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Casino Theme Party Decorations Ideas

Engagement Party Decorations Ideas & Themes

Casino Party Decoration Ideas | DIY Casino Party Centerpiece

Coming up with great ideas for engagement party decorations is easy when you know where to start. Designers and professional party decorators know that starting any kind of project must begin with a theme or concept.

The theme can be a concept or color-based, where the only tie-in for the decorations is your color palette. Its all about starting somewhere and having some guidelines to work with, to help you decide what to pick and how to decorate.

Keep in mind this is an engagement party, and already has an underlying theme . So use your party theme to set the tone, decorate, and make your event extra-special, but be careful not to let it overshadow the main reason for the celebration. Its the reason that a color based approach is the most common.

James Bond/monte Carlo Casino Theme Parties


Food/drink: Specialty martinis & passed appetizers

Music: Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, and John Coltrane

Red carpet, black and gold decorations, Bond girls

Casino style: James Bond is a perfectionist and so is his casino theme party. Attendees will dress to the nines and enjoy fancy cocktails while engaging with other party goers. The casino will have plenty of playing positions for guests who will come and go from the tables as they please. There will be higher limits at the tables. Overall, the night will be a first-class evening of socializing and occasionally rolling the dice, spinning the roulette wheel, or playing a hand of blackjack.

Best Engagement Party Themes

Masquerade Party: Simple or sophisticated, a Masquerade party will transform your event and your guests into a magical celebration. For a simple affair, think about just providing hats or hand-held masks. For a sophisticated and elegant over-the-top event get inspired by the Carnival of Venice.

Ooh La La! A Parisian Theme: The city of lights and romance is the perfect backdrop for your indoor or outdoor event.

Hollywood Glamour: A Hollywood themed party is all about glitz and glamor. Choose a single movie or the whole industry and bring tinsel town to your party!

Casino Night: Think James Bond in Casino Royale and give your party that same elegant touch. Bring in your own funny-money adorned with the couples picture and youve got a winning combination for a casino themed party.

Tiffany Blue: Nothing says romance and courtship in North America like the iconic color known as Tiffany Blue. Its the perfect understated and elegant theme that can be dressed up or down to suit your personal style.

Mexican Fiesta: Say Olé! while your guests enjoy these Mexican fiesta party ideas. Also, check out our fabulous Fiesta party invitation designs. This is one theme thats easy on the budget and wonderful on the eyes.

Diamonds and Bling!: Nothing says wedding engagement like diamonds, and everyone loves a little Bling! so what could be better than a theme that combines the two. Think rhinestones, crystal, cut glass and turn your party into a sparkly event!

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Casino Theme Party Ideas Thatll Have You All In

Looking for the perfect decorations for your next poker or Las Vegas themed party? Look no further than our range of casino party supplies where youll be sure to find endless casino theme party ideas for your next party or event. Youll be able to create a high-rollers VIP lounge in your very own living room with our great range of casino party supplies, whether its a Casino Royale James Bond esque theme or a casual poker night, youll be able to find all the party tableware and decorations you need to host the best party ever right here at CostumeBox. Shop now!

Showtime Event Brings Casino Theme Party To Life

Casino Decoration Ideas Awesome Party Deko Casino

Create a glitzy casino theme party with ShowTime Event for your next decoration bash. A roulette wheel cutout and casino theme party backdrop banners are just some of the items you will find when renting our backdrops for poker evenings. Set the table with a casino theme centerpiece, casino entry gate, casino welcome board and card decoration!.

No matter where they go, we ShowTime Event always make sure guests have a wonderful experience.

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Engagement Party Decoration Ideas

You can use party decorations sparingly around a room or go with a real show-stopping designit really boils down to the type of atmosphere and tone you want to set for the event. But, if you really want that wow factor as guests come in you need to consider all of the surfaces in the space. Yep, that means walls, floors, and especially the ceiling. Along with the various tables and other smaller surfaces within the room itself.

Relaxed Casino Style Party:

Be clear in your thoughts that are flashing in your mind each minute.


  • Fancy attires and clothing are a big no to this type of casino party.
  • Maxi dresses with a denim jacket can go entirely with a casual environment.
  • A fitted denim jacket can do wonders with your complete look.
  • Pair your dress with ballet flats or wedges with bolder color and prints.


  • Classy striped collared shirts with khakis can give a casino vibe.
  • Always opt for a solid colored shirt.
  • Loafer shoes can enhance the complete look.
  • If you are the one who loves jewellery then go for a gold chain that goes with your look.
  • At last, your hairstyle matters a lot. Keep it minimal.


Lots and lots of sophisticated options are waiting for you.


  • Your savage will be dressy top with a pencil skirt or dark-colored trousers that go with a casino-style as well.
  • The top must be in bold colors like blue, bottle green, yellow and red.
  • A buttoned shirt can also be styled with your pencil skirts in the best ways.
  • Stilettos, colored heels, choker necklace or earrings can be the best choice to attend a casino themed party.


  • Button down shirts with dark trousers are simply a yes for this kind of casino party.
  • Socks and shoes in the same color.
  • Blazers to add oomph factor for your personality.
  • Shirts in bold colors are always the best.


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Speakeasy/prohibition Casino Theme Party

  • Women: Flapper/chic dresses and feather head piece/hat
  • Men: Pinstripes, waist coats, fine ties, suspenders, hats, cane, and pocket watch

Food/drink: Champagne & Mint Juleps with hors doeuvres

Music: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Bing Crosby

Dark and mysterious, secretive, and intimate

Casino style: Hidden from the view of the law, the speakeasy was the place to live it up. The casino style will be loud and vibrant with packed tables, high-fiving, and winner celebrations. In the Roarin 20s, players never learned proper strategy or were too intoxicated to remember it. At this party, our staff will explain strategies while entertaining your casino guests.

Casino Night Done Right Shop All The Supplies & Decorations You Need For Your Casino Party For Less

Casino Birthday Party Decoration Ideas: Treat Table

Deal your casino theme party a winning hand with a jackpot of party supplies and decorations you’ll find right here. We have it all, from casino party centerpieces to personalized napkins and everything in between. Scroll around for some casino party decoration ideas and take your chances on unique casino favors to hand out to your guests as a memento of a great night.

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Go Wild With A James Bond Theme

Celebrate the ultimate spy with a Bond-themed casino night. This is especially popular for charity galas who could resist the air of mystery? Create the look with themed live music, a sophisticated dress code, and maybe even a cardboard cutout of the 007 agent himself. To invite your guests, customize this secret agent-inspired invitation.

Las Vegas Style Casino Theme Party

Attire: Casual

Food/drink: American food, beer, & wine

Music: Billboard top 40 or old school Vegas songs.

Bright lights, Las Vegas signage, showgirls

Casino style: We bring Las Vegas to you in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Guests will have the opportunity to learn any games they dont know. They will be playing against friends and colleagues for prizes and/or bragging rights. This is by far our most popular style of event.

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Engagement Party Decorations For Walls

Think about props that might go with your theme. Many party supply stores sell inexpensive props that can add a lot of punch to a room.

We also love the idea of a photo wall. Adorn a wall with photos of the couple from childhood right through their courtship and engagement. Its a great way to have the guests learn more about each of them and is a real conversation starter.

Cut outs, which are large pre-made designs are a great way to bring atmosphere to a room. Theyre usually made out of card stock or paper and are really inexpensive.

To add a ton of impact buy hardboard/masonite sheets from your local hardware store. They come in 4X8 foot sheets and can easily be painted to match any color scheme. Theyre only 1/8th of an inch think, lightweight, and can be hung on a wall just like a painting. Paint them with chalkboard paint and have your guests sign it . Or cover the sheets in wall paper, fun fabrics, ribbons or anything else your heart desires.

Custom wall decals are another great way to decorate your party walls. Use a picture of the couple or any other subject and let your walls speak for themselves.

Exciting Casino Theme Party Ideas

Casino Decoration Ideas Beautiful Pin by Michelle anderson ...

Are you approaching that milestone in your life where you can finally legally do everything youve imagined? Your 21st birthday officially heralds your entry into adulthood and true independence. Celebrate your newfound freedom with a casino theme party of your dreams. It will remain the talk of the town for months after! But most importantly, dont forget to go heavy on the drinks.

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Affordable Birthday Items Including Decorations Favors Invitations Tableware And So Much More

Another thing that sets us apart from other birthday party supply companies is our ability to personalize hundreds of items from banners as large as a five feet long to 1 inch buttons. Invitations, thank you notes and mailing labels can also be personalized. The cost of personalization is included in the cost of the item so you can have very expensive looking custom printed party supplies for prices starting as low as $.89.

Over 250 Birthday And Party Themes To Choose From In Our Online Party Store

From first birthday party celebrations to licensed parties for kids such as DisneyPrincess parties and Batman Superhero parties, Birthday In A Box is the best place to buy party things online. We have Trolls birthday supplies, Moana party supplies, supplies for a Guardians of the Galaxy Party and themes for girls parties and boys parties . Have an Over the Hill party to throw? Look no further than our online party supply store. We also have party things for social get togethers, showers and parties for any occasion.

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Why Choose A Las Vegas Themed Party

image via Unsplash

Las Vegas is world famous for its casinos and live shows. And while you may not be able to compete with one of the top three vacation destinations in the United States, you can certainly give the people in your local area a night to remember. Theres just something about the elusive chance to win that drives people to take chances. Because of this, some consider gambling a dangerous and risky behavior. But, when it comes to gambling for a charity, people can enjoy the same neurochemical charge without the guilt. Your Las Vegas themed party provides all the fun and excitement of a casino without stripping people of their lifes savings.

Creating The Urge To Play

How to Throw a Casino Party – Casino Party Ideas – Shindigz

image via Unsplash

Speaking of party rentals, while you can build and decorate your own gambling tables, you may want to consider renting gaming stations from professionals. Besides taking a lot less time and effort, youll find that people will be more excited about showing up to your Las Vegas themed party if they think theyll experience the real deal.

You can find casino party rentals in nearly every state in the nation. Along with professionally built tables, they can offer assistance and education in running the games and optimizing your event to make more money for your non-profit group. Some will even staff your event with showgirls and casino dealers who will interact with your guests.

The cost of renting a mobile casino for the night depends on factors like the number of guests expected and even your location. Four hours of playing time with two tables. A larger setup of three to five tables may cost you a bit pricey. But do call around and get some estimates before letting these numbers intimidate you. You may get a much better deal if you book during the slow season.

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Great Ideas For A Casino

The gaming facility is what people refer to as a casino. This kind of event may be held anywhere: at home, at a restaurant, a hotel, or on a cruise ship. Dancing, gambling, music, and sports are all part of the experience. In addition to this, the outfits seem to be both Western and Indian, with a color scheme of red, black, and white being the most probable. Participants will wear a red feathered face mask.

The area may also be decorated with different items, such as poker cards posters, and light fountains depicting the King and Queen. It is no different when you are dealing with card suits. Along with the seats and tables, there will be dice columns for guests to sit in. At the entrance, a balloon arch gate in red and white was constructed.

All In: How To Throw The Ultimate Casino Theme Party

A casino theme party is so much fun and more versatile than you might think. Its a great option for bridal showers, bachelor parties, themed birthday parties, and charity fundraisers. You can recreate that classic casino atmosphere and bring everyone together for an evening of games to celebrate a special moment or raise money for a good cause.

When youre ready to stage the ultimate Vegas-like experience, be sure to check out these party ideas and top tips for throwing an amazing casino party.

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Color Your World & Engagement

Create atmosphere with color! The easiest way to create atmosphere is by choosing a color palette and infusing it through all aspects of the party.

For example, use white or cream as one of your colors. Use white dishes and pair the white up with a vibrant color. Yellow, orange, blue, purple, everything works with white.

Colors can be brought in through napkins, balloons, flowers, streamers, table cloths, place mats, foliage, candles, name cards etc

Unless you have professional party decorators, we recommend going with one or two colors maximum . Its difficult to get the same impact with multiple color party schemes unless youre a professional.

A few limited colors used throughout the space makes it easy to create a festive and celebratory atmosphere for your engagement party.

Engagement Party Table Decorations

Its easy to create an interesting tablescape with 3 simple designer tricks:

  • Limit color: It gives huge visual impact. Here, we use the 3 color maximum rule and chose green, purple, & white. Notice the green of our color scheme is only used in foliage and purple is only used in accessories.
  • Use repetition: By repeating colors, texture and/or materials throughout a table or space creates interest and excitement.
  • Use different heights: It adds to the visuals and makes the eye bounce around across the table.
  • What To Wear To A Casino Party

    Pin by Elba Irispr on Party ideas

    For many, deciding on what to wear to an event or even to work is a difficult task, and it certainly doesnt get any easier when attending a casino themed party or fundraiser. Many have asked what to wear, and even more have asked what not to wear.

    Fortunately, Im here to guide you so that you can place your bets in style and avoid anyone pointing staring or even giggling behind your poorly dressed back. Lets take a look at some of the most popular casino parties, and what youre expected to wear or stay away from with each.

    Corporate Casino Parties

    If youve been invited to a corporate casino party, then youll finally have an excuse to break out your fancy attire and bedazzle all those attending. The dress codes at these kinds of events generally range from business casual to business, though I would always suggest going for business to avoid being even slightly under dressed.

    In short, what you would normally wear on a casual Friday is okay, but going a little dressier does bring a sense of professionalism that could very well win you that hand in poker.

    Black Tie Casino Fundraisers

    A popular theme for fundraisers, casino parties often get people in the mood for spending. However, unlike when playing at Canadian mobile casinos you will have to get fairly dressed up.

    Monte Carlo Casino Parties

    Queen of Hearts Casino Parties

    The Queen of Hearts theme comes from the ever-popular Alice in Wonderland, with the character leading a horde of playing cards.

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    Diy Nerf Poker Party Game

    Challenge your party guests to a game of poker that you can’t bluff your way through. Have them put on their best poker face and take aim with the Nerf gun to play their best hand. With all the cards stacked in their favor, they’ll shoot for their chance to win the whole pot. If you’re throwing a casino-themed party, change things up with a game that calls for as much luck as skill. This DIY Nerf Poker party game will have your guests lined up and upping the ante!

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