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Christmas Around The World Decorations

Midwinter Hoornblazen In The Netherlands


If you want to celebrate Christmas in the Netherlands, be prepared to hear some horns instead of bells. Midwinter Hoornblazen, or midwinter horn-blowing, is a tradition in rural, Eastern parts of the Netherlands. During Advent, these special large horns are blown over wells to announce the birth of Christ. They can be heard for miles as a way to mark the season.

Italian Murano Glass Ornaments

Glassblowers and artisans from the island of Murano, Italy have stirred up their own unique holiday competition that involves true rivalries. Each artisan puts all their efforts into creating the most vibrant, colorful, and unique glass-blown ornaments to celebrate the joy of the Christmas season. These highly coveted Italian Christmas decorations aren’t easy to come by, because each one is handcrafted and you can join the competition by purchasing your favorites.

In The Uk Stockings Are Hung From The End Of Beds And The Queen Gives An Annual Speech

Rather than hanging Christmas stockings over the fireplace, families in the UK typically place them at the foot of their beds, according to BBC America.

On Christmas Day, families break open crackers filled with small toys, jokes, and paper crowns which are traditionally worn throughout the midday Christmas meal.

The queen also gives an annual broadcasted speech on Christmas Day, during which she discusses what the holiday means to her.

Boxing Day, December 26, is also a national holiday in the UK.

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Santas Workshop Christmas Party For Families

Santas workshop. Elves wanted!

Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops has a huge collection of Christmas backdrops.

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Set up a few stations where the elves can work to make gifts. They will have a blast preparing and wrapping Christmas presents. Or putting together food baskets.

Play Christmas music in the background, take a break to have warm cocoa, and eat brownies decorated to look like wrapped gifts.

Give the guests an elf hat and an to protect their clothes.

It would be so cool if you could have someone dress up as Santa and make an appearance or stay for the entire event.

Draw International Wrapping Paper

Winter Friends

Here is an excellent activity before winter break. After learning about different Christmas traditions worldwide, give the kids a large sheet of white butcher paper. Have them draw their impression of these traditions. Do this as a group project. Kids can draw on any corner, spot, or area of the large paper. When they finish, roll it up, and once you have the presents you want to wrap, use the butcher paper drawn with all the different Christmas customs from around the world. If you are an art teacher you might even thing of other class activities that complement this one. Remember craft activities during the holidays can be so much fun for everyone.

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Play A Netherlands Sinterklaas Scavenger Hunt

In the Netherlands, people believe Santa comes on December 5. He visits from Spain and comes to a different harbor in the Netherlands every year. Children place a carrot in their shoes next to the fireplace for Sinterklaas’s horse. Read about the Netherlands tradition on December 5, and then you can do a scavenger hunt as an activity to commemorate Sinterklaas day.

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Christmas In The Philippines

Inthe Philippines there is a special tradition of having a Christmas lantern,which is called paról the lanternis star-shaped, remembering the star of Bethlehem, and mainly made out ofbamboo and paper. In the image below you can see how the lanterns look.

The Christmas lanterns are on sale during Christmas time in the many markets in the Philippines.

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More Ideas For Christmas Ornaments To Make And Sell

With simple materials like a hot glue gun, mason jars and even a foam ball, you can make beautiful Christmas ornaments to sell. Whether you present your wares at a local craft store or a holiday craft fair in an online marketplace, you can find plenty of great ideas for Christmas ornaments to make and sell.

Christmas Around The World Different Christmas Decorations From Other Countries


Everyone has their favorite Christmas traditions to feel the holiday spirit. In the United States, popular Christmas decorations include ornaments on the Christmas tree, strings of lights on the outside of homes, and stockings by the fireplace. All around the world, countries that celebrate Christmas have their own customs and traditions for decorating. From carving vegetables to pickle ornaments, these are some of the popular Christmas traditions around the world.

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How Do You Make Easy Christmas Ornaments

Hoping to make easy DIY Christmas ornaments? Start by browsing ideas for Christmas ornaments to make and sell, and choose a project with basic instructions and materials you can easily obtain or even give new life to household items. With instructions in hand, you easily can make simple Christmas ornaments that customers will want to buy.

Christmas Decorations From Around The World

Delicate paper garlands, flowers and lanterns adorn Christmas trees in China.

Many German children find themselves in a pickle on Christmas morning as they search for the special ornament Santa hides on the tree.

Inspired by their beautiful landscape, Australians often decorate for Christmas with seashells and Eucalyptus leaves.

Russia’s Father Frost inspires decorations of snowflakes and shades of blue.

An old Ukrainian wives’ tale led to the custom of adding spiders and spider webs to traditional Christmas tree trimmings.

Candles and wreathes, traditionally worn on the heads of young girls, can also be used as table decorations in Norway.

A candle in the window is a common Christmas decoration in Ireland, where the tradition began.

The nativity is a staple in European Christmas décor.

Although the more mainstream tradition of a Christmas tree has reached much of Greece, many homes continue to decorate ships in lieu of a tree. Here visitors watch the Aristotelous square decorated with Christmas lights in the northern Greek port city of Thessaloniki.

A Yule log, embellished with candles and greenery, is often the focal point of Christmas table spreads in France. This Yule log is decorated with rosehips and evergreen leaves and is ready to be burned to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

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Make 13 French Desserts For Christmas

Christmas in the south of France is absolutely scrumptious. Every family in Provence makes 13 desserts to celebrate the holiday seasons. These desserts include nuts, olive oil bread, nougat, dried fruits, bread, and more. The 13 desserts vary for each family, but they must have 13. So this Christmas season, celebrate Christmas in Provence, France, by making 13 different desserts.

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Christmas Decorations In Australia

Scintillating Christmas Garland Decoration Ideas

Australia is a former British colony and has lots of English Christmas traditions, but they are just a little different. In Australia, December is a summer month! Instead of warming up by a fire they are often at the beach. Traditional food often includes seafood, a summer BBQ and Pavlova . Both Australia and New Zealand celebrate Christmas very similarly.

You will find Santa figures around Australia that are similar to those in the Northern Hemisphere but every one and a while you will find Santa in a bathing suit!

Every country celebrates Christmas in its own way but its safe to say that spending time with family and friends brings everyone worldwide together to celebrate peace and love throughout the world! I hope this helps you understand some other cultures a little bit better and find ways to bring those traditions into your home through decoration or understanding! I hope you enjoyed Christmas Decorations from around the world.

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Draw An Adinkra Cloth

The holiday spirit is about peace, love, and giving. So why not make an Adinkra. The Ashanti people of Ghana make an Adinkra cloth to bring forgiveness, patience, security, and strength to the household. With a ruler and marker, mark out small squares of muslin cloth. Create symbols of love, peace, and unity in each of the squares. Use crayons, markers, paint, and glitter to make the symbol. Allow it to dry, and hang the Adinkha cloth near your Christmas tree on a wall to represent the qualities you want in your home.

Design And Create The Five Star Piata From Mexico

It is a loved holiday tradition in Latin America. Mexico has a Christmas tradition of the 5-point star piñata representing the star the three kings followed to visit the baby Jesus. Use a blown-up, round balloon and cover with handmade glue and newspaper pieces. Create 3 to 5 layers of torn newspaper pieces completely covered in the glue. Allow each layer to dry. Role up poster board into cone shapes and use the glue to attach each of the five cones to the balloon. Allow to dry, and add another three layers of paper mache . Again allow each layer to dry before adding another. Paint and decorate the star as needed. Use the star of Bethlehem pinatas to decorate the family room, the kid’s bedrooms or even the outdoor patio.

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The Merry Christmas Board From Around The World

Purchase or find a large particle board, a piece of plywood, or other similar board. Paint it with black chalkboard paint. Get the colored chalk out and write Merry Christmas in all the world languages. Use colors and drawings to decorate around the words. Place the board on a wall or an easel to decorate the room with this beautiful international Christmas board.

One Christmas Tradition In Poland Involves Keeping A Fish In Your Bathtub

Decorating For Christmas | Tree Ornaments from Around the World

Christmas in Poland is celebrated with gift-giving, church services, and fasting on Christmas Eve before a 12-dish feast, which usually features carp for good luck.

Though most people simply buy a cut of fish from the market, according to The Independent, the old tradition was for the lady of the house tokeep a live carp in the bathtub for a few days before preparing it for the Christmas meal.

This tradition is also popular in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, and Croatia, according to NPR.

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In Argentina Some Celebrate Christmas With Fireworks

In Argentina, many families put up their Christmas trees on December 8 the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary and decorate them with cotton balls to look like snow.

Fireworks are typically launched at midnight on Christmas Eve after a late dinner, and families with children also often light paper lanterns to send into the sky.

Some people continue the festivities and attend overnight parties, so Christmas Day is usually a more relaxed holiday in the country.

Christmas In Croatia Can Involve Cleaning Your Shoes And Avoiding Krampus

Like many places around the world, some families in Croatia celebrate Christmas with an Advent wreath made of straw or evergreen.

The wreath has four colored candles that symbolize hope, peace, joy, and love.

On the night of December 5, children in Croatia make sure to clean their boots and place them by the window for St. Nicholas to fill with treats, according to The Dubrovnik Times. But naughty kids might only receive a few twigs from the Christmas monster, Krampus.

Christmas Eve is typically celebrated with a light, seafood dinner in preparation for the heavier feast on Christmas Day, complete with roasted meats and poppyseed rolls.

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Holiday Party Theme: Christmas Around The World Holiday Party

Posted on

One of the most beautiful things about the holiday season is the wonderful traditions each culture has surrounding Christmas.

Planning an international-themed Christmas party is one way to expose guests to the interesting traditions celebrated around the world during the holidays. Here is how you can turn your party into a Christmas-around-the-world celebration.

Christmas Around The World: France

Old World Christmas Glass Ornaments &  Decorations

Inmany regions in France, Christmas celebrations start with St Nicholas day onthe 6th of December. Then children get sweets and little gifts.

Many cities in France are decorated during the weeks leading up to Christmas and children love to open the 24 little windows of their Advent calendar. In the Alsace region, the tradition of putting up decorated Christmas trees dates back as far as the 14th century. Towns and cities are also illuminated with Christmas lights.

On Christmas eve, Children put their polished shoes out in front of the chimney and hope that Père Noël fills the shoes with sweets. Christmas Day, 25th of December is a public holiday and families get together for a big feast. On this day also presents are exchanged.

A special outing for many families during the festive season is this year an evening visit to the magical illuminated world of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris.

Read more about French Christmas traditions on our Christmas markets and Christmas food pages.

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Make The Advent Calendar From Germany

Make a fun holiday calendar, also known as the Advent calendar. Advent means the coming, so it is the period before the birth of Christ. Germany started this tradition in the 19th century to count down the days until Christmas. A great activity is to learn about the German tradition. Ask the kids to research how it all began and who was the first person to mass produce them. After learning about the tradition and how a door is opened every day beginning four Sundays before Christmas, have the kids make their own advent calendar with illustrations or special inspiring quotes inside each door.

Christmas Traditions Around The World

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Its no secret among friends and family that were nuts for Christmas traditions, decorating our house from wall to wall and immersing ourselves in local holiday celebrations.

In fact, its the one time of year that we simply refuse to travel.

But even we didnt know much about how Christmas traditions around the world is celebrated until we began researching this story.

We hope youll find these 80 fun Christmas facts as fascinating as we did!

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Christmas Around The World Party Dcor Ideas

Utilizing some of these décor items in your international Christmas party, it would be a nice touch to incorporate a sign explaining what the décor means and from what country it hails.

  • Pine trees decorated with cotton
  • Colored lights around a Christmas tree
  • Trees decorated with paper chains, flowers and lanterns

Where Can You Sell Diy Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Around the World {4K UltraHD} ð – Countries Celebrate Christmas | Santa’s tracker 2020

Whether you make complex creations or easy Christmas ornaments, you can choose from a variety of places to sell handmade ornaments. Christmas ornaments and other Christmas crafts are hot commodities among consumers, especially during the holiday season.

Unsure where to market the Christmas ornament crafts that you make and sell? Consider the following opportunities to sell your DIY Christmas ornaments:

  • Holiday craft fairs
  • Amazon Handmade

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Christmas Around The World Themed Party

When you’re planning a holiday party for family, friends, the office or your kid’s classroom, finding the perfect theme can be challenging. Opt to have a Christmas Around the World Party and you can incorporate a vast array of details to please all holiday revelers. Making this special takes planning, but there are a lot of different Christmas food, decoration and character options available to liven up your festivities.

Hawaiian Luau Christmas Party

Lets go from the elegant Paris party to the aloha-filled Luau.

Put on your grass skirts it is time to Hula!

Until I saw this sparkling invitation, all I could picture was a colorful Hawaiian Luau. But this one is festive and perfect for a Christmas party in the office or at home.You can get this lovely Holiday Luau invitation as a digital file or printed and sent to your home. If you had something more colorful in mind, check out this Luau Christmas party invitation.

And what would a luau be without yummy food and awesome luau games?

Youll find all that and a bunch more in the popular luau party ideas article.

These tips will make hosting your Christmas party a breeze.

Mele Kalikimaka!

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Jingle Bell Candy Cane Ornaments

Combine two beloved Christmas symbols, candy canes and jingle bells, to create a unique holiday ornament that customers are sure to love. Just use red and white jingle bells , then thread the bells through a wire. After bending the wire into a cane shape, you can tie a red and white ribbon to the top for hanging the jingle bell candy cane ornaments.

Celebrate Saint Lucie’s Day From Croatia

Top 20 Christmas Star Ideas â Festival Around the World

In Croatia, the Christmas season begins on December 13 with Saint Lucie. Ask students to research why Saint Lucy is important to the Croatians and their beliefs. As an activity to represent Saint Lucy’s day, you can grow wheat in a little plate or pot. The Christmas wheat is placed under the tree to bring the family future prosperity.

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