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Blue And White Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Small Blue Bathroom Ideas

75 Beautiful Blue Black And White Tile Bathroom Design Ideas #365

While any of the design styles listed above can work in a small bathroom or powder room, there are certain challenges when it comes to decorating these little spaces. Some half baths only take up a dozen square feet, with a toilet at one end and a sink at the other. It can be hard to make the most of such confined quarters.

Although long-standing design advice has been to use a light color palette in small spaces, a solid punch of bright color can make a big statement in these tiny rooms. One-inch tiles in glossy cobalt blue can be used on the walls and floors, paired with white grout and a traditional white pedestal sink. Powder rooms are an affordable place to feature a marble countertop or other high-end finish since such a small amount of the expensive material will be required.

Dark Blue Hexagon Tiles With White Starburst Grout

Perfectly installed patterns of dark blue hexagon tiles seem like small stars lighting up the bathroom wall and floor. White wall and ceiling tiles and white freestanding bathtub allow to shine this stunning tiles out while creating contrast with them. Wood stool bring warmth to the atmosphere.

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Grey And Blue Bathroom With Gold Accents

Deep navy blue walls paired with a dark grey vanity will give your bathroom a sophisticated look. Adding gold accents such as these stunning round vanity mirrors is the perfect way to inject some feminine glamor into the space.

When it comes to designing a navy and grey bathroom, its important to balance out the dark colors with some lighter shades such as white. You can do this by simply adding some fresh flowers or some fluffy white towels. This will help make your space come alive and stop it from feeling too masculine.

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Modern Scandinavian Bathroom With Multicolored Backsplash

In this modern Scandinavian bathroom, blue and white patterned backsplash tiles designate the vanity area, while black pendant lights complement the black mirror frame and shower curtain rod. A blue shower curtain adds a touch of color, while rectangular gray tiles line the shower and front of the bathtub.

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Small Contemporary Bathroom With Beige Vanity

Blue &  White Bathroom Decorations

In this small contemporary bathroom beige vanity paired with quartz countertop, white backsplash and a vessel sink. Blue subway tiles in the shower create a dramatic appeal in the bathroom while wood look tiles bringing warmth to the atmosphere. Combination of the blue white and wood provides calm a relaxing atmosphere. Spotlights illuminate the alcove bathtub which surrounded by white subway tiles, in the bathroom.

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Inspirational Black And White Bathrooms

Ashley Knierim is a home decor expert and product reviewer of home products for The Spruce. Her design education began at a young age. She has over 10 years of writing and editing experience, formerly holding editorial positions at Time and AOL.

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Looking for some inspiration for your bathroom decor? Why not go the simple route with the classic and always-fashionable black and white?

In all parts of the home, black and white decor is going strongand will go on strong for quite a while. It’s easy, simple, and flexible. Black and white lets you use your favorite accent color for just a dash of happy.

You can also quickly change that accent color with small touches like accessories, linens, a new mirror, or a new coat of paint on the door frame.

Let’s have a look at some beautiful black and white bathrooms.

  • 01 of 19 Dulux

    If pure black scares you a little, then you might want to look into really dark grey, like the one in this classic bathroom from Dulux, with modern edges.

    It still has the elegance of black and white, but with a little more softness. Dark grey is just as easily matched with an accent color of your choice. In this case, the touch of green through the plant growing near the bathtub is all this bathroom needs to be welcoming and cheery, rather than cold and stark.

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  • Blue Elegant Luxury Bathroom Ideas

    An elegant, luxurious bathroom can mean different things to different people. However, the one thing they all have in common is that no expense is spared when creating these high-end retreats. Whether your tastes lean more toward the contemporary or the traditional, you can find exquisite design features that reflect your personality.

    Luxurious shower stalls are usually hugebig enough for two people, if you wish. Rainfall showerheads and programmable jets aimed at different parts of your body are available in contemporary chrome, vintage gold and every metal in between. Huge soaking tubs are a must in luxurious bathrooms. High-end tubs are much deeper or longer than standard bathtubs and may even be available in your favorite shade of blue glass or enamel.

    Glass or hand-painted tiles set in intricate designs are the focal points of many elegant bathrooms. Whether on the floor, walls, or backsplash, they make it easy to incorporate your favorite colors. Marble, granite, and quartz add a luxurious flair to high-end bathroom countertops while elegant floor choices could include Italian Carrera marble, travertine, or slate.

    Much of the appeal in a luxurious bathroom can be found in the finishing touches. Park a tufted blue velvet bench in front of your bathroom vanity and use elegant glass vases and jars for storage. Opt for a lavish chandelier instead of an ordinary overhead light fixture, and install elegant sconces beside framed bathroom mirrors.

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    Blue And White Bathroom With Gold Wall Decor

    Wall decors are important design elements to complete the look. So how about using an attractive wall decor in your bathroom? Here eye-catching gold wall décor as an art piece, take this bathroom to next level. Navy blue color on the washstand, wall paint and shower tiles create a harmonious and luxurious look with the gold accents. White subway tiles in the shower, beige floor tiles and white countertop of the washstand bring refreshness to the space.

    ID# 105936 | Credit | © PURE Design Inc.

    Add Natural Accents For A Farmhouse Look

    Master Bathroom Ideas Blue And White Bathroom Decorating Ideas Sink Design Bathroom

    If you want to create a farmhouse look in your bathroom, try adding some natural accents. A large rectangular mirror in a rustic wooden frame, paired with some accessories made from natural materials such as seagrass, wicker, or rattan is the perfect way to do this.

    To complete the farmhouse chic look, add some bathroom-friendly plants, and some white linen curtains or blinds. This timeless look is an easy way to add personality to a light blue and gray bathroom.

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    Retile Walls And Floors With A Modern Print

    Ornate, heritage tiles are beautiful but dont often fit in with modern interiors. Look to clean, geometric patterns and one-of-a-kind abstract prints instead to adorn your bathrooms surfaces.

    All Modern

    For splash-free areas, put up this temporary, pre-pasted wallpaper. The unfinished, but intricate sketch is incredibly modern, and the colors wont detract from your bathrooms focal point. This wall covering adheres best to smooth walls.

    Combine Blue And White Decor With Natural Materials

    The key to a relaxed blue and white decor scheme is utilizing earthy, natural materials, from bleached woods to lovely linens and rattan.

    Cara Fox, Owner and Lead Designer at The Fox Group agrees, saying: ‘I love to incorporate lighter fabrics like linens. Heavy and dark fabric materials and textures can make a space lose the airy, playful feeling that encapsulates the beach house vibe.’

    This room, above, was designed by LA-based Stefani Stein .

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    White Washstand With Pink Pendant Light And Shiplap Wall

    In this small beach style bathroom blue and white floor tiles brings depth and make the space feel longer. White washstand with white countertop in a harmony with the shiplap wall and they reflect the beauty of the coastal vibes. Pink pendant light and pink flower in the vanity add a dose of cuteness.

    ID# 105907

    Use A Blue And White Mural To Create Design Drama

    Navy Blue and White Bathroom

    Blue and white decor is a classic combination for a bathroom, but can be a little… predictable. So why not shake things up by using the colors in a whole new way such as with a tiled mural or wallpaper. Picking a ‘warm’ blue as in the bathroom above is a wise move bathrooms need to feel welcoming and cool colors can make them a little cold.

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    Glossy Turquoise Bathroom Tiles With Brass Accents

    The guest bathroom features bright turquoise vertical tiles by Ann Sacks and brass fixtures and fittings that will develop a patina over time. A skylight above the bathtub provides natural light and brightens the room. Small recessed tiled niche provides a space for bath products without disturbing the eye.

    ID# 105932 | Credit |

    Rooms That Showcase Blue

    There may be no more beloved combination than blue and white. The classic pairingwhich manages to be both breezy and sophisticated at onceis a staple in Greece, represented not only by the countrys homes but also by its flag. The palette appeared on Chinese pottery way back in the ninth century and continues to be a popular choice for ceramic designs today. It’s no wonder the duo is so popular around the world: When blue, calm and soothing, and white, clean and simple, are put together, you get the ultimate serene, tranquil space. We gathered some of our favorite rooms showcasing the pairing from the AD archives. Read on to see them all.

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    Simple Farmhouse Bathroom With Combination Of White Floor And Navy Blue Walls

    Farmhouse style is one of the most popular ones in home design. No wonder, because farmhouse style can perfectly combine traditional and contemporary style with its simple touch. In this bathroom, you can see the white color dominates the room. The subway mosaic tile looks perfect in white. The shaker cabinet and ceramic tiles in the shower corners wall are crisp white as well.

    To create a lovely contrast in its contemporary side, you can use deep navy blue on one side of the wall. This bathroom uses a navy color from Sherwin Williams. It will look nice too, combined with a lighter shade, which is Horizon from Benjamin Moore. And if you want to provide a smooth transition for Navy blue and Horizon color, use grey as your accent color. In this room, you can see a grey granite countertop as the accent. This comes as a part of the vanity, which is Sheffields vanity from Houzz.

    To add more textures, there are polished chrome fixtures for the lighting. Additionally, there is also a woven basket that was perfectly put as a decoration. Polished chrome and woven basket give a richer texture in this bathroom.

    Industrial Blue Bathroom Ideas


    Mention industrial design and the mind fills with images of exposed brick walls, metal ductwork, and the overall ambiance of a trendy loft apartment. While this design scheme is perfect for city dwellers, it can also be used in other types of housing. Many men are attracted to the masculine flavor of industrial design with its no-nonsense, rugged appearance.

    Choosing an industrial design for your bathroom opens up material options that may not work well in other rooms. Concrete floors or countertops make a solid industrial statement and can be finished with various stains, paints, and sealants. If you dont have exposed brick or concrete walls in your existing home, it is possible to replicate these industrial finishes with materials from your local home improvement center. Industrial metal faucets and fixtures are usually rugged and stout, often made of brushed steel or bronze. Using copper fixtures or adding a copper sink can give the eye something unique to focus on in an industrial setting.

    Earth tones generally dominate industrial design due to the metal, wood, and concrete its comprised of. However, its easy to add a splash of blue in your cabinetry or accessories. Consider painting the door a bright cobalt blue that will pop against the muted browns and grays or installing blue metal light fixtures.

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    Teal Vanity With Colorful Graphic Patterned Rug

    Vibrant colors popping up in this white bathroom! Teal blue vanity with white countertop makes a big statement and brings a characteristic look. Colorful graphic patterned rug laid on the oversized starburst hexagon floor tile. Gold accents such as frame of the mirror and handless bring vintage vibes while white subway tiles and black framed glass shower doors creating modern appeal.

    ID# 105947 | Credit |

    Wood Vanity With White Subway Tiles And Black Grout

    The light and bright palette gives an opportunity to pick a fun and adventurous floor! Blue and white patterned floor tiles make a traditional touch to the space. Wood vanity with white sink brings a warmth to the atmosphere and support the nautical style which created by blue and shades. Black grout of the white subway tiles complements the black accents. Wood floating bathroom shelves above the toilet provide a space for bath products and some decors.

    ID# 105923

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    Relaxing Bathroom In White Tile Porcelain Combined With Soft Blue Walls

    A traditional bathroom isnt necessarily boring. For instance, look at this room. This spacious and elegant bathroom is super cozy and relaxing. The soft blue wall has a calming effect. Combined with a crisp white wall, floor, window frame, tub, and cabinets, the blue color, which is Woodlawn Blue from Benjamin Moore, creates a clean and polished look.

    The freestanding tub, White Aquatic Serenity 11 72 Air Bath Tub with Base, is located at the rooms center. Thus, it can be a great focal point in this large bathroom. It proves that the focal point doesnt have to be bold and bright to attract attention. But, still, theres an accent in the focal point. In this case, it is the soft blue colored towel. The towels color matches the wall, making it even more put-together.

    For a slight touch of brightness, theres a canary yellow-colored stack of towels. And the shower sponges have a similar color. Both of them give sparks of bright color in this soft and relaxing bathroom.

    Add Some Timeless Luxury With A Wool Rug

    35 Awesome Bathroom Design Ideas

    Theres an ongoing debate on whether or not rugs have a place in the bathroom. Some people love them some people hate them! Aside from personal preference, there are many practical reasons to use a wool rug in your light blue and grey bathroom.

    A wool rug is naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, so if it does get wet, it wont stay wet for long. Having a rug in your bathroom will give you something warm and comfortable to step on as you go about your bathroom routine, and it will also help to prevent trips and falls that can happen on wet bathroom floors.

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    Create A Feminine Look With A Floral Shower Curtain

    An easy way to change the look of your bathroom is to choose a beautiful shower curtain. A floral shower curtain in grey and blue will instantly add a soft feminine feel to any grey and blue bathroom design.

    Choosing a new shower curtain is a great way for anyone renting their home to dress up a plain bathroom, as it can change the entire look of the space in an instant.

    Introduce A Window Treatment

    Image credit: California Shutters Blue and white shutters, POA

    In a white coastal-style bathroom ring the changes and introduce deep marine blue with custom-made shutters. The shutter frames make an impact at the window and add depth, and means other blue elements can be added too such as a rug and deep blue, soft towels. You could add more colour by painting the floor blue too.

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    Transitional Bathroom With Glazed Terra

    The beautiful handmade, hand-glazed terra-cotta Moroccan tile on the floor anchors the space in beautiful blue, and adds a bohemian flavor to the mix. Traditional furniture such as vanity, a quartz countertop, white subway backsplash, a brass sconce and brass fixtures nod to the 1930s. Mirrored medicine cabinet, the simple lines of the tub, white shower curtain and the use of white bring more modern elements to the transitional mix.

    ID# 105911 | Credit |

    Go Bright And Bold With Electric Blue

    Black and white bathroom decorating ideas

    A light and airy space can take a bright vibrant shade of blue. Smalt by Little Greene is one such color, and it looks fabulous with white. We love how this en-suite bathroom is framed by woodwork painted in the same color and enhanced by the Camellia wallpaper in the same colorway.

    Sometimes its worth going the extra mile and really considering the wider view and how rooms link from one to another. Choose accessories in a similar shade to bring the look together. The finishing touches are key to a successful scheme.

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    Navy Blue Washstand With Shiplap Wall

    Combination of the deep blues and natural elements serves an eye-catching coastal look. Adding a set of dip dyed baskets under a navy-blue washstand adds a charming cottage feel. Marble countertop and marble vessel sink of the vanity make a luxurious touch. Deep blue wall finishes the upper half of the bathroom wall displaying the perfect combination of symmetry and curvature delivered by the center vanity mirror and sconces. White shiplap wall as a backsplash provides a bright atmosphere between the dark shades.

    ID# 105925 | Credit |

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