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Bronner’s Commercial Christmas Decorations

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland Opens In 1977

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland’s 2009 Television Commercial

Business continued to grow each year, and the firm’s three stores soon began to require doormen on fall weekends to control crowds. Urged on by his wife, Wally Bronner decided to consolidate operations into a single new building on 45 acres of farmland south of town, and in 1977 Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland opened at 25 Christmas Lane. The firm capitalized the first half of the word “Christmas” to emphasize the fact that, despite the many Santa Claus decorations and other non-religious products offered, its devout Lutheran owner recognized the birth of Jesus Christ as the central reason for celebrating the holiday. The company also enclosed a religious tract in each bag and mail order shipment, and Wally Bronner himself served as an elder in his church and frequently spoke to groups around the state about his faith.

As the retail business grew, the company’s sign-making unit, which had become known as Bronner Screen Printing, receded into the background. With the development of the membrane switch printing technology in the early 1980s, it became Memtron Technologies, and in 1984 Bronner sold the business to the unit’s long-time manager Don Fischer and his wife.

Web Site Debuts In 1997

To capitalize on its existing mail-order operation, in 1997 Bronner’s added a Web site designed by its in-house graphics department. It was strictly informational at first, but the following year a limited number of items were offered for sale. Creation of the site had been spearheaded by the Bronners’ eldest son Wayne, and in early 1998 the 45-year-old was named president and CEO of the company, with Wally continuing as board chairman. His wife Irene was also on the board, with two of their three other children serving as vice presidents and their spouses and children involved as well. Though he had relinquished a day-to-day management role, founder Wally Bronner continued to be the firm’s public face, clad in his trademark outfit that included a red blazer, colorful suspenders and tie, and a button that simply read, “Originator.”

While combined mail-order and retail sales accounted for 85 percent of revenues, the firm also continued to wholesale products to smaller shops supply decorations to commercial accounts like cities, shopping centers, and churches and produce custom-decorated ornaments for use in fundraisers. By this time the third most popular tourist destination in Michigan, Bronner’s sales were estimated at between $27 and $30 million per year.

Who Is Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland

Bronner’s commercial department specializes in supplying a variety of interior and exterior Christmas decorations to cities, shopping centers, malls, businessesand movie sets. Bronner’s wholesale department services retail stores, catalog houses and wholesalers with trim-the-tree and trim-the-home products. Your own design can be handcrafted on a glass ornament for your church, city, business, school or any other organization through our custom ornament department as a unique idea for fund raisers, sovenirs and promotions.Michigan’s governor designated Bronner’s an Embassy of Michigan Tourism, and Michigan AAA recognized Bronner’s as one of the top ten man-made attractions in the state, ranking among the Mackinaw Bridge, Greenfield Village, and the Renaissance Center. Bronner’s is located in Frankenmuth – Michigan’s “Little Bavaria” and top visitor attraction.Plenty of free parking is available at Bronner’s. Buses, RVs, and campers are easily accommodated in beautifully-landscaped parking lots. Bronner’s is located 25 miles north of Flint, just off I-75 at northbound exit 136 and southbound exit 144.Strollers and wheelchairs are available . Sorry, but due to health department regulations with our snack area, pets are not allowed in the store .Click here for Bronner’s hours.Read More


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Giant Artificial Christmas Trees

With a sophisticated construction based on concentric metal steel rings, our giant Christmas trees are easy to set up and sure to impress with their lush, weatherproof foliage, crush- and fade-resistant needles, and professionally strung brilliant LED lights. Their stunning life-like appearance lends itself naturally to countless decorating themes and is guaranteed to last for many years to come. For municipal Christmas decorations there is no better centerpiece.

For peace of mind, our giant artificial Christmas trees come with a generous manufacturer’s warranty both on the construction as well as the lights. Please contact us at 1-888-334-7527 for more information and ask to speak to one of our commercial tree specialists. We would be delighted to help you find the Christmas tree that’s right for you.

Shopping With A Difference

Commercial Christmas Decorations from Bronner

With over four decades of experience, Santa’s Quarters has helped some of today’s most recognized global brands in retail, fashion, and hospitality, as well as domestic and international government offices to make Christmas dreams come true. Companies such as Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Six Flags, and The Ritz-Carlton have relied on us for their commercial holiday decorations, and now you can benefit from our knowledge and dedication to achieve the same results.

We offer a wide range of high end products that are specifically designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding commercial applications, with a strong focus on intelligent design, durability, and sensible pricing. Whether you need to decorate a small boutique or a large hotel lobby, our seamless shopping experience guarantees fast and hassle free ordering, with personal attention to detail. We ship worldwide via UPS, FedEx, and freight.

Our commercial Christmas decorations are grouped in the following collections:

– Shatterproof Commercial Christmas Ornaments- Giant Commercial Christmas Trees

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Silent Night Chapel Added In 1992

In 1992 Wally Bronner built a full-scale replica of a chapel in Obendorf, Salzburg, Austria, that had been constructed to honor the Christmas song “Silent Night,” which was first performed there. Dedicated that November, the distinctive octagonal building housed religious artifacts from Germany as well as plaques with the song’s lyrics in dozens of languages. It was illuminated brightly at night and featured audio recordings of “Silent Night” both inside and out.

The more than 2,000 busloads of tourists arriving each year had made Frankenmuth one of the top ten bus tour destinations in the U.S., and the town was also home to two of the ten largest restaurants in the country, both operated by the Zehnder family. Bronner’s was selling 580,000 ornaments, 520,000 feet of garland, 75,000 light sets, and 130,000 post cards to nearly 2 million customers annually. Other offerings included collectible figurines, Nativity sets, and Bibles in 30 different languages. Half of the goods were priced at $10 and under, with the typical customer spending between $20 and $40.

Giant Commercial Christmas Wreaths And Bows

Our extraordinary selection of giant Christmas wreaths provides an easy way to add instant holiday cheer to indoor and outdoor areas, especially popular with hotels and shopping malls. Available up to an impressive 12′ with our without lights they are durable to stand up to even the most demanding conditions year after year. Lush foliage in luxurious shades of green and natural decorations such as pine cones offer you the perfect backdrop for endless decorating possibilities. To add a festive touch, choose from oversized weatherproof commercial bows in sumptuous red velvet and elegant gold.

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Commercial Christmas Lights & Pole Mounts

Innovation and environmental sensibility are at the heart of our business, which is why we are proud to carry top of the line commercial Christmas lights featuring super energy saving LED technology. Our extensive product range includes light sets, replacement bulbs, and stringers in numerous sizes, shapes, and colors suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

We are particularly pleased to offer you our superb new line of lighted pole mounts made with impeccable craftsmanship. Designs include iconic Christmas symbols such as stars, snowflakes, wreaths, and bells, and are made of UV resistant materials outfitted with brilliant, super energy saving LED lights. For easy installation in just minutes, we include brackets and bands in our shipments for every pole mount. Our pole mounts are perfect for Christmas street decorations.

Bronners Christmas Wonderland Announces New Site Featuring Home Light Displays

Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland top 5 selling ornaments

Bronners CHRISTmas Wonderland®, the Worlds Largest Christmas Store®, announces the arrival of, the Christmas lights site for sharing outdoor Christmas decorations with the world. Users simply locate their Christmas decorations display on the map, and add a picture and description of their Christmas light display. Visitors wishing to expand or start a display can shop for quality indoor and outdoor Christmas lights and decorations.

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Bronners Commercial Department Q & A

Q| What year and how did Bronners Commercial Department get in to the movie market?

A| When I first started in commercial sales, I remember watching Home Alone and seeing a bunch of decorations. Bronners offered all these things, so I wondered, Why arent weselling these to the movies? I then sent out our catalogs to every movie studio I could find at the time. Nothing happened for a couple of years until I got a call from 20th Century Fox to help with Jingle All The Way in 1996. That was 61 movies ago!

I also supply product to huge prop houses in Hollywood. As a result, Green Set in North Hollywood is one of many that Ive visited. They have warehouses the size of our original Christmas Lane storeroom, that are full of Christmas decorations that they rent to studios for productions. So through these prop houses our product has more than likely appeared in many more than 61 films.

Q| What kinds of props do they look for?

A| Basically everything I supply somehow relates to Christmas. On the rare occasion, I might get a call for something odd like huge plastic rock displays!

Q| Do you help design the set displays ?

Q| What is your favorite part of the process?

Q| Is there a movie you are most proud of ?

Q| Are there any challenges you face?

A| Meeting their extremely tight lead times! And getting product to them that they needed yesterday is always a big challenge.

Bronner’s Commercial Catalog 2018/2019

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  • Page 52 and 53:

    TREES & TOPPER STARS Looking for in

  • Page 54 and 55:
  • RIBBON Bronners Commercial Displ

  • Page 58 and 59:

    CUSTOM DECORATING Bronners talen

  • Page 60 and 61:


  • Page 62 and 63:


  • Page 64 and 65:


  • Page 66 and 67:

    ANIMATION Made in USA allow 6 weeks

  • Page 68 and 69:

    ANIMATION Made in USA allow 6 weeks

  • Page 70 and 71:

    70 | Bronners Commercial Display

  • Page 72 and 73:

    72 | Bronners Commercial Display

  • Page 74 and 75:

    74 | Bronners Commercial Display

  • Page 76 and 77:

    76 | Bronners Commercial Display

  • Page 78 and 79:

    78 | Bronners Commercial Display

  • Page 80 and 81:

    80 | Bronners Commercial Display

  • Page 82 and 83:

    OVERHEAD DECOR 82 | Bronners Com

  • Page 84 and 85:

    84 | Bronners Commercial Display

  • Page 86 and 87:


  • Page 88 and 89:

    88 | Bronners Commercial Display

  • Page 90 and 91:

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