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Black And White Wall Decor For Living Room

Black And White Wooden Inspiration Prints

Dollar Tree DIY || Glam Wall Art || Black and White Living Room Decor Ideas

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Inspirational quotes and phrases are a nice fit for offices and workspaces in general. This set of 4 wooden prints would look lovely up on a wall next to a desk. They each have a different design and a different message on them but theyre all designed in black and white with no other accent color which puts more emphasis on the design and the message rather than the color palette.

Add Some Yellow For Color

Yellow isnt a common interior color for black and white rooms, but it surprisingly goes very well with neutral color schemes. Since black and white are extremely versatile, they can be paired with virtually any bold color. Mix them with a bright shade of yellow in any formal or informal setting. The bold yellow wont take away the elegance of black and white, and if anything, it helps highlight their dynamic tone.

Here, the spacious living room boasts beautiful yellow accessories as part of its black and white decor. The whole look comes together nicely in an inviting manner.

Black White & Red All Over

With white cabinets, black soapstone countertops and a space-saving layout, this quirky kitchen is a dream. The owners added a new subway tile backsplash highlighted by gray grout. They also found a 1930s match-light Magic Chef enamel stove at an antique shop for $180 and had it restored to like-new condition.

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Add Texture With Millwork

When sticking with white as your primary wall color, getting creative with millwork can be a great option to add a little pizzaz to your space. In this living room, a board and batten grid finished in solid white allows the depth and texture to pop as the light plays on the millworks surface.

Fashionable Long Black And White Living Room

Black and white living room decoration

Long, narrow space shouldnt be an excuse not to get creative with your living room under a black-and-white theme. Choose a long, grey couch that corresponds with the living rooms size. White looks dominant here as seen from the large storage and the ceiling.

To create a harmony, paint the living rooms wall with black along with the standing lamp. The fashionable mode comes from the black-and-white long carpet, the purple cushions and the colorful small chair next to the sofa.

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Choose Colored Sofa In Black And White Living Room

Besides gold, you can choose red. The living room purchases one red sofa that looks fresh and vibrant. With the neutral tone, the sofa catches our attention at once. It takes up a black-and-white throw pillow.

The living room picks more white tone to the black one. In particular, the living room wall applies a white tone that looks closer to grey. For a black tone, the living room brings up the flavor through the furniture.

To maintain the minimalist design, the living room selects a simple table and chair with black materials.

Slipcovers Are Your Friend

White is not known for its ability to stay clean. Save yourself the headache of having to get your sofas and chairs professionally cleaned multiple times a year and invest in machine washable, white slipcovers that you can strip and toss in the washer as needed. If you have kids or pets this will keep you sane. Slipcovers are the secret to keeping white living rooms white, and its one we dont want to keep to ourselves!

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White On White Horse Portrait

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In case youre looking for something a bit different and less abstract to decorate the walls in your home with, why not a majestic white stallion? Horses are beautiful and gentle and this piece is a reflection of that. The white horse is placed against a white background which creates a foggy effect and as you can barely distinguish the silhouette of the body. Its painted on tempered glass and theres no frame around it.

Set Up Majestic Ceiling

Home Decorating Ideas- Black and White Living Room

A modern and classic living room typically sets up one profound element that attracts us at once. It can take in a form of decoration or living room basic. This living room goes for a majestic ceiling design.

Not only super-large but also beautiful. The living room contains the unbelievable pendant lighting that really decorates the area. At the same time, the living room sets up classic, wood paneling for the wall.

Whilst for black hue, the living room purchases a convenient, black sofa set that also brings the modern flavor.

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Choosing Black As A Dominant Design Color

While the color black is classic and essential to many color schemes, it can also have a lot of negative associations. In interior design, black is intended to represent and evoke positive thoughts and feelings.

As you browse our gallery of living room designs, you will notice that many of them incorporate the color black. As you decide how to incorporate black into your living room, its a good idea to select a design style as well.

While black is used in some way in almost every living room design, the amount of color you use depends on the style and size of your living room.

For instance, if you have a small living room painting all of your walls black may make your living room even smaller and less inviting. Small living rooms benefit from lighter colors on the walls, but you could always paint a black accent wall or add plenty of black accents.

You can also put a lighter color on the top half of the wall and black on the bottom half to create the illusion of more space.

All-over black works best in larger living rooms, such as an Industrial or Modern style living rooms or even a Home Theater. The dark color can help to make a large living room feel and look more inviting.

Black And White Line Art View In Galleryview In Gallery

If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your black and white decorating scheme, simple line art like the hipster cat featured here can make your space look both fanciful and contemporary at the same time. An off-center over-the-couch installation of the art piece can add to the quirky and asymmetrical vibe of the piece. Since black and white schemes can end up looking cold or spartan, the imperfect organic lines in the art help to soften things up.

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Install A Black And White Wraparound Gallery

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Youve probably seen the gallery walls that wrap around the TV. A brilliant idea since that big black box seems to stand out no matter where you put it. By making your surrounding gallery wall black and white, it will flow seamlessly with that big black box, almost making it seem like they were meant for each other. Wraparound galleries are also a great way to soften up the look of a black and white room since they bring some softer lines to the design as they curve around.

Compose Some Black And White Gallery Walls

28 Gorgeous living rooms with black walls that create cozy ...

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Okay, lets talk gallery walls. They can be easy to hang if youre confident in your arranging skills or they can seem like a leap in the dark. But if you can make all your photos and prints black and white, youve eliminated the worry about color. Plus your gallery wall, no matter how its arranged, will be the most Instagrammable gallery you know. The monochromatic color palette means that the wall will look put-together no matter how bohemian and eclectic your art choices are.

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Use A Black And White Grid

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In any wall art situation, grids are always the easiest layout. Theyre symmetrical and pleasing to the eye so you arent second guessing the arrangement. When you use black and white photographs, you can even use each one more than once to give you double the grid. And we all know, a bigger grid is a better grid. Try to display prints with a running theme or repeating patterns to help unify the look even more.

Dramatic Black And White Living Room

A deep black hue dominates the living room. It looks very elegant with plain, black walling with white lines for the border. As for furniture, the living room selects modern and simple long chairs, an armed chair, and tables.

The super shaggy, white carpet brings balance to the strong, black tone. Between modern and classic, the living room offers dramatic and cozy nooks. You can use the spot for receiving friends and enjoying reading hours.

The sofa contains the black-and-white throw pillow for enlivening it a little bit. This paints a unique design for your personal space in the house.

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A Red Couch Makes The Room Pop

Aside from gold, red is another luxurious color that goes well in a black and white living room. In an open-plan space, a red sofa or couch can truly shine amongst black and white decor. The neutral tone blended with a bold red hue keeps the focus on the sofa while making the black and white shine in the background.

In this bright and airy retro living room, the sophisticated black flooring and hanging lights highlight the beauty of the red sofa. The room has more black than white, but we cant help keeping our eyes on the bold red sofa. You can achieve the same look by putting a red couch in your black and white living room to make the neutral interior pop with color.

Black And White Graphic Art

Living Room Tour â¡ Black & White | Modern & Minimal Interior Design | Scandinavian Style Decor

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If you find it difficult to pick a specific theme or a design for the artwork that you want to display in your home, perhaps something abstract could solve the issue. We really like this design by Irena Orlov Graphic Art. Its simple and uses neutral colors but its also eye-catching, elegant, and very versatile. You can get it in a variety of different sizes and it comes printed on a wrapped cotton canvas in a black floater frame.

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Set The Tone With A Black And White Patterned Rug

Every black and white living room needs a statement rug to complete the look. A patterned black and white rug will blend nicely between these two neutral colors. This way, youll keep the monochromatic design throughout your living room and transform the ambiance. From simple patterns to complex prints, the black and white rug you choose will certainly give your room a coherent look while making your space extra warm and inviting.

See how well the black and white colors here blend together with the geometric patterned rug as the focal point of the room.

Black And White Eye Chart

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An eye chart may not seem like something one would display in their home as art but thats what makes the idea so ingenious and interesting in the first place. Besides, this is not just any regular chart you find in an ophthalmologists office. Its a vintage print, with a retro and stylish look that has been transformed into something purely decorative. It measures 14 H x 11 W x 0.15 D and it easily pops into a frame if you wish to add one.

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Why Go For A Black And White Living Room

Whether together or on their own, white and black always come up with a bold statement. Its a stylish, modern, and sophisticated mixture of colors. You are able to make the entire living room in white or black, but they look a lot better together. White and black design, combine well with details in other colors, like gold, purple, red, silver, or maybe whatever you need. You are able to enhance it with a few details such as rugs, frames, bookcases, pillows, pictures, or maybe chairs, which are going to be highlighted by the white and black designed room. Look at the roundup we ready for you and select your preferred contemporary design. Enjoy and be inspired by our black and white living room ideas!

Their contrast makes rooms much more gorgeous and quite fascinating. This color scheme is impressive because when anyone or designers highlight something within the room, it will truly stand out. Generally, certain colored furniture or even a carpet typically does the trick, but the thought of working with a living room in a detailed scale black and white can make the entire space harmonize by itself. Incredible, right?

Wall Decor Ideas To Refresh Your Space

Fashion Music Guitar Poster Living Room Printed Canvas ...

All products featured on Architectural Digest are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Looking for wall decor ideas to refresh your space? Those empty walls are filled with possibilitiesand a few additions can make a house feel like a home. If you’re ready to turn those stark, bare walls into stylish centerpieces, keep reading. No matter your style, we’ve got the tricks that can amp up your walls and bring out your personality and taste. Whether youre an art collector, a nature enthusiast, or a book lover, your walls can be customized so that you can be surrounded by the things you adore. Discover 27 wall decor ideas that are sure to add style to your home.

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Surround Yourself With White

The best way to start achieving an all-white living room is with the walls and ceilings. Both should be white, regardless of the material. If you have ceiling detailing that you really want to keep, like wood panels or beams, make sure the walls are white at least. When it comes to paint color, try creamy, warmer whites to create a cozier space, and cool whites to bring a crisp, airy vibe. Keep windows uncovered as much as possible to let light reflect off the walls and ceilings this will amplify the brightness. For window treatments, use white curtains, sheers or shades as needed.

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Wall decorations can instantly turn a plain room into cohesively designed space. From fancy framed art to playful wall art decals, the right decor reflects your personality and adds style to every room.

Tips for Hanging Wall Decorations

Consider the placement of wall hangings to have the maximum effect. Place kitchen wall decorations, such as decorative memo boards, near a workspace for easy access. In the living room, hang large pieces above a sofa or facing the main entrance to give balance to the room. In an area thats dark or has low ceilings, mirror wall art can give the illusion of brightness and space.

Choosing Wall Decorations

Consider these ideas for kitchen, bathroom, dining room and living room wall decorations:

Framed Options. Display your family photos in decorative frames as a gallery wall in your family room. Show off a collection of antique framed art in the dining or living room. For a home with a contemporary vibe, feature an array of black-and-white framed photographs. They contrast with brightly colored furniture. Or, go with a frameless canvas painting for a more seamless look.

Dimensional Pieces. For a room with a cottage theme, consider hanging 3D wall art, such as an iron scrollwork compass rose. Wood wall decor works well in homes with a rustic theme. Hang a wooden farm sign with authentic textures. For a more traditional space, try metal wall decorations with an intricate design, like a tree with sprawling branches.

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Why Are Black And White Living Rooms So Stylish

Black and white living room decorating ideas

Black and white living rooms are an elegant interior design choice for anyone who loves a classic style without wishing to commit to bold colors. This strong neutral color palette is a solid backdrop to any style of decor or furniture. When you bring these two colors together, with added layers and textures, you will really appreciate how cohesive they are in a formal living room.

A black and white living room doesnt have to be loud and dramatic. For example, you may add more white than black to tone it down. To keep your living space uncluttered and airy, paint the walls in white and add light color window treatments to brighten up your black and white living room. By incorporating other colors and more of white than black, you will prevent your space from feeling dark or heavy.

The reason black and white living rooms are so chic and stylish is because of the striking balance of harmony between these two colors. A sufficient amount of black with plenty of white will create a timeless and modern feel in any style interior. As you can see from our excellent examples above, it is easy to design a black and white living room without spending too much on decoration.

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