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California Coastal Furniture And Decor

Modern Coastal Bedroom Ideas


As in the kitchen, there are countless ways to bring a touch of contemporary coastal style to the bedroom. Heres one of my favorite coastal bedrooms, from The shiplap and four-poster bed add a hint of coastal farmhouse style to this space:

This might be the space that inspired my love of modern coastal decorating. I love the fresh, relaxed feeling and interesting textures in this boho bedroom design from Amber Interiors:

Something as simple as a striped pillow, woven pendant light, or a tasseled throw blanket can add a beautiful touch of the beach to the bedroom, as shown in this lovely space by Studio Life Style, via My Domaine:

A beautiful four-poster bed, soft colors, warm woods, and natural fabrics bring a modern yet approachable feeling to this lovely coastal bedroom from Pure Salt Interiors:

White walls, casual fabrics, natural textures, coastal-inspired artwork, and a hint of stripes lend a light and breezy feeling to this wonderful master bedroom from Amber Interior Design:

Contemporary artwork is a great way to add a touch of modern coastal decor to the bedroom, as shown in this beautiful space from Pure Salt Interior Design:

The coastal artwork above the bed in our master bedroom was purchased locally a couple of years ago, but I found a few similar pieces, which I share on my artwork favorites page.

For more bedroom ideas, see this post: Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a Dreamy Master Suite.

What If I Love Traditional Interior Design

Well, youre in luck! What makes this style so great is that you dont have to give up your personal style. Coastal interior design is mostly based on colors, materials, and the idea of introducing calming ocean vibes to your room. You dont have to sacrifice your love of traditional, transitional, or modern design. Simply apply the basic elements of the style to your favorite pieces. When choosing furniture, focus on beachy colors, natural materials, and organic lines.

Modern Beach House Dining Room

Add some definite modern touches to your modern beach house dining room, for a space that feels casual and approachable. The furniture in this coastal dining space has very modern formsbut the light wood of the dining table and the caning inset on the credenza, along with the bamboo shades, help ground this space in a coastal look.

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Essentials For Living Tapestry Counter Stool

This woven counter stool will add a touch of coastal style to your kitchen, bar or dining room. Constructed with a stainless steel frame and solid mahogany legs, this stool is not only sturdy, but durable. A rich colored rope is tightly woven with an eye-catching solid taupe stripe interwoven at the center of the seat back. The mahogany legs feature crossed leg stretchers, a front foot rest, and a beautiful distressed natural gray finish. Paired with an upholstered seat cushion affixed to the base, the stool provides comfort with style and will be the perfect addition to any transitional or traditional dining room or bar.Essentials For Living presents a mix of designs that can either seamlessly blend together or be used to create dynamic juxtapositions that all result in engaging environments. As always, each of these products are manufactured with a rigorous attention to detail and an uncompromising level of quality.

Let’s Set The Record Straightcoastal Is Not The Same Thing As Nautical

Everything Coastal....: California Coastal Style

Nor is it the same thing as Mediterranean, or tropical. In the simplest definition, coastal is beachy. Through use of natural light, soft tones, and a clean aesthetic, it’s meant to evoke the breeziness of the beach. Basically, it feels like summer year-round inside your house. “A coastal space takes its cues from the natural environment for everything from color palette through to materials used,” says Will Taylor, author of Dream Decor, and the blogger behind Bright Bazaar. “The core features are usually jute textures, earth tones, layered blues, crisp whites, stripes, and loose linen upholstery.”

“The key is to stay away from anything too cliched.”

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Coastal Furniture & Home Dcor Tips

The breezy tranquility of a seaside vacation home can be achieved in any space with coastal décor. Inspired by the relaxed sophistication of coastal living, this beachy style relies heavily on maritime motifs: stripes, nautical accents, and light, weathered wood are commonly seen in coastal-inspired homes, typically complemented by shades of white and blue.

Beach House Dining Room

What we used:

The light-grain wood table and contemporary chandelier are the centerpieces of this Beach House dining room, but additional elements help to make this a cohesive, bright, and cheerful space. The molded plastic chairs do more than match the color scheme their scooped shape is a subtle callout to seashells and peaking waves. Nautical decor plays a part as well, with driftwood on display as well as beach-themed art on the wall. This dining room is a fun and airy place for great food and conversation.

Why it works:

This Beach House dining room stays connected through the use of natural wood and leveled shades of blue. In addition to the dining table, wood is present in chair legs, shelving, and storage. Varying the hues of blue in the room makes certain elements pop and keeps the space interesting. Metal is used sparingly to serve as an accent rather than a staple. This enables the chandelier to really stand out as a bold and stylish addition.

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Modern Coastal Dining Room Ideas

The lovely dining room below, from Jill Egan Interiors, shows how versatile and elegant coastal decor can be. From the soft ivory slipcovered chairs, to the large coral decorative piece on the credenza, to the natural wood elements, this space evokes a feeling of casual elegance. The stunning light fixture reminds me of a cascading waterfall!

Artwork is an easy, yet impactful way to bring a touch of modern coastal style to the dining room, as shown in this beautiful space from Kate Lester Interiors:

Another way to add a touch of contemporary coastal style to the dining room is by adding an oversized woven chandelier, as seen in this beautiful space from Brynn Olson Design:

I love this beautiful dining room from Light and Dwellit shows that simple touches like a striped rug and beautiful chandelier can add a fresh, modern coastal feeling to a space:

Soft neutral tones and a white dining table and chandelier lend an elevated, modern coastal feeling to this stunning dining space from Kate Marker Interiors:

I added a touch of coastal style to our dining room with woven chairs, as well as a natural jute rug :

For more dining room ideas, see this post: Modern Dining Room Decorating Ideas.

This Coastal Design Is Perfect If You

  • Love a casual and cool living space thats less by-the-book and more organic in its design and layout.
  • Enjoy an open living room thats all about kicking back with friends and family for game nights, movie viewings, and takeout dinner get-togethers.
  • Are a fan of the beachy California bungalow look thats big on Mid-Century comfort and ease but still has elements of fun.
  • Need a space thats versatile and family-friendly but still feels curated and calm.
  • Want your home to evoke a beach house without it feeling theme-y or overly traditional or rustic.

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When It Comes To Decor Less Is More

According to Bonnie, you dont need much when decorating a coastal chic home. Adding a few decor elements, like glass bottles, woven baskets, a few seaside touches like seashells, and textures like jute, rope, and driftwood, is enough to invite that casual California vibe.

You can even do some DIY coastal decor by wrapping rope around a glass vase, placing shells in a white washbowl or dough bowl as a centerpiece, she says. It can also be as easy as changing out your hardware pieces on kitchen cabinets or dressers with a coastal motif or a cluster of glass vases with some simple branches or single greenery stems. The key is to keep your decor understated and your space light and airy.

Opt For Furniture With Natural Materials And Textures

Furniture should have clean lines and made of natural materialsthink dining chairs that are woven out of a natural fiber, says Jenny. You can mix this with a modern chandelier or dining table to achieve the casual-plus-elegant style.

Bonnie agrees, suggesting furniture with natural textures like wicker, rattan and weathered, distressed, or white-sashed woods. You can also achieve texture with items like jute baskets and driftwood, she says. Relaxed, light linen or cotton fabrics in both drapes and pillows, as well as slip-covered sofas, are also staples in coastal home design.

Damali Black and White Rug

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Furnitureroots: Manufacturer & Exporter Of Wholesale Coastal Furniture

THE WORKROOM on Instagram: Our California Coastal ...

FurnitureRoots is a coastal furniture company that is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of coastal style furniture to coastal furniture stores, homes, and hospitality businesses globally. Our bespoke & custom coastal furniture designs combine warm and natural materials like leather and wood with warm silhouettes of pastels to create a visually interesting focal point in a bedroom, living room, or offices. We also create victorian and colonial-style coastal furniture designs for homes, coastal restaurants, bars, coastal cafes, resorts, beachside hotels.FurnitureRoots sells Coastal Furniture at these Locations globally.

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Coastal Living Room #: West Coast California Style

The California coastal look needs no introduction. Just think of the modern and slightly rustic houses lining the Western coast, from Los Angeles interior design schemes to San Diego spaces. Laid-back, cool, and unfussy are the underlying sensibilities of the West Coast Cali look. Theres also a bohemian edge to these spaces that make them the complete opposite of East Coast seaside homes.

So if you love the more bohemian living room look thats all about keeping it casual, the California coastal style is for you. With this approach, the main focus is on casual comfort and an eclectic mix that combines mid-century modern designs, punchy fabrics, bright colors, and a range of beachy art. Just imagine a beach bungalow thats open and exudes that laid-back West Coast ease.

Everything You Need To Know About Coastal Design

Fact: You don’t have to live by the beach to make this work.

If coastal design to you is synonymous with anchors, blue and white ‘errthang, and seashells upon seashellswe totally get where you’re coming from. And you would think, based on the name, that’s exactly what it entails, but that’s actually more typical of nautical decor. Mind = blown. Coastal is another thing entirely, and while the two have some elements in common, coastal is decidedly less in-your-face and kitschy. So where do you draw the line? Here’s exactly what’s up.

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Beach House Living Room

What we used:

Baja and Boho come together in this space to create a Beach House living room thats airy and comfortable. Bohemian elements like the mosaic-patterned fireplace and hammock chair add a freestyle edge to this otherwise beach-themed room. Layered area rugs mimic sandy beaches and deep blue sea. Plants of varying heights bring life and color to the space, while nautical decor adds a playfulness thats contagious. We kept things modern and cozy with Mid-Century style furniture that doesnt distract from the overall aesthetic. This Beach House living room captures a familiar yet exotic feeling that will have you eager to call it home.

Why it works:

The combination of styles we used for this room makes it look and feel distinctly different from a Coastal or Boho Chic space. The woven center table and the netting on the hammock chair are very beach-inspired elements and are balanced by the wood featured in the furniture, nautical decor sprinkled throughout the room, and the Bohemian patterns on the rug and fireplace.

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Frequently Asked Coastal Questions

Two-Day Transformation: Coastal + Traditional (with Functional Flow!)

Coastal Style by Ashley Furniture HomeStorecoastal living room Help: What Colors or Patterns Work to Achieve Coastal Flair?What Wood Types and Finishes Help me Achieve Coastal Style?outdoor coastal themes on the backyard or porchTo get a Beachy Look, What Wall Decor Should I Look for?coastal home decorcoastal bedroom

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Choose A Crisp Color Palette

Shades of blue and white are the signature colors of coastal design, often complemented by varying neutrals including black and charcoal. While this may not seem like much of an opportunity to get creative with color, there are plenty of ways to keep your coastal color palette feeling fresh and inspired. Try layering different shades of white for a more dynamic look, or add pops of brightness with beachy hues like coral, robin’s egg blue, or seashell pink.

What Is Coastal Design

Simply put, Coastal Interior Design is a style that is inspired by the beach. Watery blues, cool grays, natural materials and whitewashed finishes are staples in this category, and together create an open, airy and casual space. Of course with any style, there are variations in coastal design that will meet more specific interior design styles. It can range from traditional coastal design to modern, and it can vary from Nautical to Mediterranean. Its a rather large umbrella , but Mums Place is here to help define the style and offer inspiration so you can design your own coastal home!

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Coastal And Beach House Furniture & Decor Style Guide

Whether your home has an ocean view or you simply crave a casual, coastal chic feel, there are just a few steps between you and a beach beautiful space. Consider these coastal style Beach House furniture ideas and nautical decorating tips.

Seaside Style 101: The basics of ocean-inspired home design.

  • Keep it Casual: Since coastal cottages are all about unwinding, furniture and finishes should be relaxed and affable. e.g. Stay away from wrought iron and go for some weathered wicker patio furniture.
  • Bring the Outdoors In: The look is inspired by coastal settings, so turn to natural wood tones, natural fibers that evoke beach grass, and colors reminiscent of the sand, sea, and sky. Beach house furniture look great in shades of teak and lighter shades of wood, creating breezy and affable atmosphere in the house. Same as above, e.g. Teak or white dining furniture are favorites for this look.
  • Let in the Light: As beach house spaces are bright and breezy, plenty of light is a must. To let in lots of natural light, opt for diffusing shades or sheers over windows. Layering light fixtures in your Beach house will add to the airiness.
  • Elements of Coastal Style: Colors and materials with beach-house charm.

    For a New England-nautical vibe

    Accent a navy and white palette with bold pops of red and yellow. For Beach house furniture, choose darker, polished wood tones like a walnut coffee table or cherry accent chairs, plus painted pieces in primary shades.

    For a Carolina-coastal approach

    Kitchen And Dining Room

    Julie Khuu Interior Design, Laguna Cottage, Laguna Niguel ...

    There are loads of ways to give your kitchen and dining room a coastal feel. In the kitchen, add accents of white wainscoting, install a white farm-style sink, and add pretty starfish cabinet pulls made from recycled sea glass.

    When shopping for a dining room table, consider a product with a glass top to reflect light and add a feeling of more space. Make sure to measure your dining area before picking a table. A good rule of thumb is to allow about 50 inches between a table and its surrounding walls to accommodate chairs and walking space.

    To finish your coastal look in the dining room, surround your table with cage-style chairs painted in a light green or whitewashed bamboo chairs topped with vibrant, colorful cushions. Bring extra warmth to your dining area with a chandelier made from seashells, stained glass, or pearly white beads.

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    Bring In As Much Natural Light As You Can

    Thanks to the mild West Coast climate, California homes usually have outdoor patios or doors that open up to a courtyard, creating wide-open spaces. But even if you dont live on this side of the world, you can easily mimic this ambiance by letting more natural light in.

    A coastal California look is open and airy, she says. If you dont live in a mild climate where you can have doors and windows open, focus on letting lots of natural light into your space. This means trading out those heavy window blind or curtains for white, sheer curtains that are light and beautiful.

    Arizona Black Ru

    Yes You Can Add In Your Shellsbut With Restraint

    If you’re decorating for the coast, it’s not like you’re about to decorate with antlers or modern, geometric accents, so it’s totally OK to add in a few seaside touches, like shells, glass bottles, or woven baskets, but the key is not to go overboard. You want it to feel easy and natural, not kitschy and overdone, and clutter is a serious no-no. Keep it simple and you can’t go wrong. “The key is to stay away from anything too cliched,” Taylor says. “Avoid anchor prints, beach this way signs, etc. Instead, take your lead from the elements of the coast: a collection of blue glass vases and bottles upon a fireplace hearth, or a classic blue and white stripe wallpaper to add striking visual interest to a stairway or hallway.”

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