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Butcher Block Floor And Decor

Modern Kitchen With Rustic Roots

How to Care for Butcher Block

A kitchen in a breathtaking midcentury home in Dallas, Texas gets a modern makeover that is in touch with the home’s rustic location. Interior designer Erika Yeaman from Homepolish, an online decorating resource, blended walnut butcher block countertops with stained oak cabinetry.

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    Warm up a white cooking space with cool toned granite countertops with a kitchen island with a wood topper. Here, Case Design out of Falls Church, Virginia did just that with a carbonized oak butcher block countertop.

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    Here is another example of how to combine different countertop materials in your cooking space. The team at Vidal Design Collaborative, a firm based in California selected a butcher block countertop in American cherry wood for the kitchen island and soapstone for the counters along the wall.

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    Black walls and a matching island instantly makes the oak butcher block counters in this kitchen appear fresh and modern. To create a little separation between the cooking space and main living area, Ban Architecture, out of Paris, France raised the kitchen floor a few inches.

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  • Butcher Block: Birch Vs Maple

    Butcher block countertops are available in a variety of colors, styles, and species. One of the most typical materials for butcher block is maple. It is a mid-range wood in terms of price and durability. It also has a clear hue with low grain, making it exceptionally stainable.

    Birch is a less expensive alternative to maple. Birch has a straighter and more noticeable grain and can have a creamy, white color spectrum. It also has a darker color palette than maple.

    Because birch is not as robust as maple, it is more likely to dent and scrape over time. This may imply that the birch countertop will need to be sanded and polished more frequently than the maple countertop. Birch costs $15 to $20 per square foot, whereas maple costs $40 to $45 per square foot.

    Cost Of Butcher Block Countertops By Construction Type

    Butcher block countertops are made up of several parts that are fitted and cemented together before being sanded and moulded into the final slab for your countertop. There are several methods for assembling or fitting together the components. Each approach alters the appearance and performance of the countertop. When selecting a countertop for your home to meet your aesthetic style and lifestyle, you should consider the appearance and durability.

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    Better Than Builder Grade

    After speaking at length with the store manager at Floor & Decor about the countertops, we decided to purchase the upgraded Maple butcher block. What we discovered both by doing research and actually talking to the manager was that the butcher block countertops came in different grades. Just like lumber comes in different grades.

    At the low end is the builder grade. Upon visual inspection of the builder grade butcher block countertop, you can clearly see there are more blemishes and the piece simply isnt finished as smoothly. So, we opted for the next level up. We took our time and looked at each countertop, checking for cracks, chipped corners and knots.

    One thing youll discover when looking at butcher block countertops is that theres definitely a top and a bottom. Although we looked at the bottom for cracks or serious problems, we werent too concerned about the dried oozing glue or the fact that it was rougher than the smooth top.

    Its been almost three months since we installed our butcher block countertops and I gotta tell you, I love them! We installed butcher block on the counter by our sink and stove and we also installed it on our 6 island. I love our countertops.

    Bathroom Butcher Block Countertop

    White Oak Butcher Block Countertop 12ft.

    Bathroom butcher block worktops range in price from $180 to $2,800. Most bathroom counters are between 6 and 10 square feet in size. You can, however, have smaller or larger counters. Your prices may vary in these circumstances. Butcher block counters perform nicely in the bathroom if they are routinely oiled or coated with polyurethane. The oil and urethane keep the wood looking good for a long time by protecting it from moisture.

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    Tung Oil Is A Type Of Vegetable Oil

    Tung oil must be administered on a monthly basis. It is more expensive than mineral oil, costing $10 to $15 per application. Because this oil penetrates the wood, it forms a stronger barrier against spills and stains. It protects the wood more effectively than mineral oil, giving you more time to wipe up spills. Tung oil also imparts a subtle gloss to the wood. It does not significantly alter the appearance.

    Are They High Maintenance

    One question I get all the time is how do I take of of them? I certainly dont baby them. I do try to keep spills wiped up. When Im done doing the dishes we always make sure to take a towel and soak up any standing water that might be beside the sink. Heres a look at the butcher block by the sink. This area is constantly damp and its not showing any trace of water damage.

    Dont worry though because they can take a punch. Short story, I left our instant popsicle maker out on the island to thaw and did not realize that it had a large water puddle under it. I tell myself it was a crazy week because that thing sat there for over three days before I realized it. Ah! I thought the counter top would be ruined for sure. I was pleasantly surprised once I dried up the water that the butcher block was perfectly fine. I could believe it! Back to my point, its all in how you seal them. Do I cut on them? I do NOT cut on them. Thats what cutting boards are for, friends.

    When it comes to cleaning them I just use a damp soapy rag. I will use Clorox wipes from time to time but I try not to use any kind of harsh cleaner on them. Just good old soap and water does the trick! Heres my favorite soaps to use here and here. Not only do they smell fantastic, theyre gentle and work great on butcher block.

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    Granite Vs Butcher Block Countertops

    Natural materials such as butcher block and granite countertops come in a variety of hues and shapes. Both are often constructed to order using a template, and the countertop is then custom-built to match the space.

    Granite is regarded as a low-maintenance material. To avoid etching and dulling, it should be sealed once a year and cleaned using pH-neutral solutions.

    Wood is a material that requires more upkeep. You must be more cautious of spills and avoid cutting goods on top of them. Wood, unlike stone, can both scrape and burn. Wood, on the other hand, need more frequent sealing and refinishing than granite. Both have comparable cost ranges and implementation times.

    How Much Do Custom Butcher Block Countertops Cost

    DIY SMALL LAUNDRY ROOM MAKEOVER with Butcher Block Countertops | Chicago Condo Renovation Ep 12

    Because they are carved to fit your cabinets, most butcher block countertops are called custom. You can, however, order a countertop in a variety of colors, designs, and wood species. Inlays, checkerboard and stripes, or an unique stain can all be included. These countertops start about $100 per square foot and can cost up to $400 per square foot for extremely complicated designs or color combinations, especially those incorporating more exotic hardwoods.

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    Picking A Butcher Block Countertop

    Once thats decided, picking the right look for this kitchen décor idea is the next challenge.

    I love a well-finished, chunky butcher block look, says Caitlin Murray, founder and interior designer at Los Angelesbased Black Lacquer Design.

    The chunky, thick butcher block look can pop against colder, single-hued countertops such as quartz or graniteMurray says they introduce an organic and sophisticated aesthetic.

    As far as material goes, theres quite the variety, each with its own unique characteristics. Murray likes woods that dont require staining, such as walnut, though she says oak is also popular, both for its natural variations in color and its relative affordability. Wood stains of different colors and glosses can change the look of any wood countertop material, too.

    Im also a big fan of both a smooth satin and a high-gloss epoxy finish, Murray says. Each end of the spectrum is gorgeous and practical for different settings.

    Regardless of appearance, though, picking a wood with a hard surface is key, according to Elisabet Jeppsson, senior sales leader at IKEA that way, they can withstand years of use in the kitchen.

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    Butcher Block Counter Tops 1 Year Later

    When we purchased our house the original 80s laminate counter tops where still there. They were in pretty good shape so we lived with them for a year. I went over all the counter top options, quartz, marble, etc. I loved the thought of marble but I didnt love the price tag or the thought of having to baby them. Im not a huge granite fan and after looking at many historical colonial homes I realized that butcher block was very commonly used and I loved the character it added. They dont require too much care and theyre affordable! Shortly after we moved in we removed the stove top from the island and relocated it. When we did, it left a hole in the island counter top. We thought it was the perfect time to install the butcher block on the island and take it for a test drive. Im so glad we did because it didnt take us long to find out that we loved it! Months later we came across an amazing deal and purchased our counter tops a lot sooner than we had planned. You can see our kitchens before and the complete makeover here. Its been well over a year since we installed them and heres how its worked out.

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    How Much Does A Bamboo Butcher Block Countertop Cost

    A bamboo butcher block countertop costs about $85 to $90 per square foot. Bamboo is vegetation, not wood. Because bamboo grows quickly, it can be obtained ethically and ecologically, making it an excellent green alternative for eco-conscious households. Bamboos color ranges from very faint white to a rich, caramel hue. It also has a distinct appearance as a countertop, with the knuckles rather than a grain visible. The bamboo can appear busy or peaceful depending on which direction it is set.

    Floor And Decor Store Tour

    American Maple Butcher Block Countertop 12ft.

    Im sure you all have your go-to stores you frequent while doing home renovations and as Ive mentioned a few times during our kitchen refresh, Floor & Decor has been that store to us. They recently opened up a new location in Mission Viejo, CA, just minutes from my home, so I was honored with the chance to work with them and go take a tour of their new store.

    When it comes to searching for tile and flooring, Floor & Decor has the widest variety of options at rock-bottom prices with most items already fully in-stock. How great is that?! That was such a crucial detail for us when we were searching for our butcher block countertops, we wanted them that day and Floor & Decor pulled through for us. Look at all the options of wood countertops they have

    We went with the builder grade maple countertops and couldnt be happier with the quality, the color and the price.

    I had so much fun wandering around the store coming up with dream designs in my head and just have to share some of my favorite tile I found. These Artisan porcelain tiles had such an organic feel to them and I loved the idea of using them as a backsplash in a kitchen with walnut countertops. It would make for such a cozy, moody kitchen. Now, if you take a visit to a Floor & Decor near you, just know they offer free design assistance in case all the options feel way too exciting to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for.

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    Our New Butcher Block Countertops In The Laundry Room And How I Sealed Them For A Natural Look

    I recently shared our plans for a laundry room makeover, where my plans included painting the tile floors, replacing the countertop, painting the walls, and whitewashing a bamboo shade. I cannot believe the end results and I will reveal all of the details soon. Today, Im sharing how I replaced the formica laminate countertop with a butcher block from Lowes Home Improvement, for less than $175.

    This post contains affiliate links, where I will receive commission from your clicks and purchases. You can read more about my disclosures here.

    Why Butcher Block Countertops Are A Great Choice For Laundry Rooms

    Butcher block countertops are made up of separate wooden pieces that have been put collectively to make a smooth and strong base or surface.

    It is among the trending types of kitchen countertops, but it can also be a wonderful choice if you are intending to modernize your laundry space. It features a rustic, country aesthetic with soft undertones, and it can brighten up the laundry area with a subtle splash of earthy vibrancy.

    A butcher block countertop is one of the most cost-effective countertop options available, thus if you want to upgrade your laundry room without breaking the bank, this is something to think about. Whats nice about this countertop is that expert setup isnt actually necessary.

    You can do the project on your own! Indeed, you will just need to trim the material to the exact dimensions that you desire, and you will have to cut into the areas with a rotary saw if you require openings for sinks as well as other laundry room items.

    Yes, you can keep a butcher block counter spotless and polished with standard household cleaners and waxes, making this material ideal for use in the laundry room.

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    Finishing The Butcher Block Countertops

    Using the same method as above, sand, raise the grain, stain, and Waterlox the tops and sides of the countertops! Once that was done, we were able to install our sink and faucets.

    Weve had the counters in for about two month now, and I couldnt be happier with how they are holding up. I have made it a habit to wipe down the counters around the sink several times a day, and the Waterlox seems to be doing a great job of keeping the counters protected.

    Installing butcher block was more of process than I imagined it would be, but seriously, I love them so much. They warm up the cool colors of the cabinets and are absolutely gorgeous. If you have any questions at all about our process, ask away in the comments!

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    Cost Of A Cherry Butcher Block Countertop

    The material costs between $100 and $110 per square foot for a cherry butcher block countertop. Cherry is a reddish-brown hardwood with a deep color. Cherry darkens over time when exposed to sunlight and dampness. It also tolerates stains well, particularly ones that highlight its original red hue. Cherry is a relatively robust wood that holds up well in most situations. This makes it an excellent choice for people who prefer a face grain to an edge or end grain. Cherry also works nicely with all edge types.

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    Price Of Maple Butcher Block Countertop

    The material cost of a maple butcher block countertop runs from $40 to $45 per square foot. The most frequent and popular wood for butcher block countertops is maple. It varies in color from very pale, creamy-white heartwood to creamy-white sapwood with deeper brown tones. Depending on whether you have the heartwood or sapwood, maple might have a lot or very little grain variation. Maple is a tough, long-lasting wood that can withstand a lot of abuse. In high-use locations, the face grain might still scrape and dent, thus an edge or end grain is desirable.

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