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Brick Tile Floor And Decor

So How Did We Achieve This Faux Brick Floor Look

Inglenook Tile Design: Customize Your Brick Tile Floor

A lot of quick last minute research went into this design plan as soon as we decided to pull the trigger on using a tile option for the new floor.

If you read my post on , then you know I was drawn to all of the gorgeous rustic and worn brick flooring photos floating around the internet.

I love the lived-in feel and charm it adds to a room and couldnt wait to figure out a way to incorporate it into our bathroom for a casual elegant vibe.

When most people think of brick flooring they might picture traditional red brick, but I wanted something softer and muted for a more timeless look.

As always, anytime Im looking for something very specific for our home I tend to have a hard time finding it any big box retail store showroom. But I did come across a few options that I seriously contemplated

The Disadvantages Of Brick Flooring Are:

  • Too distinct

Brick flooring for an interior space can be incredibly beautiful, but it has a very strong character that is not to everyones taste. This flooring is not recommended if you are investing in a property for resale, or if your current home is not your forever home and you plan to sell it at some point.

  • Costly to replace

If you fall out of love with your brick flooring, replacing it could be a costly and messy business, as brick pavers will need to be smashed and ground to remove them from the subfloor. A potentially cheaper option would be to simply cover the brick with porcelain tile, but that isnt always possible depending on your house or the project specs.

  • Not always easy to get a 100% good, level finish

Brick pavers are theoretically easy to install, but unless you have a very smooth subfloor, brick can show up uneven surfaces. This risk can be minimized by making sure your subfloor is immaculate before installing brick pavers.

  • Heavy

Brick pavers are quite heavy in comparison to ceramic tile, so they may not be suitable for your subfloor, particularly on upper floor levels.

  • Hard underfoot

Brick is a very solid surface which some people find too hard underfoot, also you may find the texture uncomfortable if youre not wearing shoes.

  • Very porous

Brick flooring will stain and has the potential to take on mold and mildew if it is not properly sealed. You should also factor in reapplying sealant to brick floor every 3-5 years to keep it at its best

Is It Difficult To Clean

I sweep and vacuum several times a week so the bathroom floor doesnt get a chance to accrue a lot of dirt. It does mop fairly well, but I find that microfiber style mops are not ideal since they snag too easily. Instead I use a traditional mop. Because the grout line is so thick, I also use a floor scrubber occasionally to scrub the grout really good.

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Brick Flooring: Pros And Cons Options Where To Buy And Prices

Welcome to another Home Flooring Pros buying guide. This week we look at brick flooring, both brick tile flooring and brick paver flooring . As well as looking at the different types of interior brick flooring well also cover the benefits and drawbacks of brick, average prices and where to buy, installation and cleaning and finally some design and pattern ideas.

Theres quite a lot to get through so feel free to use our quick links if you want to skip to a certain section.

Types of Brick Flooring | Pros & Cons | Where to Buy & Prices | Installation | More Brick Look Options | Ideas

Its a fact: fired clay bricks are one of the most durable and strongest construction materials known to man they have been used around the globe throughout the millennia, with the oldest known examples dating back to 5000 BC! Thats incredible!

Whilst bricks are most commonly used to build walls and exterior driveways, pavements or roads, in recent years using brick as an interior flooring option is seeing a resurgence in line with the growing popularity of décor styles such as Rustic Charm and Industrial Chic.

Brick floors have a very specific charm, with its terracotta tones and roughish surface adding texture and warmth to a country cozy room at the same time brick floors when combined with sleek modern fittings brings an interesting, rugged counterpoint to contemporary settings.

Benefits Of Thin Brick Floor Tiles:

whitewashed herringbone brick floor. I love the contrast ...
  • The same warm, natural look as real brick because they are real bricks, only thinner and lighter weight.
  • A wide range of color choices, including traditional shades and architectural clear tones.
  • Colors go all the way through, so wear doesnt show.
  • More durable than imitation brick.
  • Slip-resistant even when wet. Textured surface provides traction yet is easy to clean.
  • Easy to install. The process is the same as for ceramic tile.
  • Manufacturing has less environmental impact than full size brick, by reducing resource consumption and waste production.

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Does It Get Really Dirty

Just because its brick doesnt mean it attracts any more dirt and grime than any other bathroom. However, brick is naturally a porous, uneven material. If you dont fill in those rough places with grout, dirt could get trapped and require additional scrubbing to clean. For this reason we chose to float the grout which helped ensure all the rough areas were filled in with grout.

The Advantages Of Brick Flooring Are:

  • Distinct character

The rustic aesthetic of brick flooring is a very distinct look for an interior space it will give a period property extra authenticity and character and in modern interiors it will add a rugged edge that works well with rustic, industrial and shabby chic décor.

  • Aesthetic options

Brick paver flooring is available in a wide range of colors and finishes giving you enough choice to find just the right look for your space textures from very rough to smooth are also available and, of course, there are several different layout patterns to choose from.

  • Very durable

Fired clay brick is one of the most durable construction materials known to man! Your brick flooring will last for decades, possible even centuries!

  • Fire resistant

Fired clay brick can withstand extreme heat and is much more resistant to damage from fire than other flooring materials such as hardwood and carpet.

  • Naturally anti-slip

The rougher texture of interior brick paver flooring makes it a lot less slippery than porcelain tiles. However, be ware if you decide they are too rough and opt for a wax finish, as that will minimize the anti-slip nature of brick.

  • Relatively cheap

As we discuss later in this article, brick floor pavers are quite budget-friendly however, if you are not an experienced DIYer then we recommend choosing a professional to install brick pavers, which will of course add to the overall cost.

  • Made of natural materials

  • Recyclable

  • Easy maintenance

  • Warmer underfoot

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Different Types Of Brick Flooring

Its important to note that there is a difference between the bricks you would use to build walls, and the ones youll likely use to finish an indoor brick floor.

Whilst both kinds are made using the same materials of clay and shale fired in a kiln at extremely high temperatures the style of brick used for interiors is commonly referred to as brick paver or brick veneer flooring.

Brick floor pavers are typically ¼ to ½ inch thick width and length will vary according to manufacturers. It usually makes sense to use brick pavers indoors, as being thinner makes for an easier transition to a different type of flooring if required.

Also the most commonly used type of masonry brick known as an extruded brick have core holes running through to make them more economical to manufacture, bond more efficiently with mortar and cement render, and provide a certain amount of in-built insulation.

Brick flooring pavers, on the other hand, are always completely solid with no air spaces. This makes them extremely tough and able to withstand very heavy loads. This is why brick pavers are also used for outside flooring such as patios and driveways, though usually for those exterior projects youll be using a thicker brick paver, more similar in dimensions to a masonry brick.


Rugged and durable brick floor pavers are the prefect choice for this an entry hall/ mudroom.

Perspective On Subway Tile

Top 4 Subway Tile Installation Patterns

The original subway tile from the early 1900s consisted of a 3″x6″ white glazed ceramic tile used on the wall of New York City subway stations. Since then, that rectangular brick shape has not only become classic, but we’re seeing it interpreted in a variety of ways that make for fabulous backsplash designs.

These interpretations include the following:

  • Size

Next, you see Linen Dusk Shadows, a 3×12 glass wall tile with strong surface texture that suggests linen.

Speaking of traditional bricks, here’ s Chicago in color Chicago, a 4×8 glazed porcelain tile that brings to mind old brick installations from the South Side, State Street and Wrigley Field.

This next item is Longitude in color Deep Midnight, a 4×16 high-gloss tile with considerable surface texture. That’s quite a stretch from the traditional smooth 3×6 subway tile…

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How Does The Floor Feel Underfoot

I suppose there is a common perception that the herringbone brick floor is rough and uncomfortable to walk on. Since we chose to float the grout , the grout filled in all the rough areas and little nooks and crannies int he brick, ultimately making it smoother and more even. Thanks to this choice, the floor is actually quite nice to walk on and sit on. I have not experienced any discomfort personally.

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All Your Tile And Flooring Needs

Floor Decor is a beautiful showroom filled with the most popular products from tile to flooring. You are greeted with a smile and the knowledge from Mike and Janine from years of experience.

Whether you are redoing your bathroom, kitchen or any space in your house they are there to hold your hand if need be. You definitely should stop in and see all they have to offer. Wonderful showroom!!!

Jen M.Orange, CT – 12/12/2018

Modern Agreeable Gray Exterior Brick With Simple Decor

Great floor tiling at mudroom #mudroomideas

I always refer to it as a chameleon color, though, because depending on the light, it can appear a light beige or a light gray. When im not spending time with my family, you will find me redoing furniture in the garage or watering plants in my greenhouse.

Agreeable Gray Exterior Brick, As another amazing color to complement brick, sw keystone gray can also be mixed with red. You should pin or save this picture to keep the brick exterior paint color in mind! Agreeable gray works well for giving outdated brick a new look.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is which direction your house faces (i.e. Large timber columns and beams support a rear covered screened porch. Part of that may have to do with the lrv number. Or a white color like alabaster.

###Our Investment/Flip Home Reveal! House paint Does agreeable gray go with red brick?

13212 Knight Island Drive, OKC in The Grand neighborhood, A light gray with warm undertones, revere pewter by benjamin moore is a classic shade that exudes a sense of calm. For the front door what about a darker gray like earl gray or benjamin moore kitty gray. Paired with almost any color, from red to green to blue, gray house color combinations provide balance. As another amazing color to.

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What Questions Do You Have

In this section, we’ve assembled FAQs – frequently asked questions that customers ask us before getting started with their backsplash projects. If you don’t see your question here, please let us know so we can address it.

Which is Better: Porcelain or Natural Stone?

Porcelain vs. natural stone sealing vs. not

Seal porous materials

What is the Lowest Maintenance Option?

Maintenance porcelain, no texture

What Options are There for Finishing Backsplash Edges?

Finishing edges no bullnose edging, pencil liner instead or Schluter strip

My Kitchen Already has a 4″ splash. How do I Integrate That with a Backsplash?

Remove the granite 4 splash for a cleaner look

What Kind of Design is Better for a Backsplash?

It really depends on your preference and whether you prefer a simple design or one that acts as a focal point in your space.

You might even decide to do a combination where you have an understated area with a solid color tile and another – in a visual high-impact area – where you opt for a more decorative design that coordinates with the rest of the tile.

Oftentimes, a good place to play with pattern is behind the stove. That is often a larger area framed by strong lines and shapes. In fact, you’ll often see medallions, framed mosaic inserts, and other decorative elements.

As you can see from the many examples on this page, you have endless possibilities.

Our Diy Faux Brick Floor

Save it for later!

I cant believe we did it. My husband and I got the bright idea to demo and remodel our main floor powder room just a few short weeks before Thanksgiving.

Were we crazy? Probably. But we were hosting Thanksgiving dinner again this year and became so annoyed and embarrassed by a lingering musty smell that was floating around our bathroom. Something had to be done.

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy for more details.

Initially I wasnt convinced that the smell was coming from our hardwood flooring in the bathroom, but a closer inspection showed the extent of some water damage caused by an old toilet leak.

The boards were permanently blackened and soft to the touch. Not to mention warped and gaping around the base of the toilet.

My husband isnt a fan of hardwood in bathrooms and after seeing the havoc that water can wreak in these rooms I wasnt about to replace this floor with another type of hardwood.

I really struggled with this decision because I had my heart set on replacing our entire main floor with a beautiful new hardwood for a seamless look.

In the end though, I couldnt be happier with our new faux brick flooring decision. Its a showstopper in our house and everyone who came for Thanksgiving couldnt stop raving about the beautiful herringbone pattern.

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Backsplashes & Large Tile Do Belong Together

Traditionally, backsplashes have been the domain of small tile – mosaics, strips, and 6×6 squares as you’ve seen earlier in this article.

What’s new is large tile.

Below you see an installation with a 12×12 glass tile. Although not a true large format, in comparison to small squares and even smaller mosaics, this bold colorful statement is powerful given the tile size.

Discover kitchen design inspiration

Chances are that you’re familiar with wood plank tile – long, narrow, rectangular tile pieces that look like wood. Did you know that many of those long tile pieces fall under the category of large tile? And, that they look fantastic on walls?

Imagine using those planks on a backsplash.

Here you see a white-washed wood plank with a distressed finish.

Here’s another example with a slightly wider and shorter plank. Notice the variation from tile to tile.

If you like pattern and shade variation, you will love this next installation of wood planks in three contrasting tones.

As tile gets even larger, you’ll see backsplashes done with even fewer tiles, creating a sleek, modern contemporary look.

Regardless of your design style, there’s a tile type that’s perfect for you.

Floor And Decor Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Rustic Masonry Brick Effect Tiles – An Introduction

Posted on

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Floor and Decor has a ton of great options, but they can often be overwhelming because of the huge selection of tile options they have. Here are a few designs that would be great options for small bathroom tile ideas if youre stuck!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Floor & Decor. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you guys ever walked into a Floor and Decor store?

Do you remember what you felt like the first time you walked into a Bed Bath and Beyond and were like.Wow. Who knew I needed both a yard sign AND this tiny kitchen gadget shaped like an angry woman with her hands on her hips that cleans your microwave? .

Its like that, but with tile.

The BEST news is that if you may have no clue where to start, Floor and Decor offers TOTALLY FREE DESIGN SERVICES!

Right at the top of the Floor and Decor homepage, you can see their options for free design services and include things from a simple catalog all the way up to making an appointment to help design your space!

In case you missed it or are new here, we bought our first flip property and this room that is currently gutted down to the studs will be one of the two bathrooms! Which means we had to take an interior design trip to help figure out what we wanted for the guest and main bathroom design.

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