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Black And White Tile Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Brave A More Industrial Look

Top 30+ Black and White Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

The concrete wall and floor panels are bespoke and designed to create a gritty backdrop to the sculpturally shaped white basins.

Get the look The Il Bagno Alessi One basins by Stefano Giovannoni for Laufen and the Dornbracht MEM wall-mounted mixers are from Ripples. The Hector Mini Globe pendants are from Hector Finch. The bespoke concrete wall and floor panels are from Ivanka.

Introduce Texture With Veined Marble

You can use bathroom flooring ideas through veined marble tiles as a beautifully decorative way to channel the black and white bathroom aesthetic. Covered in beautiful natural markings, these Calacatta Viola polished marble tiles from Mandarin Stone bring interest and texture to what could be a stark space.

Go With An Eclectic Decor Style

Since most black and white bathroom ideas are those that promote bathroom decor design that are decidedly retro-inspired in style, use that to your advantage when looking to create a timeless feel in your bathroom. Even better about black and white bathroom ideas is the fact that the color combination also allows the freedom to work any design style along with it.

From the minimal to the spirited, you can virtually take black and white bathroom ideas any way that works best for your home and your decorative directions. For a feel thats chock full of personality, consider taking your bathroom in a delightfully eclectic direction by adding playful and bold elements that touch on the design style via decorative accessories, bathroom linens, and statement-making art and sculptural add-ons. The best thing about going for an eclectic bathroom decor direction is the fact that it can be easy to add accessories and personalize your style with ease as the color pairing is also quiet in feel and it wont be competing with the heavier look that eclectic interior design can radiate.

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Paint Your Bathroom Door Black

Seeing a theme here? But if you arent feeling brave enough to paint large areas of your bathroom black, painting the woodwork instead can be a safe and easy way to introduce a darker colour. You can DIY, just check out our guide to how to paint a door youll probably want to pick the best bathroom paint for the job, too.

Black Bathroom With Brass Industrial Hardware

25+ Incredibly stylish black and white bathroom ideas to ...

A matte black wall is a daring feat for a bathroom, but Norris & Pip manage this beautifully by adding a large, unframed mirror, a simple wood floating shelf, and distressed industrial-style hardware in brass. This makes for an intriguing yet stylish space.

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    A chessboard-style floor and black subway tile lend a sophisticated air this bathroom by Robin Wilson Interior Design. The Moroccan mirrors add movement and a white granite countertop provides a wonderful contrast.

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    Straight edges and a dark palette give this gorgeous bathroom by Branch Studio Architects a sharp, modern style. You’ll see more and more of the concrete tub and vessel sinks in the future, as this style is gaining popularity. The marble illusion cube tiling brings a touch of softness and movement, much needed in a bathroom built on straight lines and square angles.

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    Black brings on the drama in this contemporary bathroom by Orange Coast Interior Design. The damask wallpaper adds texture, while the shiny silver sink and black granite countertop add reflective surfaces for the light fixtures. The ceiling chandelier makes an interesting play of shadows and light over the white surface, which definitely adds to the overall dramatic style here.

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    Black Tile Patterned Inset Bathroom

    This unique layout uses a black tile flooring with an ornate use of geometric shapes for forming a patterned backdrop against the walls which are overlaid to form an alcove for the lavatory. This design features an innovative use of dark tiling on the floors and walls with contrasting white for the sink and toilet for a one of a kind look that exudes charm and class.

    Black And White Penny Tile Bathroom

    Our penny-round mosaic tiles offer a classic elegant look thats a perfect addition to bathroom shower surrounds accent walls and floors. It is such a fun pop of pattern and texture.

    White Subway Tile With Dark Gray Grout Black Accent Penny Tile Penny Tiles Bathroom White Subway Tile Shower Tile

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    Extraordinary Black And White Bathrooms Ideas That Will Inspire And Motivate You

    Well supply ideas about style that is black and white bathrooms ideas to you. Our pictures selection can be opened by you below, also it will make your planning more ideal indesign.


    I gather some inspiration that Ive collected all these cReative gallery walls, therefore Ill have plenty of ideas, to day. Here 36 black and white bathrooms ideas has been rounded up by me for your motivation. Correct that is awesome?

    Have a look at our unique galleries below that feature fantastic black and white bathrooms ideas styles by architects.We and professional developers desire youll find ideas within this gallery to discover the details that can take your layout from great to phenomenal!

    Just take notes on the resources shared by the artist and make sure conserve or to flag the images. Theres lots to understand and get inspired from these stunning images that are black and white bathrooms ideas!

    Tiles Black And White Bathroom Ideas

    Black And White Tile Bathroom Decorating Ideas

    Just because youre using black and white tiles doesnt mean they have to be boring. Sure, theres a beautiful simplicity in using white square or subway tiles. But you could create a herringbone or chevron pattern from thin rectangular tiles. Or you could keep in line with modern design trends and use a geometric or fish scale-shaped tile.

    Use small mosaic tiles for a uniform look, or use black and white tiles to create a larger pattern. Then theres the grout consideration. Match the grout to the tile color for a uniform look or use a contrasting color for a bold visual effect.

    If you want a pattern, but dont want mosaic, consider using floor tiles with a pattern on their surface. You could use several tiles with a variety of patterns, or a single pattern on all of them. Then the individual design come together to create a larger repeating pattern.

    A section of black and white tiles wouldnt be complete without the classic check pattern. This traditional tile style uses square black and white tiles. alternating to create a check pattern thats reminiscent of a chessboard.

    When choosing the tile for your bathroom, dont be afraid to use different types of tile. This will help you create different areas, such as the vanity or shower area. You can use one type of tile for the majority of the wall, another for the floor, and a third as an accent.

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    Black On White Modern Pattern Bathroom

    This bathroom decor features a white base with uniquely patterned wall tile that resembles an ultra modern brick design with thin lines. The tiles are used to accent one main wall and the floor area with an accented inner storage area for symmetry. This pattern is a contemporary use of traditional white with black accent tiliing for a one of a kind bathroom decor.

    How Tall Should A Shower Wall Be

    A showers height is determined by where you place your showerhead. The purpose of the tall shower walls is not to provide privacy for people within, but to protect the bathroom walls from showerhead overspray. If you build shower walls too low, water will escape the shower, producing a mess and a slip danger outside the shower.

    Should the shower walls stretch all the way to the ceiling, or almost all the way to the ceiling, the steam will have nowhere to escape, resulting in the growth of mold and mildew inside the shower.

    If youre utilizing a showerhead thats mounted directly to the ceiling, the shower walls should be no more than 12 inches from the ceiling, or 84 inches in a room with a normal 96-inch ceiling.

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    Shades Of Black Miniature Tiled Bathroom

    This bathroom features a myriad of color variations with texture and patterns that meld together to form a contemporary artistic expression that blends together with perfection. Miniature black wall tiles in varying black shades complement the shower area against Faux slate walls. The combination of variances create a classic look and feel with the skillful use of tiles featuring contrasting textures and patterns.

    Opt For A Feature Floor

    Tiles Talk: Black and White Bathrooms  Design ideas

    Patterned floors are a brilliant way of making a playful statement in the bathroom without overpowering the space this makes them an effective small bathroom idea as they bring personality to a space while allowing the walls to be kept plain to keep the space light and airy.

    Using a bold floor tile is a wonderfully effective way to elevate a bathroom it grounds the room, emphasizes the sense of space and scale, and packs a chic punch without being too overwhelming, advises interior designer Samantha Todhunter.

    A tessellated floor pairs well with white walls and marble tiles to keep the rest of this space light and uplifting, while gold fittings and fixtures bring luxury and warmth.

    Opting for a tiled design which is not clear where one tile begins and an other ends is a brilliant idea for small spaces, too, explains Irene Gunter, interior designer and founder, Gunter & Co Interiors.

    ‘When it comes to tiling, I prefer bathroom tile ideas where you dont obviously see where one tile starts or stops, making the entire floor appear seamless. Mosaics, large marble slabs or quirky geometric shapes can all be used to achieve this especially when using bright colors like a powder blue. Whatever you do, try to avoid standard 60x60cm tiles as they visually divide the room into squares, accentuate that not too many of them fit.

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    White Tiles Black Bath

    A wet room finish makes the most of this space. The black freestanding bath makes a style statement, and subtly ties in with the dark grouting between the metro tiles.

    Get the look Bath, ebay. Tiles, Walls & Floors.

    The same effect was achieved in the family bathroom below, but with white grouting, and a black window frame to tie in with the bathtub.

    Get the look The bath is from CP Hart. The wall and floor tiles are from Worlds End Tiles.

    Victorian Inspired Black And White Bathroom

    While its true that in some cases a choice of dark colors can make spaces look gloomy and smaller than they actually are, that shouldnt discourage you from using black in your own homes interior design. Black is a very elegant color which can actually give a space a highly sophisticated appearance, especially when paired with carefully-selected accent features and decorations. This bathroom featured on houseofbrinson reflects all that perfectly.

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    Minimalist Black And White Bathroom Ideas

    Black and white bathrooms lend themselves perfectly to a minimalist design aesthetic. When designing your minimal bathroom, less is more. Keep the details and intricacies simple. While you could choose either black or white for the entire bathroom, this isnt necessary.

    You can also balance the black and white. You could have a white wall on one side of the bathroom and a black wall on the other side. This approach works in both a large master bathroom or a small bath meant for guests.

    When designing your bathroom, try creating an imaginary grid. It will help to keep the colors and bathroom balanced. It also helps you to maintain order. You can use this grid to decide where youll place ceramic tiles.

    Keep everything in the bathroom to the bare necessities. There should also be plenty of empty space. Look for ways you can hide storage so that the bathroom remains functional but visually minimal.

    Since your bathroom will have minimal details, the individual materials become more noticeable. Skip the cheap quality and in-demand tiles and invest in quality materials that have a timeless appeal. White marble is a high-quality material that looks beautiful, is durable, and will provide timeless beauty.

    Create A Black Bathroom Instantly With Wallpaper

    BLACK AND WHITE BATHROOM REMODEL | Tile Selection for Bathrooms, Bathroom Makeover Tips and Ideas!

    Its unusual to hang wallpaper in a bathroom, but if your rooms well ventilated and the wallpaper itself is water resistant, or wont be splashed, consider the strategy. Use a wallpaper paste thats suitable for damp rooms, too. Here, the wallpaper by Little Greene repeats the charcoal colors in the bath and Roman blind creating a really cohesive black bathroom.

    For more bathroom wallpaper ideas check out our feature.

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    Classic Black And White Bathroom Idea

    As weve already established, a minimal and modest color palette does not necessarily make a space look bland and boring and can in fact give it lots of character. We also mentioned how timeless the black and white combo looks so here it is featured in a contemporary bathroom which looks surprisingly welcoming and cozy and also has a lot of classic charm. This is a design done by studio Thomas Alexander.

    Mix With Metallic Finishes For A Luxury Bathroom Look

    We’re not sure about you, but we’re a bunch of Magpies at Real Homes. Asides from glistening in reflective light, glam golds and brilliant brass accents add oodles of expense to your bathroom.

    These wall lamps have an industrial style and feature an adjustable arm that is part of a classic mid-century American interior design style.

    And the beauty of it means that you can add as much or as little as your heart desires. While metallic bathroom lighting ideas are a classic choice that won’t go out of style, fancy and ornate faucets are definitely here to stay!

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    Pick Out Black Bathroom Storage

    For another budget-friendly black bathroom update, opt for some black bathroom storage. We love ladder towel storage and Tikamoon makes a really similar design to the one below for just £29. Black storage baskets are also a great call practical and pretty.

    For more bathroom storage ideas, check out our feature.

    Create A Gothic Look In A Black Bathroom

    25+ Incredibly stylish black and white bathroom ideas to ...

    Metro tiles, Fired Earth

    How delicious are these glossy black metro tiles? More dramatic than paint or wallpaper, bold, dark tiles add heaps of glamour but are still in keeping with that moodier vibe. If this look is a bit too Tim Burton for you, try using black bathroom tiles over a smaller surface area like a splashback, the walls of a shower or around a fireplace.

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    How Do You Waterproof A Tile Shower

    There are several methods in which you can waterproof a tile shower.

    1. Liquid membranes

    This is a waterproofing treatment that requires many applications and time for drying between each coat. In comparison to the sheet membranes described below, there are no seams to treat and you dont have to apply any primer.

    Similar to applying paint, you can choose to spray or roll onto the substrate, but you can also brush the liquid membrane. Generally, more than one layer is required to avoid pinholes or voids that allow water to penetrate the substrate. Each product will specify how many coats are needed and how thick the membrane should be.

    2. How to apply them

    This is the simplest and least expensive option among the most innovative waterproofing solutions, as it can be applied to any surface exposed to moisture.

    It is suitable for bathroom floors and walls, as well as horizontal surfaces that are exposed to moisture, such as niches, shower shelves, shower benches and, most importantly, the shower floor. Certain producers say that if coated thickly enough, they can also operate as crack isolation membranes.

    3. Sheet membranes

    A sheet membrane is used when the waterproofing technology is adhered to the substrate using either thinset mortar or another adhesive. The most often used sheet membranes are elastomeric or plastic and must be adhered to the substrate prior to tile installation.

    4. How to apply them

    Cool Black And White Bathroom Design Ideas

    Black tiles and a clawfoot bathtub behind a white curtain is one of those combos that can’t go wrong.

    Black and white is a quite popular color scheme. You can deny the power of this contrasting combination. Bathrooms are perfect rooms for experimenting with this scheme. Mostly thats because of the fact that mostly all bathroom appliances are white. Besides, black and white decor is timeless and works with every style there is. You can design a modern, a traditional, an eclectic and even a rustic bathroom in these colors. The tile manufacturers are also helping designing beautiful tiles collections that could help to make a bathroom looks bold and creative. Thats why you wont even need a fancy bathtub or some luxurious light fixtures to make a statement in your bathroom. I hope youll find some interesting ideas for yourself in this gallery.

    Btw, you are also welcome to check out our roundup of black and white bathrooms in traditional style.


    fresstanding tub on a marbel floor is always a sing of luxury


    black accents in the mirror and lighting could help to make an interior more eclectic


    going dark could help to create a cocooning feel especially in an attic bathroom


    an alcove shower would llok great with interestisting graphic black and white patterned tiles


    an open shower help to make any space more minimalist


    black and white hexagon floor tiles are quite popular nowdays so you can find them in collections of many manufacturers


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