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Christmas Outdoor Lights And Decorations

What Else Do You Need To Consider For Outdoor Christmas Decorations

100 LED 10 Meters Fairy Christmas Décor Lights Mini Bulbs Indoor Outdoor Wedding Party AS1162

Although there are no laws in the UK against how bright your outdoor lights should be, it is always advisable to be respectful of your neighbours.

Everybody loves a Christmas light show, but be aware that, while youre sat inside with your curtains closed, your lights may be distracting to your neighbours, motorists or pedestrians.

So, always make sure your lights, while mesmerising, dont cause a nuisance to others.

The Newbies Guide To Outdoor Christmas Decorating

A comprehensive outdoor Christmas decorating guide for new homeowners, long term renters, and anyone just getting started with creating outdoor Christmas light displays.

A comprehensive outdoor Christmas decorating guide for new homeowners, long term renters, and anyone just getting started with creating outdoor Christmas light displays.

How to Use This Guide: If this is your first dive into decorating outside for Christmas, we recommend you start by reading through this entire guide. For most readers this will probably take 15-20 minutes. Then, bookmark this page or save it to a pinterest board and revisit it when you’re ready to begin planning your outdoor Christmas display.

Even experienced holiday decorator’s can pick up a few pointers in this guide, plus it’s a fun read — we know because we wrote it, and we always laugh at our own jokes. Oh, and one more thing: if you’ve been there, done that, and learned a few things along the way when it comes to outdoor Christmas decorating, we would love to see your best tips and tricks for beginners in the comments!

Part One: Planning

Part One: Planning

Sometimes it’s fun to be spontaneous. This is not one of those times. Clark Griswold planned out his entire outdoor Christmas display complete with 25,000 incandescent bulbs, and it was still a bit of a disaster. But you have one really important advantage that he didn’t — this guide.

Planning Phase 1: Really Examine Your Home’s Exterior

LED or Incandescent Lights?

Outdoor Lighted Christmas Trees

Outdoor Christmas Trees With Lights. Available in a choice of sizes and colours large outdoor Christmas trees are often associated with Christmas displays in cities towns and villages. Retro Christmas tree with red and aqua decor for a shabby chic porch. Outdoor Christmas trees are especially popular in dry areas where a lighted green tree makes all the difference for holiday charm.

Mini potted trees with lights and large red bows. Generally these are pre-lit trees meaning theres no need to purchase outdoor Christmas lights separately but be sure to check the product description to make certain. Outdoor Christmas tree with light snowflakes and oversized blue ornaments.

You can get a small Christmas tree to put in the yard for only 2999. Potted trees with lights make a big impact on front porch decor. Gymax 5678 Green Holiday Season Artificial PVC Christmas Tree Indoor Outdoor Stand.

Its frame is crafted from thick powder-coated metal and lined with multi-color LEDs that create a rich seasonal glow. Outdoor Christmas trees have lights. Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree is 3199 on Amazon.

This is the outdoor Christmas tree that dazzles spectators carolers and passersby with 300 choreographed light shows. An outdoor Christmas tree looks gorgeous attracts attention decorates your garden or front yard and your street. Winter decorating with lights.

Unique Outdoor Big Led Spiral Christmas Trees Spiral Christmas Tree Big Christmas Tree Modern Christmas Tree

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What Is The Advantage Of Leds In Christmas Decoration

Most modern Christmas lighting rely on LEDs.

In fact, if it wasnt for LEDs, we wouldnt have such an extensive range of designs to choose from.


Because LEDs are minuscule, which means they can be moulded to fit and illuminate any shape, however small, thin or large.

But thats only one of the many advantages of LEDs, others include:

  • Long service life: with permanently installed LEDs, theres no need to change or look for replacement bulbs.
  • High energy efficiency: saves up to 90% more than incandescent lamps when used for wired Christmas decorations.
  • Battery operation: LEDs are so economical that many decorations are battery operated. Light chains, for example, work without any cables at all.
  • Colour change: Some LED Christmas decorations have an RGB colour change, which can be controlled by remote control.

When Should You Start Decorating For Christmas

Christmas Lights Yard full of Holiday Decorations Picture ...

Theres no fixed day to put up your Christmas decorations.

The start of December is most common, just make sure its not 31st August!

Would you like to learn more about our Christmas decorations? Or any other topic related to LED Christmas lights? If so, our friendly team of experts would love to answer any questions you may have. Call today on +353 1 699 2138 orcontact us via email.

  • Free returns within 30 days
  • Free delivery over 99

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What Is The Trend In Christmas Decorations

Every year, the designers of our Christmas decorations surprise us with new, exciting and surprising lighting ideas.

But the big trend right now is simplicity.

For example, XXL Christmas trees for outdoor use, which consist of a chain of lights raised on a flagpole. Or our figurative silhouettes, whose reduced forms have a particularly festive effect, are a perfect example of this too.

Then there are our Scandi-Xmas lights, inspired by Scandinavian minimalism with their simple forms and delicate light colours.

Other popular trends this Christmas also include our brand-new Christmas star lights, available in velvet or metal cage designs, inviting window decorations, LED candles and colour-changing Christmas decorations that play music.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations Bring Your Wintry Garden Back To Life

Our gardens and homes can look a little drab during the winter season, so to help you add a dose of colour and light to yours, were on hand with our awesome array of outdoor Christmas decorations. There are plenty to choose from in all manner of colours, shapes and sizes take a look at the range above, use the search filters on the left, or read on to learn more about our outside Christmas decorations range and why you should choose Lights4fun.

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Our Outdoor Christmas Decorations Range

Perfect for making your home warmer and more inviting, our outdoor Christmas decorations add a splash of fun and merriment to your outdoor areas over the festive period and from the classy to the classic, there are loads to choose from!

Stake our outdoor reindeer decorations across your lawn and invoke an arctic feel, welcome guests to your home with front door Christmas decorations, or festoon some large outdoor Christmas decorations that will make a real splash when it comes to kerb appeal.

We also have a zoos worth of animal Christmas garden decorations on offer. Ducks, cats, dogs, bunnies, birds whatever your favourites, we have individual decorations and multipacks of figures thatll give your garden that cute and cuddly feel!

Whatever outdoor Christmas decorations you choose, theyll be sure to match with the design of your garden. Thats because all our UK Christmas decorations for sale come in plenty of different LED colours including white, warm white and colour changing and cable colours that mean you can get your lights to match the surface theyre hung on or against.

Designed to stand up to wintry weather, there are both plug-in and battery-powered outdoor Christmas decorations on offer, so you can style every area of your property. And if you change your mind and decide your outdoor reindeer Christmas decoration would look much better inside your home, all of our outdoor products will work just fine indoors too.

Where Can I Get Replacement Bulbs For My Christmas Decorations

DIY Christmas Light HACK (looks pro) :: christmas lights decoration ideas outdoor 2020

With classic Christmas decorations, small light bulbs often fall out. For these, we offer replacement bulbs.

Our tip?

If its too much of an expense to replace your old Christmas lights in one go, gradually switch to LED Christmas decorations. Not only will they last longer, but theyre also more cost-effective and energy-efficient.

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How To Hang Christmas Lights

1) Measure: Use a tape measure to find out how long your lights need to be. If you’re using mains-powered lights, don’t forget to include the distance to your power supply.

2) Check the lights: Before you hang your lights, switch them on to check they are all working. Change any bulbs that are broken.

3) Put fittings in place: You’ll need to buy these separately, but they are easy to find at most DIY shops. Make sure you choose the appropriate fitting for the surface that you are fixing your decorations to. Leave about 1/2 a meter between each fitting, or closer if the lights are heavy.

4) Grab a ladder: And someone to hold it steady for you.

5) Hang your lights: Starting from the power source, attach the lights to the fittings. Try to keep an even tension so you get a neat finish.

6) Switch on: Step back and admire your work. Need to tweak? Make sure you turn off the lights before you make any adjustments.

Why Choose Lights4fun For Your Christmas Garden Decorations

Safe, long-lasting, and energy-efficient, all the lights in the Lights4fun outdoor Christmas decorations range can be relied upon to bring your family, guests, and passers-by plenty of cheer, year after year.

All our Christmas garden decorations come with fast, free delivery on orders over £40, a two-year guarantee to give you total peace of mind, and simple returns if you change your mind.

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Show Off Your Holiday Spirit With Our Collection Of Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Get inspired this holiday season with the latest outdoor Christmas decor. Your friends and neighbours will love seeing your house lit up in Christmas spirit. With so many decorations to choose from, you can find the perfect holiday decor to fit your taste and budget. For a more subtle look, try adding outdoor Christmas lights and garland to your front porch. Looking for more playful options? Inflatable Christmas decorations are easy to set up and guaranteed to grab attention.

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Choose From Our Selection Of Outdoor Christmas Lights To Make Your Home And Yard Shine Bright

Outside Christmas Lights Ideas  HomesFeed

Outdoor Christmas lights are a staple of the holidays. Part of the fun of the holiday season is driving down the street and admiring the beautifully lit homes along the way. Christmas lights make people feel happy and festive. Line them along your roof for a classic look. Add them to railings and fences to share the festive spirit with passersby. You can even wrap them around the trees in your yard for an outdoor Christmas tree everyone can enjoy.

For many people, setting up outdoor Christmas lights means going all out and seeing how bright you can make your home. However, sometimes this comes with a higher energy bill for the winter months. If you want to avoid the high energy costs that come with lighting your home, try LED Christmas lights this year. Choose from a variety of outdoor Xmas lights to create the perfect outdoor display.

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What Ip Rating Do Christmas Lights Need For Outdoor Use

Outdoor Christmas decorations need a higher degree of protection compared to their indoor counterparts as theyre exposed to harsh winter weather conditions. As a rule, outdoor Christmas decorations must have an ingress protection rating of IP44 to protect them against water and foreign objects, like dirt, mud, stones and insects.

How To Choose Outdoor Christmas Lights

Start your outdoor Christmas light search by deciding whether you’ll go with incandescent or LED lights. LEDs cost about twice as much as incandescent bulbs however, they last two to three times longer. They also use 10 percent of the electricity that incandescents do saving energy and producing less heat, which reduces the risk of fire.

When it comes to brightness, incandescents are a little brighter, but strings of LEDs usually have more bulbs per string, so they give off around the same amount of light. One more checkmark in the LED box is their construction. Made of lightweight plastic, LEDs are less likely to break than glass incandescent bulbs.

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Where To Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

Hang your lights in the evening so that you can see the effect they make as you string them. Opt for bigger bulbs, such as C7 and C9, for your evergreen trees and space them about 12 inches. As a general rule of thumb, industry professionals suggest using around 100 lights per vertical foot.

When it comes to decorating your bushes, nets are the easiest and quickest way to add instant glow. And don’t forget about your deciduous trees. Wrap mini or rope lights around the bark, which is usually rough enough to hold the strings in place. If the lights start slipping, use strategically placed pushpins to hold them in place. Don’t use nails or screws that could hurt the tree.

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