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Black And White Room Decor Ideas

Modern Black And White Succulent Wreath

Home Decorating Ideas- Black and White Living Room

Just because youre building a decor scheme that centres on the combination of black and white doesnt, of course, have to mean that you cant add other accents too, especially if that colour pop is the luscious green of a few small plants! THis stunning modern succulent wreath made with embroidery hoops, fabric, and real succulents is the perfect example of what we mean. See how you can recreate the design yourself on Pretty Providence.

Combine Straight Lines And Soft Curves

When straight lines and angles are combined with soft curvatures and simple and elegant colors, the result is a well-balanced and pleasant décor. A beautiful detail in the case of this contemporary bedroom is the sleek black lines that almost look like a shadow between the full height closets and the ceiling. .

Bring In Pattern In The Black And White Space

One of the best things about patterns is that theyre versatile and can lift a plain interior. Take stripes, for instance they can bring a stylized look to a place, contrast a design or lift the mood of staid areas.

Consider adding long, vertical black and white stripes in a monotone room to give the design some movement. This living room curtain idea, with curtains and valance in monochrome stripes, gives a sense of more height and lifts the solid-toned space just the right amount.

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Add Some Yellow For Color

Yellow isnt a common interior color for black and white rooms, but it surprisingly goes very well with neutral color schemes. Since black and white are extremely versatile, they can be paired with virtually any bold color. Mix them with a bright shade of yellow in any formal or informal setting. The bold yellow wont take away the elegance of black and white, and if anything, it helps highlight their dynamic tone.

Here, the spacious living room boasts beautiful yellow accessories as part of its black and white decor. The whole look comes together nicely in an inviting manner.

Modern Black And White Living Room Designs

Black And White Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

One of the rules when creating such a living room is not to use the colors in similar proportion. You need to choose one color which will dominate the design. The choice will depend entirely on your particular taste and what you wish to achieve as the final result. If you have never thought of such combination, maybe its time to think again! These two colors can be a great way to start changing your home decor. What about other ideas? Of course, we provide you with plenty of other suggestions when it comes to white living rooms. All you have to do is check them out! But for now, lets see what these black and white living room designs look like! And if you want to see more, check oute these black and white home decor ideas for more inspiration or suggestions for gold living room decor.

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Use Color As A Finishing Touch

Mann, who in addition to her interior design work is also a furniture and product designer, says that decorating in black and white doesnt mean there is no place for color. Dont be afraid to infuse hits of color, Mann says. Accent pillows and art are a great way to add color to a space without detracting from the overall color scheme.

Diamond enjoys seeing how adding something as simple and ephemeral as a vase of colorful flowers can transform her black-and-white home at a moments notice. I never worry about using only white flowers, she says. I think thats whats great about having a neutral black-and-white home, any color you add in the way of flowers is beautiful!

Black And White Is A Minimalistic Color Scheme

If you’re interested in black and white bedrooms, you’re probably a fan of minimalism as an interior design style. In that case, we recommend reading our detailed guide about Minimalistic Home Decor. It’ll provide you with more information about the style, including the typical materials used, layout and other core principles.

We have a feeling you’ll find it very useful and we’ll link to it again by the end of this post, so you won’t have to leave just now. In the meantime, a few more tips.

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Cheap And Easy Black And White Diamond Canvas Art

Are you the kind of budding artist who has always adored canvas art more than most other kinds of DIY decor projects? Then we have a feeling youll really appreciate the way Holdmelike Official created this fading black and white diamond piece using a canvas, paint, and stamping techniques. This piece would look great in any colour, but we find the black and white original so classy!

Antique Brass Accessories Look Great With Black And White

Bedroom Ideas Black And White | Black And White Bedroom Design | Home Decor Haul | #bedroomdecor

A bedroom looks elegant and smart decorated in black and white, but if you are sticking religiously to the monochrome color scheme, it’s really important to ensure that you add plenty of texture into the room to ensure it feels warm and welcoming.

‘Use metallic accessories to add a new dimension to your black and white bedroom, antique brass works well as it’s not as brash as some of the other options, choose pieces that have interesting shapes like these two mirrors,’ says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens. ‘A thin framed black iron bed creates a sculptural feel and gives this room a sense of symmetry.’

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Why Go For A Black And White Living Room

Whether together or on their own, white and black always come up with a bold statement. Its a stylish, modern, and sophisticated mixture of colors. You are able to make the entire living room in white or black, but they look a lot better together. White and black design, combine well with details in other colors, like gold, purple, red, silver, or maybe whatever you need. You are able to enhance it with a few details such as rugs, frames, bookcases, pillows, pictures, or maybe chairs, which are going to be highlighted by the white and black designed room. Look at the roundup we ready for you and select your preferred contemporary design. Enjoy and be inspired by our black and white living room ideas!

Their contrast makes rooms much more gorgeous and quite fascinating. This color scheme is impressive because when anyone or designers highlight something within the room, it will truly stand out. Generally, certain colored furniture or even a carpet typically does the trick, but the thought of working with a living room in a detailed scale black and white can make the entire space harmonize by itself. Incredible, right?

Pretty Black And White Paper Geometric Ornaments

If youre going to put in all the time and effort it takes to make custom black and white decor pieces for a room, would you rather make it something you actually create yourself from scratch? Perhaps youre just hoping for something slightly more crafty and unique than these other classic decor pieces. In either case, wed definitely suggest taking a look at how lays out the steps for making these hand detailed origami geometric ornaments that look great essentially no matter how you choose to display them.

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Set The Tone With A Black And White Patterned Rug

Every black and white living room needs a statement rug to complete the look. A patterned black and white rug will blend nicely between these two neutral colors. This way, youll keep the monochromatic design throughout your living room and transform the ambiance. From simple patterns to complex prints, the black and white rug you choose will certainly give your room a coherent look while making your space extra warm and inviting.

See how well the black and white colors here blend together with the geometric patterned rug as the focal point of the room.

Simple Black And White Bedroom Ideas

Black and White Master Bedroom Ideas  COVET by tricia

Keep a simple bedroom design by using only one or two patterned pieces instead of a variety of black and white prints. Having a mostly white room with a white ceiling, white walls, and perhaps one black wall, provides a clean background for your chosen pattern. If you want a softer black and white bedroom, hang floor-to-ceiling chiffon curtaining or sheer drapes for soft, diffuse light.

If you love the contrast of a black and white bedroom design, but those actual hues feel too harsh, use colors that are close enough to capture the same feeling. Examples include dark navy with pale cream or slate grey with a silvery-white wall color. A mostly grey bedroom can make a calm background that highlights your bolder black and white elements.

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Wall And Ceiling Ideas For Black And White Bedrooms

How you treat your walls can make or break your black and white bedroom decor. If your bedroom includes dormers or other angled walls, accentuate their lines with bold paint choices. Use masking tape to create a geometric pattern on an accent wall. Carry a beautiful wallpaper from the floor across the ceiling, or install a coffered ceiling for added interest.

Wallpaper isnt just for walls. A black and white toile wallpaper makes a gorgeous focal point when applied to the ceiling over your black and white bed. Paint crown molding glossy black to further draw the eye up to the printed ceiling. Cover your ceiling with a metallic silver wallpaper for a subtle reflective effect.

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Black And White Painted Living Room

When looking for black and white interior design inspirations, we often incorporate extra ornaments into the home. This design idea for the living room brings the eye to a focal black wall that is just the right shade of dark. A dusty charcoal black brick-style wall is a great design concept for modern living rooms. The white and wood cabinet needs no decor accents because it speaks out in the room. Complementing the theme are floor-length drapes in dull black and white sheer that fully embrace the concept of contemporary.

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Small Black And White Bedroom Ideas

Because horizontal lines widen a room visually, consider a black and white wallpaper with a horizontal stripe. Applying shiplap to the ceiling or an accent wall accomplishes the same effect. Hang brick veneer on one wall and whitewash it for an intriguing dash of texture. For a more dramatic statement, use black paint instead of white on the brick veneer.

Use mirrors boldly to expand your small bedroom and reflect your favorite black and white decor elements. Prop a tall framed mirror against the wall opposite the window to double the available daytime light. Hang a collage of framed mirrors above the bed for a more diffused light reflection. Furniture clad in a mirrored veneer also makes a small bedroom feel more open.

Vibrant Dressing Unit Decorative Mirrors And Decorative Bedroom Accessories

7+40 STYLISH Black And White Bedroom Ideas – How To Decorate Black And White Bedroom Tips

Yet another way of decorating the bedroom with a splash of colors is by adding interesting lamps, decorative artifacts, a frame of the mirrors in different forms in accent colors.

Search bedroom design ideas

Following these various ways would help you in adding charm and uniqueness to the black and white bedrooms and also makes you appreciate every tiny object placed in this space, no matter whether it is an elegant furniture piece or an artistically made art object. Moreover, to add a refreshing feel you may also place a vase of flowers or an indoor plant to give the room vibe of freshness along with luxury, elegance, and style!

Lastly, take a read of the most important Give your Dull Bedroom a Boost with These Design Tips

And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


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Black And White Painted Pumpkins

This particular idea might only work year round for people with very specific decor tastes, but its certainly something that suits the colour scheme in at least the fall for everyone else! Personally, we love changing out decor over as the seasons change, so we bookmarked this black and white painted pumpkin tutorial from MojisStyle so we can customize things a little when the weather starts to get chilly.

Use Black To Create A Cocooning Effect

While dark colors for any room can often feel like a leap of faith, they can create surprisingly cocooning spaces, so dont rule out using them in the bedroom, especially if the room is poorly blessed with natural light.

‘Try a soft black like Railings which never feels too cold or overwhelming, especially when teamed with a subtle white such as Strong White on your ceiling for a clean contrast,’ says Patrick O’Donnell, brand ambassador at Farrow & Ball .

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Cute Cloudy Raindrop Baby Mobile

Embellishing your nursery can always be a fun time for parents. An awesome idea if youre going for a black and white theme is adding in this adorable hanging mobile. It is a gender-neutral option that takes what should be simple and improves upon it with the wonderful use of black and white. The white cloud is an obvious element, but the raindrops offer a mixture of black and white with different patterns, turning a raincloud into something calming and interesting for your baby to look at. Its a great way to add a stylish and relaxing atmosphere to your nursery.

How To Decorate A Black And White Bedroom

Black &  White Bedroom Decor Reveal

Of course, decorating a black and white bedroom can be easier said than done. You will want to be sure you create the perfect balance between the two colors without overdoing one or the other.

You may also want to mix in accent colors, or the occasional piece of wood furniture just to ensure your room isnt too contrasting. Here is how you can get started on decorating your black and white bedroom.

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Embrace The Dark Side

A contemporary combination of walls and black paintwork, mixed with traditional fixtures and fittings means this all-monochrome scheme has a clean, up-to-date feel that will continue to look stylish for years to come. Painting elements of your bathroom black is a brilliant way to create a cocooning space that is sharp yet cozy.

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Paint Half Of The Wall Black

If you arent quite ready to commit to a full black wall in your bedroom, take inspiration from Grillo Designs and their modern vintage bedroom makeover. Painting the bottom half of your wall black adds a fun accent to the room without making it too dark or dreary.

This would look great on the wall behind your bed and can also extend to underneath the window. You can then paint the top half of the wall white or another shade to add more light to the space.

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Black And White Bathroom

When you think of interior design ideas for the home, the bathroom is probably the last thing that crops up. But ask a millennial where they love to spend their precious hours at home, and the answer will be the bathroom. Extremely underestimated, a bathroom is one of the essential spaces of a home. Whether it is for personal or guest use, this black and white interior design for the bathroom is nothing short of extraordinary. Elegant slate black tiles dominate the bathroom while pristine white fixtures breathe colour into the space.

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Inject Warmth To The Black And White Living Room With Plush Materials

Black And White Living Room Design Ideas | Living Room Decorating Designs Ideas | Home & Happiness

Black and white can sometimes look harsh, especially if you decide to go with a brilliant white one that has no undertones and reflects maximum light. One way to lighten the scheme for a cozy living room is by introducing plenty of textures. A fluffy carpet, a fur throw, silk cushions and more can add depth and intrigue.

‘Warm things with textures and layers of organic materials including a timber vintage chair, sheepskin throw, tone-on-tone dark bark-colored velvet sofa,’ says Anna Burles, interior designer, Run for the Hills . ‘Accenting here and there with some gold and brass accents to the drinks trolley could work as well.’

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Flooring Textured Or Patterned Rugs Or Carpets

Flooring materials, rugs, and carpets are available in various shapes and numerous patterns and textures. For black and white bedrooms make sure to add rugs with patterns that could create a special mood and uplift the entire bedroom. You may also add bed sets with similar patterns to balance out the look.

Moreover, teaming a wooden flooring with the black and white bedroom would not only add in a dash of color to the room but also provide the room with an instant warmth. Hence an apt idea that could be implemented in large master bedrooms.

More bedroom photos

Diy Striped Tufted Bench

Are you actually the kind of home crafting enthusiast who has some experience in larger projects like reupholstering furniture, for example, so youre not afraid of the larger challenge of making more of a statement piece? In that case, we think you just might be the perfect person to give this awesome DIY tufted stool from Live Love DIY a try! Once again, this tutorial would look great in all kinds of colours and patterns, but we prefer their original black and white for how classic it looks.

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