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Children’s Church Decorating Ideas

Surprising Easter Idea : Soap Eggs

Best Kids Room Decorating Ideas 2022 | Home & Happiness | Kids room Decorating Ideas

Theme: New life in Jesus

  • egg-shaped molds and
  • small crosses.

Melt the glycerin and add fragrance according to directions. Then pour it into the molds, filling them halfway. Let the molds sit for two to three minutes until a crust forms on top of the soap. Place a small cross on each mold, and fill the rest of the mold with the glycerin. Let the soap harden completely. Remove the soap eggs from the mold. Make a soap egg for each child.

How To Find Time To Do The Work

Just as you schedule your other important programming activities, schedule a time to do your renovations. Make it fun by planning a decoration lock-in. Kids will love staying up all night working on your room, and youll get a new room PLUS hours of relaxed relational time with your kids. Ask parents to help, too.

The Strategy To Keep Your Kids Coming Back

I saw some incredible ceiling tiles in a high school photography class. Individual tiles displayed gorgeous photographs, each done by a graduating senior. The educator mentioned that these tiles keep her kids coming back. You only get a tile if you graduate in her class.

There is a great lesson here for our Youth and Childrens Ministries!

Every ceiling tile celebrates a student, while also displaying a talented skill set.

  • Are we giving our kids a reason to keep coming back?
  • Are we Developing their Skills? Their Confidence? Their Character?
  • Are we Celebrating Them?

The truth of Youth and Childrens Ministry is that not every year is amazing.

Some seasons are full of energy and growth. And others we consider building years.

Developing a comprehensive vision that moves kids from nursery to elementary to junior/senior high to young adult needs an intentional strategy.

Every age group should build on the next. With added elements to look forward to.

Heres a Simplified Example.

Lower Elementary

Focus on learning familiar Bible Stories and understanding God Loves Me. Sunday School has games and a snack time with juice boxes!

Upper Elementary

Focus on applying Gods truth to actions. God Wants Me to Follow His Ways. Love others. Make Good Choices. Introduce monthly fun events outside of Sunday School. A 4-6th Grade Youth Group.

Young Adult / College & Career

And throughout every level, kids are ushered by Relationship.

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How To Finance Your Renovations

Ask church members, parents, and ministry supporters to chip in for your project. It doesnt take much to revamp your rooms look, so get a lot of people to give a little money. Try inexpensive fund-raising approaches such as a pumpkin sale or a rummage sale featuring items donated by church members. Also, to spread out the cost, dont try to decorate all at once. Come up with an overall plan and attack it in parts.

Nashville Tennesseechurch Of The City


Church of the City is all about the way of Jesus for the renewal of the city. They are all in for making a difference in Nashville. Theyve done a great job at branding their church around this mission.

Their kids ministry is called KidCity. And according to their website, KidCity exists to disciple families in the way of Jesus. The mission of the kids ministry follows the mission of the church!

Their childrens ministry room designs flowout of this theme as well. Youll love checking it out.

Their logo is used to brand all of their kidmin spaceseven their store! Simple signage like this can be printed at your church, or even at your local office supplies store.

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Distribute Butterfly Chrysalises On Good Friday

Before Easter, buy some butterfly chrysalises , and give them away on Good Friday, along with a special invitation card to your Easter services. The butterflies will emerge on Easter Sunday and serve as a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. After all, death, transformation, and life are all found in the chrysalis.

Ministry Room Designs At New Life

The Break Room

The room shown below is considered a transition room. It serves as a darker and quieter room in the church and has been great for those little ones who can have sensory overload during church. This room gives them a space to pause without pressure!

Signage outside a room like this is awesome to have. Because families with children dealing with sensory sensitivities see that you care, they are encouraged .

A quiet, safe space is welcoming to these kids and their families.

Check out all the different areas covered with pillows, chairs, and carpet squares! These different areas help kids find the place that works best for them. If you need ideas for designing a sensory room, check out this article.

Creating spaces in your ministry room designs that are also practical is really important. Its imperative that your spaces are functional for the kids attending and visiting your church.

The Motor Room

The next room is a motor room ! Any kids that need to make noise and move can hang out here. This room had a lot of activities stations, as well safe flooring to limit injury for those kids running out those wiggles.

Here we see the clear messaging again! The simple signage helps parents and volunteers know what to expect when entering this zone.

Slides, foam blocks, and ball pitsOH MY!

There is an abundance of color, texture, and truth on this fruit of the spirit wall.

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The Implications Of Sharing Your Space

There are many positives that come with sharing space but also challenges. Sharing our church facility with a school was financially a benefit, allowing us to use this source of income towards maintaining our campus facilities. We also had a nonprofit coffee shop and café on our grounds that was a central congregating location for parents and children who attended the school. Net proceeds of the coffee shop are given to support charitable or community organizations in Austin and around the world. Those who were associated with the school and purchased items from our café helped keep it alive and open. Not only was sharing space with a school financially beneficial, it also served as a great outreach opportunity for those who were looking for a church home. This church facility served multiple purposes and was utilized to the max.

What These Core Beliefs Will Do For You

Childrens day decoration ideas for school bulletin board , birthday decoration idea/origami thing
  • Smarter Decisions
  • Easier Planning
  • Better Results

Core Beliefs make it easy to know how to spend your time, decide on events, and even help you recruit the right volunteers.

Core Beliefs set the direction of your ministry and keep it on track through leadership changes and age transitions.

Instead of stops and restarts, you see the fruits of a solid foundation.

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Childrens Church Decorating Ideas

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For Smart Decisions Easy Planning And Better Results

Imagine going to a job interview at a cafe. The person interviewing you says, Thank God you are here.

She hands you the keys and says, Let me know if you need anything.

You look around, eyeing the espresso machine. The commercial kitchen. The booths. Customers coming in. She tosses you the apron while she walks out the front door.

Sound ridiculous? Welcome to kids ministry in many churches across America.

I think our kids are worth more than tossing in a willing body to teach Sunday School. Or throwing random events on the calendar.

We have a responsibility to serve them and their fragile hearts in a manner worthy of the God who created them.

Defining Core Beliefs is Crucial

Lets quit flailing and take a little time to define our path. Articulate our beliefs. And set our vision.

THEN we can invite others to join the journey. Instead of asking others to step in and steer a boat, carrying infinitely precious cargo, with no set course.

Who Should Define Your Core Beliefs?

Ideally, the people you trust who are already invested in your kids. Pastors. Staff. Parents. Volunteers. Student Leaders. Elders. Grandparents.

To save you time, I have a great list here of 6 Core Believes Every Small Church Should Cling To.

But until you can get that on the calendar, this list should serve you well.

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Finally Share The Wealth

As you collect things and as you dream, remember your small church. Dont let your stockpile get dusty.

  • Are there upcoming events that would be even better using these tips?
  • What other ministry teams could use your ideas? Your talent? Your stuff?

Like what you read? Check these out:

Laurie Acker

Laurie Acker is a pastor’s wife and ministry mentor who helps people in small churches go from burnt out and frustrated to finding joy and success in small church ministry! After 30+ years serving in churches from big to small, in 2019 she launched a resource site called The Creative Little Church. Just a few years later with a growing international community on Facebook called Solutions & Support for Small Churches, free online conferences through Small Church Summits, and comprehensive ministry training at The Small Church Academy, small churches have more resources & support than ever before. Laurie & Dan have been married for a few decades, with 3 grown children, an amazing son-in-law, and a very busy puppy named Pesto. They all live in Tucson, AZ where the sun is almost always shining!

Host A Family Photo Booth

Pin on Sunday School Room Ideas

Capture Easter moments and memories with a photo booth. You can easily set one with by using a nice backdrop, along with a few chairs and even some creative props.

For best results, hire a professional photographer, and also assign a volunteer to take some additional photos with the guests mobile phones.

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Give Your Congregation Some Fun Giveaways

People love free things, and your congregation is no different. Simple fun things like t-shirts, pens, bookmarks, water bottles, USB sticks, and sunglasses — all with your logo printed on them — make it a low-cost way to get your church’s name out in the community as people use them after the service.

Create An Irresistible Environment In 30 Minutes Or Less

Easy. Low-Cost. DIY.

Whether you want your room Sizzling or Subdued, this post is for you!

Imagine giant blue waves washing over the walls. What used to be blinding fluorescent lights are now a radiating a glow of blue.

If you listen hard enough, you might hear a dolphin chirp.

Two days later, you walk into the very same room. But this time you peak around a tall divider to discover an intimate candlelit setting.

Acoustic guitar music plays softly. Royal purple fabric veils the dingy white walls.

Whether you for

  • or a Special Worship Service

get ready for some affordable and easy DIY tips to help you set the scene.

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Policies Protect Your Kids And Safe

If you do not already have clear and written policies in place, you have no business inviting kids in your care.

Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. Get it done now. Before you do anything else.

Whether children are 16 months old or 16 years old, they trust you to protect them.

There is nothing more precious or precarious than being responsible for another persons child.

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Decorating Kids Room At Home | DIY Children Room Decor Ideas

Team Building in a Small Church. Your Ultimate Resource for Finding Volunteers, Keeping Volunteers, and Appreciating Volunteers! Everything on this site is written by people in small churches for people in small churches.

The Best Youth Ministry Kick-Off Event Ever! Get youth and adults together to plan a year of events in one evening and leave with volunteers in place.

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Throw An Easter Party

Everyone loves a party, right?

A carnival theme is an all-time favorite. Include inflatables and some simple carnival games where kids can win toys. Add in a popcorn and cotton-candy booth, hot dog and burger stand, some music and itll be a party where theres something for everyone in the family.

Throwing a party immediately before or after your services makes it that much more likely that guests will also attend the service.

Cradle To College And Beyond

Its about building mature Christ-followers, not having separate stand-alone ministries.

The goal isnt growing a kids ministry. The goal is growing kids.

Which means walking with them, from toddler to adulthood and through all the transitions in between.

Modeling Jesus and Truth for a lifetime of learning.

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We Believe In Congregational Involvement

We recognize every person in our small church as a significant influence to our kids.

Our kids ministry is part of the Whole Ministry of the Church, not an entity unto itself.

We seek opportunities to Partner With Parents and other Church Ministries.

We believe our kids should be seen, heard, valued, and loved!

A Lesson From Friends: Why You Need A Joey And A Monica

Its not that one person cant handle the 6 kids in your small church.

Its just that your goal isnt to run events. Your goal is to develop Christ-followers for a lifetime.

And that kind of team looks different.

Even with small numbers, your youth ministry team should look a lot like the cast of an effective sitcom.

Lives are changed by relationships. And relationships take time.

And energy.

Although we covet the energetic young adult who can stay up all night playing nerf gun wars, that person does not relate to every kid.

We also need a Ross, a Rachel, a Monica, a Phoebe, and a Chandler.

Under the Leadership section of this website you can find help for developing any kind of team, youth ministry included.

Find ideas there for Recruiting, Developing, and Appreciating Volunteers. Running meetings. Vision casting. Delegating. Evaluating. And More.

What I want to emphasize here is you need a team because you need relationships. There are as many different types of kids as there are adults.

The one-size-fits-all youth minister is a myth.

If we are going to be serious about relationships, we need to remember the shy kids, happy kids, anxious kids.

The bookworms, the athletes, the geeks, the gamers, the environmentalists, the fashionistas, and more.

Can we offer a place that welcomes and walks with all? This needs to be reflected in your team of volunteers.

This doesnt mean your events have a 1-1 ratio of Adult:Kids. Or that you have 4 teachers in a class of 6 kids.

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Become A Collector Of Lights & Candles

It is so easy to get lights on a budget. Christmas lights are given away, thrown out, and dirt cheap on sale. Candles and clip lights are common at garage sales. Seek and you will find!


Christmas lights.

Wax candles of all shapes and sizes.

  • Use at worship events, communion services, evening specials.
  • Set up a display of lit candles.
  • Create an interactive element of candle lighting.
  • Careful trimming and shaving can make a tired candle look classy again!

Glass candle holders.

  • Clear and colored glass votives.
  • Find cool liturgical-looking glass holders at dollar & craft stores.
  • Collect all shapes and sizes.
  • Votives are often thrown away and common at rummage sales.
  • Messy ones can be cleaned carefully with a microwave or boiling water.

Clip Lights or Reading Lights.

  • These are great to illuminate readings or signs at candlelit events or outside entrances.

How To Set Up Your Kids’ Ministry Rooms In 5 Easy Steps

Thinking about redecorating your kids’ ministry room? Look no further than this simple 5 step guide, to help you create the perfect space.

Are you thinking about redecorating your kids’ ministry room? These places are often a childâs first experience of prayer and worship, and making them safe spaces of discovery and comfort is crucial. Look no further than this simple 5 step guide to help you create the perfect length.

With different areas for play, reading, or interactive activities, kids’ church rooms can be one of the first times that little ones can choose just what they want to do. Setting up for this freedom will require planning and a good design. Read our carefully constructed list of the five simple steps to setting up a fun kidsâ ministry room that is full of imagination, wonder, and worship!

Welcome Area

The first place that your young ones and their parents will arrive at is the most important. Add a kids ministry check-in station to ensure that everybody feels welcomed, acknowledged, and safe. This also gives a much-needed window for communication between the parents and staff at the church. Any allergies, injuries, or general issues will be made clear to all of the workers.

Floor Space

A Timeless Design

Interactive Elements

Good Lighting

Need help planning, designing or building a new space? Visit our friends at Little Mountain for help.

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Surprising Easter Ideas For Your Childrens Ministry

Here are 8 surprising Easter ideas to celebrate the Easter season, from Easter Soap Eggs to exciting treasure hunts.

Two holidays stand out in the minds of almost every Christian as our high holy daysChristmas and Easter.

Christmas is the celebration of Christ coming to earth as a baby.

And then there was light!

Easter is the realization of why Christ came. Its a time of reflection on the death of Christ and of rejoicing in his resurrection.

And then there was life!

Dont miss out on the opportunities to create memorable lessons for your children during this Easter season. Use the following ideas to direct children toward the risen Jesus so they see the true meaning of this holy season.

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