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Breast Cancer Awareness Door Decorations

Door Decorating Contest For Classroom To Celebrate Special Events

The Red Phone Booth in downtown Atlanta is going pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Its that time again one occasion or another! If you work in a school or office area, you might be looking for fun ideas to get the whole student body or staff into the spirit . Today, I am sharing door holiday door decorating contest rules and a general door decorating contest rubric that will work for various door decorating contest themes. You can use this post as inspiration for office door decorating ideas or door decorating contest ideas for school for various decorating contest categories. At my schools, we have organized a Breast Cancer Awareness Month door contest, a Christmas door decorating contest, Black History Month door contest, and Hispanic Heritage Month door contest. Ideas and photos are shared below!

If your workplace or living place has multiple doors, you can organize a door decorating contest! Live or work in a dorm? You can organize a dorm decorating contest! Live in an apartment? You can organize an apartment decorating contest!

Several years ago, I asked my school principal for permission to share these photos as that is what we school teachers do, right? We share ideas to help inspire others! I am fortunate to work with super creative coworkers and students.

Diy Breast Cancer Awareness Door Wreaths

September 18, by Shellie Wilson.

This roundup is dedicated to Breast Cancer. This round up is a curated list of 6 DIY door wreaths you can make in honor of Breast cancer awareness. October is the month to display your pink ribbon designs in support of someone you have lost, someone who is struggling or maybe you are a survivor yourself. Any reason is a good reason to proudly display a pink ribbon wreath on your front porch. The more people who are aware of this disease the more people it can help cure, treat and support. My favorite of these DIY Pink Ribbon Breast cancer wreaths has to be the flower wreath with the SURVIVOR Ribbon attached. You often hear the sad stories about Breast Cancer but there is a whole army of Breast Cancer survivors out there! Grab your pom poms and pink deco mesh and create your own version of the wreath today.

We hope you find a Wreath to support your cause , if you make one please come back and share your story!.

Felt Wreath For Pink Ribbon Awareness month

My favorite the Floral Pink Ribbon survivor Wreath

Are you new to wreath making ? or perhaps you have made wreaths before for different occasions, let us know what seasons, events you celebrate on your front porch. Do you change your wreaths for every season?

and Breast Cancer decorations.

Judging Awareness: Ellis Students Decorate Doors To Highlight Cancer Awareness

By Hannah Yang

Despite the winter blues, Ellis Middle School students didnt let that stop them from raising funds and awareness for cancer research.

The last week of school had been a tough go because of inclement weather that kept students and teachers at home, but all things considered, the fifth annual door-decorating contest continued without a hitch on Friday afternoon.

A small group of judges comprised of Hormel Institute scientists and Ellis Middle School Student Council officers made their way around the school to critique the doors that were decorated for the contest, such as one door that focused on brain cancer and another door completely decked out in pink with balloons for breast cancer.

Each classroom was randomly assigned different types of cancer, ranging from leukemia to thyroid, and as an educational component, learned about these cancers and their symptoms as well as statistics to go along with them as an informational piece.

It went really well, said Recca Bryson, student council advisor. I think with our messaging apps and promotional videos that students had done, it helped students remember about the different events going on.

Winners of the door decorating contest will receive a pizza party with pop and cookies, while second and third place winners would receive a pizza party sans cookies, or just have pizza. Those who won the contest will be announced sometime early next week.

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Breast Cancer Door Cover Gives Your House A More Stylish Look

This Door Cover is truly a good accessory for your home. Custom door coverings help you style the room the way you want it to be, without trying too much or spending loads of money on decorations.

A breast cancer door cover is such a stylish and coherent item for your house. Whether you like minimalism or into the eye-catching and vibrant design, these items definitely can meet your expectations.

Furthermore, breast cancer door covers were created with creative and unique ideas to make them more distinctive. There is no doubt that these have a one-of-a-kind appeal and blow fresh air to your space.

With this sweet image of flowers and ribbons, you will undoubtedly love this breast cancer door cover. Such an ideal gift to everyone that you love and care for, who is fighting with the disease.

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The freedom and creativity to design breast cancer awareness door cover is unlimited. You can choose for everything you love, and even make them on your own. Let your creativity lead you. Your door cover will contain your personality and your taste, so dont hesitate to try customizing them.

But Everyone Is So Busy When Will We Have Time To Decorate

Pin on bc

This is the BIG question. Do not implement a holiday or themed contest if your workspace cannot provide the time to put in the work. At my schools, we have a period in the day called Advisory. This is about 30 minutes of non-curriculum time, similar to what many schools may call a homeroom. This is often used as a time for students to work on homework and for teachers to check grades and have student conferences. This is a perfect time for the students to work together and decorate the doors.

But not every school has this built-in time in the day. Some principals or teachers may be flexible with allowing a certain number of minutes per day from a certain class period to be used for team building and working on the doors.

And the same goes for a workplace that is not a school. If you cant imagine how the staff members would squeeze in even 20-30 minutes a day to decorate , a door contest may not be right for your place.

Ive said it a thousand times, and Im sure I will say it a thousand more as long as I remain in the workforce. We can only do what we can do with the time we are given to do it.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Decor

Students Staff Boost Awareness Of Breast Cancer In October

Dan Carter, University Relations, 657-2269

MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES Student groups, athletes, faculty and staff at Montana State University Billings are uniting to help raise awareness of breast cancer in October with a variety of special events and fundraisers.

Through its relationship with Relay for Life and other community partnerships, MSU Billings will be honoring Breast Cancer Awareness month with Jeans Day fundraisers and pink flamingo door decorations. The MSU Billings volleyball team will also get into the act with a Dig Pink game in the middle of the month. In addition, think pink items will be on sale to help raise money for breast cancer awareness through the month at Jackets and Co., the universitys store.

JEANS DAY For a $15 donation to Relay for Life, faculty and staff can wear jeans each Wednesday through October. Contacts are:

  • Office for Community Involvement / SUB 225
  • Heather Eggum / McMullen Hall Info Desk
  • Steven Peterman / City College Jacket Student Central

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Breast Cancer Awareness Activities For The Workplace

Cube/Door Decorating Contest: Workers decorate a designated door in the office. To participate each employee or team must pay a suggested donation for each door. Employees can purchase items to decorate the door or use items from home. The most creative door wins!

Casual Pink Fridays: Let your employees wear casual pink clothes to the office on Fridays. This is one of the simplest breast cancer awareness ideas that a company can implement. To participate, employees must make a minimum $1 donation each Friday. Each week you can vote to choose the employee who is the prettiest in pink.

Host Corporate Sponsored Outing or Event : Corporate events are a common fundraising idea for active, professional people for supporters looking to raise money or awareness for breast cancer. Many organizations host walkathons, 10ks, marathons, bowling events or golf outings where supporters can participate and raise funds through sponsorships. If you wish, you can organize your own local sponsored outing or event. For it, youll need to pick a location and obtain all the required permits. Then, recruit volunteers to help you set up for the event and register participants. Send out invitations early and be sure to promote your fun-filled awareness affair on social media and in your community. To raise even more funds, try selling personalized tchotchkes or breast cancer awareness merchandise during your event.

Breast Cancer Door Cover Save Your Bills And The Environment

How to Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath with Wreath Decor by Dawn

As you know, covering your doors can be a great way to save your money. By covering your door with a breast cancer door cover, you can control the temperature of your home so that you could keep your energy bills down.

On top of that, saving energy is also good for the planet. Make sure youre not neglecting your doors in order to give the environment a helping hand.

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Sometimes, dressing your door can help you enjoy cooling breezes without fearing bugs, mosquitoes and other pesky insects coming inside your home. If youre living in an area that has a particularly large number of pets, consider getting a breast cancer door cover to make sure your house is safe from them.

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Reasons Why Breast Cancer Door Cover Is So Common

Door cover has been a popular item for many families, and breast cancer door covers are no exception. But have you ever wondered why theyre so common! Lets find out in this article.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual campaign organized in October by breast cancer charities in the US. The purpose is to increase peoples awareness of the disease as well as raise funds for research and treatment. During this month, you can see a myriad of breast cancer merchandise, from cups, t-shirts to door signs and also door cover.

In this post, we will give you 5 reasons why breast cancer door covers are loved and favored by so many people.

Help Support The Cause

These items can be great if you are raising awareness, throwing a fundraiser, or hosting any other type of event. Whether you are respectfully honoring and celebrating the lives of those who have passed or rejoicing over the survival of a loved one, our products can definitely help you do it the right way. Look through our extensive collection of party supplies for pink ribbon and breast cancer awareness today to find the ones that will work best for your gathering.

Our pink ribbon products can help create the right tone at any event. Beyond setting the appropriate color scheme, they can help you establish the perfect atmosphere for what you are trying to accomplish. We have awesome favors and apparel that can be handed out to any of your guests amongst many other breast cancer items and party supplies. Make sure everyone is feeling the full spirit of support at your event.

We have such a wide assortment of products that you should not need to shop anywhere else to get everything you need for your upcoming gathering. Our extensive selection of breast cancer supplies and pink ribbon products is amongst the best you could possibly find anywhere. We can definitely help you have a successful fundraiser or exciting event. From tableware and decorations to bracelets and shoelaces, we can definitely make sure you are covered from all possible angles.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Hanging Swirl Decorations

  • Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges
  • Go to your orders and start the return
  • Select the return method
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
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    • 5 per package
    • Hanging Decs – Whirls for festive occasions
    • High Quality

    Black History Month Door Contest

    Smitha Middle School on Twitter: " We have some great ...

    There is a little bit of breathing room in the second semester after Christmas before its time to crank up activities again! Black History Month is celebrated during the month of February February 1 March 1.

    Here are some great inspirational Black History month doors from the last years at my school.

    This door with the path and the heart hands featuring famous Black Americans makes my heart swoon.

    There are many portrait-style doors online, but I love how each class seems to put its own spin on the faces. I love how this door features some a music theme focusing on jazz music in New Orleans.

    Since Black History Month also coincides with Valentines Day, this next door makes the best of both celebrations with its Galentines Day theme for #blackherstory month. So creative!

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    Think Pink How To Use Breast Cancer Awareness To Support Loved Ones

    Help a Recently Diagnosed Friend or Family Member by Participating in Charitable Breast Cancer Awareness Activities and Fundraising Fun

    Navigating the world of breast cancer treatment and all that it encapsulates is no cake walk so if you have a friend or family member suffering from the disease, now is the time to help. Imagine that you could make easier dealing with the trials and tribulations that a breast cancer sufferer endures. Imagine you could bring a smile to that persons face and a laugh to their heart. Imagine that you could help your loved one surpass at least one hurdle on her long and winding treatment road Well, you can! Using breast cancer awareness ideas and activities to shine a light on loved ones is perhaps the best way to show that you love and support your female friend til whatever end it also lets you stretch your intellect muscles and raise money or awareness on a local level. From corporate matching donations to pink bowling parties to clever pink product placements, heres a rundown of breast cancer awareness activities and ideas that you can easily implement.

    Other Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

    Pink Car Wash: Good old carwashes are a fun and functional way to fundraise. Get the company involved by having everyone participate. From working the hose to scrubbing the tires to managing the payments, anyone can help.

    Pink Silent Auction: Work with local businesses and brands to get them to donate items to your event. Or you can form the patients friends and family into teams and have them go for donations to create prize baskets for the event.

    50/50 Raffle: 50/50 raffles are unpretentious, easy, fun and low-cost. To prepare, youll need to simply buy a roll of raffle tickets. To organize the raffle, ask friends and family and coworkers to buy the tickets, and then after the drawing, the winner takes home half of the proceeds and the organizer donates the other half to the fight against breast cancer. As a giving incentive, make sure to display how much money is in the pot!

    If you need a breast cancer screening and are in or around Minneapolis, consider The Breast Center of Maple Grove. A premier breast health center, we welcome walk-ins and appointments. Call for your first mammogram or breast health screening today: 398-6370.

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    Ideas For A Breast Cancer Awareness Month Door Contest

    Get your school or office into the swing of supporting the fight against breast cancer. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is during the month of October, which coincides with Hispanic Heritage Month, Halloween, and leads up to El Dia de los Muertos .

    There is something really nice about seeing an entire school or office banding together with breast cancer awareness month ideas for their doors.

    I love the fun breast cancer awareness month quotes that some staff and students added to their doors. This door from the school nurses is super fun. And since Breast Cancer Awareness Month backs up to Halloween, a mummy theme is perfect!

    A ninth grade English class had been studying Greek mythology. The students added a Greek mythology twist to their door.

    A ninth grade Spanish class added a Spanish cultural element and some Spanish wording to the door.

    Breast Cancer Awareness Printables + Party Ideas

    How To Style & Decorate ~ Pink Christmas Decor ~Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Two very close family members have suffered through breast cancer as well as several friends. Its a cause dear to my heart that I hope all of you will spread the word about! Host a Breast Cancer Awareness party to raise money or simply use these printables for a little gift. You can find out more about breast cancer awareness month here: NBCAM.

    1. This set of breast cancer awareness printables by Chickabug is absolutely fabulous. Her party ideas are also so cute so hop on over + !

    2. A couple of years ago, I collaborated with Anders Ruff Custom Designs for a Pink Halloween to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation! See the full party here.

    3. This gorgeous party display by Frog Prince Paperie is breathtaking! See the full party here + find the printables here!

    4. Another gorgeous display of hope by Birds Party for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with free printables as well. See the gorgeousness here!

    6. Anything in a mason jar is cute, including these Pink Ribbon Funfetti Cupcakes with breast cancer awareness labels from Love From The Oven!

    7. It is October after all, incorporate breast cancer awareness into your pumpkins like these from Swell!

    8. These pink ribbon cake pops are just gorgeous with the thin pink ribbon. They are by Kiss My Cakes as featured on Amy Atlas .

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