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Breast Cancer Awareness Bra Decorating Ideas

Florida Wine Academy Taste Pink

Bra decorating to support Breast Cancer

Florida Wine Academy, a leading wine & spirits education company based in Miami, in collaboration with ABACO Wines + Wine Bar hosted a Pink Tasting on October 3 in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. All proceeds of the event will benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Image Source: Florida Wine Academy

Contest ‘supports’ Breast Cancer Awareness

You wouldn’t wear these out of the house.

The feathers could tickle. The antlers could poke through yourblouse. The glitter? It’s best not even to think about where thatmight end up.

But these bras — pink and grassy, prickly and bedazzled — havea purpose greater than lifting that which Mother Nature tries topull down. They support a cause.

Wyoming’s first Show Your Support Decorated Bra contest,sponsored by the Wyoming Comprehensive Cancer Control Consortium,features 60 bras from all over the state.

Many were made by women who have been touched by breast cancer.Some have lost mothers or friends, some are watching loved onesbattle through the disease right now. Some have survived itthemselves.

“We thought it was a fun and unique way to get awareness outthere,” said Jessica Perez, outreach coordinator.

Hands Trichology Center For Hair Loss Painting On Purpose

Lets support a worthy cause, while having a fantastic time! Join Anointed Hands Trichology Center for Hair Loss, along with Starlite Espresso Cafe and Horn of Plenty for their Painting on Purpose event. Two hours of canvas painting, refreshments, champagne, door prizes and more will be enjoyed!

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Primesight Campaign And Future Dreams Showing The Power Of Creative

The designer Paulus Kristantosays about his concept, I made a concept to create artwork that celebrates the work Future Dreams are doing in relation to breast cancer. The concept talks about survivorship, positivity, support and focusing on life after cancer. I thought about the arresting visual impact of this huge canvas and communicate with creative language so that it inspires thousands of people.

Image Source: Behance/Paulus Kristanto

Image Source: Behance/Paulus Kristanto

Desert Cancer Foundation Paint El Paseo Pink

Pin on Bras to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Coachella Valley residents at the Desert Cancer Foundations 11th Annual Paint El Paseo Pink walked for breast cancer awareness at The Gardens on El Paseo in Palm Desert!

Every Paint El Paseo Pink proceeds that have been raised will aid the Desert Cancer Foundations Suzanne Jackson Breast Cancer Fund for their breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment for the local residents of the Coachella Valley.

Image Source:

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Showing Off Our Bras For Breast Cancer Awareness

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During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Division of Breast Imaginginvited the UT Southwestern community to submit decorated bras as part of its ninth annual Bra Decorating Contest. The goal of this annual campaign is to generate awareness, early detection, and screening of breast cancer. To view the final vote totals and a gallery of all the beautiful bras, check out the .

Bra Decorating Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

The Campus Activities Board along with Venom Dancers hosted a breast cancer awareness bra decoration event last Friday.

This event consisted of men and women from around the campus to bring a bra and decorate it to donate, said ZaKiah Miller-McFadden, a third year public relations major from West Palm Beach who serves as campus activities board chair. She is also co-captain of the Venom Dancers.

Miller-McFadden partnered with Mariah Shields, a fourth year animal science industry student from Chicago, and also the captain of Venom Dancers to host this event. They knew how it could make an impact on the student body.

Im always about getting involved on campus and doing things for a good cause, Shields said. Something that I will take away from this event would be the idea of people coming together for something bigger than themselves.

This event focused on breast cancer awareness, but it was also a good bonding event between CAB, Venom Dancers and the student body.

Since this was a bra decorating event, you would expect the participants to be only females, but that wasnt the case. Males also participated.

Breast cancer is not talked about enough. Ladies need to be more aware of making sure that they take care of their body. Regular self-exams should be a habit and mammograms should be scheduled annually, according to most medical experts.

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Creative Ways To Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month At Work

Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an opportunity to spread awareness about the disease that kills nearly 41,000 women each year. No matter your office budget, there are plenty of ways to raise breast cancer awareness in the workplace. Its also a fantastic opportunity to engage the local community through educational events and fundraising challenges.

Ready to get started? Heres 14 ideas to spread breast cancer awareness:

1. Wear a pink ribbon daily in October

At the start of the month, hand out pink ribbons to everyone in your office. Encourage your employees to wear it daily as a reminder and to keep conversation opportunities open about breast health.

2. Art Your Bra auction

Gather up bras to bedazzle and auction off at a gala or other fundraising event. The fancier, the better! If someone in your office is battling breast cancer, send the proceeds to help pay for treatment. Or, send the funds to a local breast cancer research center.

3. Host a pink fashion show

Invite friends and family to a fashion show run by employees hitting the runway in all pink clothing. Add in crazy hats, feather boas, and big sunglasses. Throughout the evening, the emcee can share facts and resources about breast cancer.

4. Hold a pink pumpkin contest

5. Breast cancer awareness bulletin board

6. Host a 50/50 raffle

7. Lunch and Learn with a breast cancer survivor

8. Share Beyond The Shock resource

9. Organize a walk/run event

10. Donation dress-down

First Place : Just A Squeeze

DIY | Breast Cancer Awareness decoration Ideas| Breast Cancer Awareness Centerpiece

The creators: Kady Le, Maggie Gray, and Sydney Schornack of the Radiation Oncology teamThe spokesperson: Maggie Gray, Radiation Therapist

What was your inspiration?

The three of us made the bra together, but Sydney came up with the concept. The inspiration behind our idea was that early detection really does save lives and that a yearly mammogram could prevent patients from finding out that they have extensive breast cancer when its too late to operate or it has spread to other parts of the body.

For example, my own momfound her breast cancer on an annual breast exam, and while all cancer diagnoses are difficult, her cancer was a stage 0 they caught it that early! It was much easier to treat, and shes been cancer-free for 13 years! We hoped that we could convince women thata slightly uncomfortable yearly squeeze was better than the alternative, and this can apply to almost all cancers and annual screenings.

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Gorey Women Bling Their Bras For Breast Cancer Awareness

The team at Curves with their decorated bras.

GOREY WOMEN got creative at Curves on Esmonde Street to mark breast cancer awareness month.

Curves members were asked to bling their bras and they came up with very creative ideas using fabrics, colour, beads and other materials to decorate their under garments.

Manager of Curves Gorey Roisin Hearns said that the event was about highlighting womens issue for Breast Cancer Awareness month

October is Women’s Health Month at Curves Gorey and we wanted to highlight menopause and Breast Cancer Awareness this month to help create awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Ireland. With that in mind our amazing members got creative to come to workout in their blinged up bras. It was amazing to see and we celebrated our Wear it pink day on Friday when the businesses of Gorey dug deep and sponsored lots of lovely prizes for us. We were blown away by it all, she said.

Roisin thanked manager Yvonne Kinsella and all staff for their hard work as well as the members who really got behind the initiative.

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Second Place: Treasure Your Chest

The creator: Faye Henson of the Health Information Management team

What was your inspiration?

I let my management choose from about 20 different theme ideas.Once we had our top five, I sent them out to the whole department to choose the final theme. We had a lot of fun engaging with this and I enjoyed representing my department with the bra that my mother, Beth Gibson, and I worked on.

The ‘Treasure Your Chest’ theme was actually one of my favorites out of the 20 initial options that I sent. I already had the vision of how I wanted to create the bra, and had a person in mind who it represented. I had a co-worker, years ago, who ignored signs and symptoms that she was having, and when she finally did get everything checked out, the cancer had spread to her lungs. She fought, but unfortunately, it was not long before she lost the fight with breast cancer.I cannot begin to imagine how frightened she must have been, to have symptoms, to know something was wrong, but to be so overcome by fear that she avoided getting it checked out.

We all have to remember that despite our fears, detecting breast cancer early is far better than not having time to fight. Treasure your family, treasure your life, and treasure your chest!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Ideas + Gifts

I just finished reading an article that was linked up to one of our link parties titled 8 Words that Changed My Life- a sweet blog post written by Holly, a cancer survivor. In her article, Holly shares her journey of being diagnosed with breast cancer while planning a wedding all before her soon-to-be-husband was deployed to Afghanistan!

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre: Breastober

Pin on zeta tau alpha

The fire trucks are going pink this October. The month is being called as Breastober by Princess Margaret Cancer Centre whose Maggie The Pink Firetruck is rolling through the GTA this October! Catch the truck and support the cancer awareness cause.

Its #Breastober& has a pink fire truck for #BreastCancerAwareness month!

Princess Margaret CF

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Third Place: Fight Like A Girl

The creators: Christina Alvarez, Christina Rodriguez, Jasline Shaw, and Tyrah Singletary of Surgical Oncology Administration

The spokesperson: Tyrah Singletary, Division Administrator

What was your inspiration?

Fight Like a Girl embodies the power and strength women possess to endure the many challenges of life. From bringing life into this world, to raising children, running a family, battles with discrimination, to the daunting fear of being affected by cancer, and potentially battling breast cancer . Women are born fighters!

First Place : Hakuna Ma Tatas

The creators: Jennifer Polasek, Jeannet Nelson, Justina Esaac, and Maggie Gray of the Radiation Oncology team.The spokesperson: Justina Esaac, Radiation Therapist

What was your inspiration?

TheLion King is a movie based ona young cubs journey in understanding what it means to bebrave. This bra is a representation of all ourpatients fighting breast cancer.Patients continuouslyshow us the true meaning of bravery while upholding a no worries attitude.

This bra is also in honor of one of our own co-workers who is currently fighting breast cancer, yet she shows up to work every day with a positive attitude. We want to honor all those fighting breast cancer past, present, and future with this bra to raise awareness andtoacknowledge how fierce our patients teach us to be every day.

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Create A Wellness Campaign

Breast Cancer Awareness month can be a great opportunity to engage your employees in a health and wellness campaign. You can host a step challenge, walkathon, or marathon for your employees to increase breast cancer awareness and also improve their health.

If you cannot conduct physical events, you can also create virtual marathons and walkathons using wellness apps and platforms like Vantage Fit.

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Brighton The Power Of Pink

Gorgeous Breast Cancer Awareness Decor | Pink | Breast Cancer Awareness | Dollar Tree DIY

Brighton is educating customers by holding events that help affected families connecting them with experts and raising money for Georgia Brest Cancer Coalition Fund. The pink butterflies have taken the shape of iconic pink ribbon to show a ray of hope for breast cancer patients.

Image Source:

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What About Your Tum

The one bit that so many people are self-conscious about… but never fear! Try using fringing all the way around the bottom of the bra, it comes in all different lengths, or create a little skirt to your bra like Lorraine Kelly – it looks great and does the job! But beware… whatever you attach to the bottom make sure you allow for the elastic to stretch when you put the bra on!

Empower The Women In Your Workplace

Use Breast Cancer Awareness month to empower the women in your organization. You can conduct women’s exclusive yoga classes, fitness sessions, webinars, and more to encourage the women in your workplace to take charge of their health.

You can also invite breast cancer survivors to share their experiences so that your employees get a better understanding of the battle against breast cancer and learn the importance of screenings and mammograms.

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Breast Cancer Awareness The License Plate

Linda Gill, breast cancer survivor and volunteer for Susan G. Komen Nebraska worked tirelessly for more than a year to get approval for this breast cancer awareness license plate featuring the message Early Detection Saves Lives. All plates that are assigned with an alpha/numeric combination from the Department of Motor Vehicles are absolutely free. Any plate with a custom message is priced at $40.

Image Source:

#givingtuesday Roundup: 25+ Inspirational Breast Cancer Awareness Design Campaigns

Pin on Save the TaTa

Thanks to the breast cancer awareness campaigns throughout the world of which the prominent brands are very much a part that there is a breakthrough in breast cancer treatment with two new drugs, Herceptin and Tyverb, and according to researchers from Cancer Research UK, both are giving astonishing results on breast cancer patients.

With the advent of month of October, the skies turn pink with breast cancer awareness campaign posters, advertisements, flyers adorned with pink ribbons, taken over the streets, with brands hiring help of graphic design for care and cure of breast cancer. Such is the power of branding that more people have started celebrating this month as an occasion.

Since more people are inclined towards the cause of eradicating breast cancer, more brands are feeling the need to commit to the cause by participating in awareness campaigns one way or the other or associating themselves with breast cancer research initiatives. The brands from every walk of life are even contributing huge sums of money to breast cancer research.

Every year, multiple numbers of brands participate in breast cancer awareness moves with the aim to eradicate the deadly disease by making people more aware of the signs and lifestyle changes along the way.

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Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness In The Workplace

Healthcare costs are increasing every year and are a major concern for employers worldwide. The costs of cancer care, especially, constitute a substantial proportion of healthcare costs for employers.

If you are an employer, Breast Cancer Awareness month presents a significant opportunity for you to promote awareness on breast cancer in your workplace and encourage your employees to adopt healthy habits. It also provides a great opportunity for you to engage your employees in awareness campaigns and wellness challenges to highlight the importance of employee health.

Also, by promoting awareness of breast cancer at work, you can help your employees understand the symptoms, effects, and treatments of the disease better if someone close to them is suffering.

Here are some ways you can observe breast cancer awareness month at work

Wear Pink To Raise Awareness

Pink is the color of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and especially pink ribbons are a symbol of awareness and the battle against breast cancer. To spread awareness in your workplace, you can hand out pink ribbons to your employees and encourage them to wear them daily throughout the month.

You can also encourage your entire workforce to wear pink clothes on a dedicated day to increase awareness in your community.

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Here Are The Winners Of Utsws 10th Annual Bra Decorating Contest

Published on: By:

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Division of Breast Imaginginvited the UT Southwestern community to submit decorated bras as part of its 10th annual Bra Decorating Contest. The goal of this annual campaign is to generate awareness, early detection, and screening of breast cancer. To view the final vote totals and a gallery of all the beautiful bras, check out the .

Second Place: Wonder Woman

Dollar Tree DIY || Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The creators: Victoria Barron, Faye Gibson, Tameika Gregory, Bhavini Patel, and Carol Thompson of the Health Information Management Department

The spokesperson: Faye Gibson, Health Information Management Release of Information Coordinator

What was your inspiration?

Our bra was inspired by a team member who is currently fighting her own battle with breast cancer. She is an inspiration, a truly strong woman, and always has a bright, smiling face. She is our Wonder Woman. All women are super heroines and breast cancer is our villain, but we are not going to let it win. No matter what the outcome, we stand up, we fight, and we persevere.

You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know. Antiope to Diana, Wonder Woman

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