas decorating projects at her site as well, including a mini stocking garland we love!

Ok, jump over to visit Kristin at Yellow Bliss Road. Not only is her whole home done for this season, her kitchen decorating ideas for the holidays are a Treat! But check out those charming traditional stockings hung by the fire!

Ok, I gotta stop, but its so hard! So many gorgeous blogger homes! Our last one is from April at House by Hoff Classic, but simple at the same time! We LOVE this one! Oh, and the chalkboard? Yes please!

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

easy Christmas tree ornaments/christmas tree decoration ideas at home

1. Use gold and bronze accents for a classic festive look

No matter what the trends, gold will always be a failsafe color when it comes to Christmas decorating ideas. So, if you want something classic, why not embrace gold and bronzy tones on your tree this year?

Opt for lighter, almost white colors for a more modern look, or choose bronze, deep gold and browns for a more traditional look. Interior designer Joanna Wood says, “an all gold or silver tree is understated and elegant.”

Wood suggests opting for one color but varying the shades for a simple yet stylish scheme: “One colour when done properly can look very smart, depending on the interiors it is sitting in.”

2. Try out an ombre color scheme

A tree where the color of the decorations descends from light to dark can look like a real show-stopper, giving the impression of colorful lights. An ombre tree is much simpler to put together than it looks, too. Just decorate your tree in four or five sections, taking a different shade of your chosen color in each section. It’ll be easier to keep the decorations themselves simple, perhaps with just lights and baubles, to avoid clashing within each section.

3. Go for traditional red mixed with pops of white

4. Adorn your tree with festive citrus fruit

5. Use oversized star lights for a unique take on lighting

6. Decorate with oversized baubles in different colors

7. Decorate a tree with faux snow and simple decorations

8. Embrace a ‘candyland’ theme with fun pastel colors

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Have Yourself A Rustic Little Christmas

For designer Caitlin Wilson and her family, theres no better place to spend Christmas than at her parents home in Oregons Rogue Valley. The great room easily fits a 12-foot-tall tree, which Caitlins mom, Kathy, jazzes up with bottle-brush-animal and glass-ball ornaments.

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Puzzle Piece Reindeer Ornament

Not sure what to do with that old puzzle that’s missing a few pieces? Repurpose it into cute reindeer ornaments for your Christmas tree. Paint the pieces in two shades of brown paint . Glue them together, then finish with googly eyes, a pom-pom nose and a red ribbon.

Get the How-To: Upcycle Old Puzzle Pieces Into Adorable Reindeer Ornaments

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A Designer Wreath At The Price Of Pasta

A beautiful wreath outside the house looks warm and inviting. Break with tradition and make a stunning handmade wreath at home this year. Believe it or not, this one is made with pasta! All you need is a paper plate, glue, spray paint and some farfalle pasta! You can embellish it with ribbons and pine cones. Its sure to garner you the envy of your neighbours!

What Are Christmas Tree Themes

Decorating: Christmas Trees

Christmas tree themes or trends refer to a particular look or aesthetic. A theme can be inspired by a variety of subjects, such as a place, nature, color or an idea. When decorating with a chosen theme, there needs to be continuity between a common element, such as color palette or materials, in order to achieve a unified and strong aesthetic. Think of a Christmas tree theme as telling a story that transforms the space into a magical wonderland.

Where there’s a room, there should be a Christmas tree set up is our motto. Kids will go nuts for a whimsical and wacky, novelty themed trees in a play den, whilst cocktail-sipping gossip queens can ooh and ahh over a glimmering, champagne hued design at the kitchen island. Real, faux, or DIY Christmas trees come in every shape, size and color imaginable so you’re sure to find a trend you love.

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Embellished Wood Slice Ornament

Birch log slices have been popping up everywhere as a way to add a rustic touch to just about any space in your home. They even make great Christmas tree ornaments. Pick up pre-cut wood slices, available at most craft stores, or cut your own logs into 1/4-inch-thick discs. Stencil on a wintry design with colorful craft paint or top with a scrapbook sticker, then drill a hole in the top for ribbon.

Use Citrus In Your Quest For A Homemade Christmas

Tangerine Santa: This adorably cute snowman couldnt be easier to make a couple of tangerines, some spices and little scraps of cloth for the hat and scarf! Place him in the middle of your coffee table or make a whole family for your mantelpiece!

Citrus And Cloves: Oranges garnished with cloves make for lovely little tea light holders. They can simply be casually placed here and there as part of Christmas decor.

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Christmas Tree Decor Ideas We Love

Are you ready to shake things up this holiday season? Whether you want to try out a brand new Christmas tree theme or are just looking for new ways to use the decorations you already have, our pro-level decorating tips and tricks are here to help. Find expert ornament-hanging ideas, new ways to use ribbon, tree topper inspiration and how to incorporate unexpected objects into your tree design. Break out the real or faux tree , gather up your sparkliest ornaments and keep reading to learn how to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro.

First up: Enlist the whole family to join in on the decorating fun and make holiday memories that will last a lifetime. Here, an extra-large tree ensures plenty of decorating space for every member of HGTV star Luke Caldwell’s big family. See how he decorated his home for the holidays at the link below.

Squeeze Some Cheer Out Of Oranges

3 DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments – Amazing Christmas Decorations Ideas

Did you know that oranges with cloves stuck in them are actually called pomander balls? Think of them as natures incense, a beautiful holiday decoration that also releases a fragrant, delicious aroma in your home. Play with patterns to create an assortment of pomander balls for every room in your home.

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Modern Black + White Ornament

Add your own personality to solid white ornaments with a black paint pen and some fun ribbon. Simply draw geometric designs, polka dots, stripes and even hearts to create one-of-a-kind tree decor. This is a great project to get the kids involved as they’ll love seeing their creations hanging on the tree.

Choose A Decorating Theme

Its fairly common for people to decorate their trees with whatever random assortment of ornaments that have been passed down through family generations and collected over time, giving the tree a personal, homey and organic feel.

But if you are planning on decorating a little more purposefully, youre going to want to select a theme right away. Choosing a theme will help give your tree an elegant and stylish appearance while also keeping it from looking cluttered and overstuffed. Common themes include red and green, red and gold, and plaid- white trees with colorful ornaments have also become popular recently. To make things easier, heres how to hang ornaments without using those fussy metal hooks. If you need some inspiration, here are some great Christmas tree decoration ideas.

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Coordinate The Whole Look

Dont forget to stuff the space beneath the tree with eye candy. Dont worry about using actual gifts in spaces like these just grab a roll of paper and get busy with boxes youve got on hand. For a touch of designer Veronica Solomons style, wrap the gifts under the tree in fun colors, with luscious bows in gold and animal prints. The tree skirt is a great way to bring in a fun color as well, like a fresh green or teal, or even a texture like fur.

A Christmas That Is Different: Easy And Elegant Diy Xmas Decoration Ideas

Flocked Christmas Tree decor

Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesnt come from a store. Maybe Christmasperhapsmeans a little bit more! Theodor Seuss Geisel, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Dr Seuss couldnt have been more right. No, you wont find the perfect Christmas in a store. Theres no heart or spirit in factory made baubles. Readymade is so passé generic and boring. Add a little extra sugar and spice to this Christmas with handmade decorations for your home and your tree.

Dont fancy yourself as the creative type? Worry not! We have a bunch of easy and fun ideas to create stunning handmade Christmas decorations that will leave your friends and family in awe. Without compromising on the beauty of your decor, these DIY Christmas decorations will save you a pots of money too.

Here are our top DIY ideas to uplift your home this Christmas and take it to the next level.

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Setting Up And Taking Down

Both setting up and taking down a Christmas tree are associated with specific dates liturgically, this is done through the hanging of the greens ceremony. In many areas, it has become customary to set up one’s Christmas tree on Advent Sunday, the first day of the Advent season. Traditionally, however, Christmas trees were not brought in and decorated until the evening of Christmas Eve , the end of the Advent season and the start of the twelve days of Christmastide. It is customary for Christians in many localities to remove their Christmas decorations on the last day of the twelve days of Christmastide that falls on 5 JanuaryâEpiphany Eve , although those in other Christian countries remove them on Candlemas, the conclusion of the extended Christmas-Epiphany season . According to the first tradition, those who fail to remember to remove their Christmas decorations on Epiphany Eve must leave them untouched until Candlemas, the second opportunity to remove them failure to observe this custom is considered inauspicious.

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Immerse The Senses With Scented Decor

For me, Christmas is hugely about fragrance, says florist Philippa Craddock . Its the evocative scent of fresh spruce from the tree brought indoors, bundles of cinnamon, dried oranges and the richness from cloves placed together in decorative bowls, their fragrance released with the warmth of the room.

Take note from your Christmas wreath ideas and build on the scent of your pine branches with tree decorations that conjure Christmassy aromas. This tree is decorated with the likes of both dried orange and apple slices, as well as pine cones and bunches of cinnamon sticks.

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Liven Up Your Dining Area

Your dining area is the space where you get to share delightful Christmas treats including cakes, baked cookies, desserts, and more. Christmas feasts with carols hold a long-standing and fun tradition in Christian families. You can opt for simple Christmas kitchen décor ideas like swapping out your tablecloth with Christmas themed colours and draping green wraiths over your kitchen walls or shelves. You can also add several DIY crafted paper and ornaments to add a personal charm. Dont forget the showstopper of the dining area, i.e., the Xmas centrepiece, which you can put together with just a bunch of twigs or cinnamon sticks, a white candle with a stand wrapped in Christmas red, and voila! You have the perfect festive dining table ready for the feast.

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