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Black And Brown Living Room Decor

Pick Striking Contemporary Furniture For A Black Living Room

50 Living Room Ideas Brown

But maybe you want those quite dramatic, contemporary vibes in your living room. In that case you can keep the furniture very sculptural and slimline and enhance the drama of a dark space. The Mid-century modern furniture works so well in this minimal space and creates a really quirky contrast with the traditional design of the room.

Another top tip that can be taken from this black living room keep the floors light. If you have wooden floorboards either strip them back to a very light wood or try painting them in a lighter, softer grey. We have loads of tips on painting floorboards so check that out first.

Grey And Brown Living Room Ideas

It is not difficult to combine grey and brown in your living room. Both are neutral colors so it will not be a problem placing them in one room.

You can mimic the look of a tropical warm climate in your living room with this grey wallpaper with palm tree motifs, macramé, and hanging plants.

Brass features and a brown-upholstered sofa set create an earthy and warm atmosphere that is perfect for a chic and glam look.

Go Industrial But Make It Comfy

While industrial furniture has a warehouse-like and masculine edge, its easy to make it cozy and feminine with comforting grey and brown accessories.

You can also lighten your space with concrete-effect accents like side tables and coffee tables. Theyre hardwearing but light enough to contrast against the darker tones of the look. Not to mention super-practical too.

And don’t forget about your living room storage. Cabinets, bookshelves and dressers can be the be all and end all of your grey and brown living room if they’re not styled correctly.

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Team A Black Sofa With Crisp White For A Contemporary Look

In this New York apartment the black couch played a key part in creating a high-contrast urban look.

‘This living room was done for a busy family living in a beautiful high rise building. While they live in the suburbs of NY, living in the high rise offered us the ability to really embrace city living and capitalize on the views of the building,’ says Malka Helft of Think Chic Interiors . ‘Opting for a clean color palette of black and white in this living space not only works with the crisp & modern design of high rise living, it also lays a neutral backdrop for bringing the beautiful outside view in.’

Brown Gold And Cream Living Room Ideas

Color Harmony: This room is black and white with a few pieces with ...

Brown gold and cream create a contemporary living room.

The brown gold sectional sofas, wall trimmings, and decors create a lavish atmosphere. Gold accent pieces keep the living room from being monotonous.

The mirrored rectangular table helps develop a sophisticated look. The cream floor and walls create a high visual contrast to the brown gold sofa and side tables.

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Red Tan And Brown Living Room Ideas

Red, tan, and brown are warm colors. Mixing these colors in your living room design allows you to use textures and patterns that highlight your overall design. The colors blend together to create a welcoming and warm living room.

This airy living room includes matching red sofas and a single chair complimented with a center table with a dark brown table top and light brown wicker baskets underneath.

If you opt to go this bold, make sure your living room has a high ceiling and a subdued wall color to bring in some natural light and tone down the bold red hue.

Anchor The Bold Colour To One Wall

If you’re not quite brave enough to take on Patrick’s suggestion of all walls and ceilings, we suggest dedicating just one wall to this daring shade. One wall will still offer a superbly dominant splash of colour to make a statement. Even better if you have a cast iron fire surround that will seamlessly blend into the black backdrop. Alternatively you could paint the fire surround to incorporate it into the black wall.

We’d go one step further than this homeowner and pain the skirting boards in black too, to take the colour entirely from floor to ceiling.

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Black Brown And Cream Living Room Ideas

Have you always dreamed of having a black living room but do not know how to go about it? You may have noticed that black living rooms are getting popular these days.

Use black the right way, such as combining it with brown and cream, and you will have a living room that is filled with elegance, sophistication, and a lot of drama. It can also be a cozy living space.

This living room has a minimalist design. It comes with a black wall and includes a brown L-shaped sofa, black pillows, round coffee tables with black legs, a black rug with geometric design, and cream accent decors.

Emphasize A Brown Couch

Living Room Makeover & Tour | Modern Black Living Room Decor | Beautifully Syndie

There’s no need to hide your brown leather couch or cover it up. You can also choose to highlight its rich cocoa color with a few easy styling tips. Add accent chairs that pick up the hue of the existing dark sofa, then layer the sofa with decorative pillows to lighten the visual weight of darker furniture.

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Is Brown A Good Color For The Living Room

Brown is a wonderful color for the living room. This season sees a return to simple, restrained palettes and being close to nature has moved from greens of the forest to a soft, neutral palette of fossil tones and natural elements, such as stone, textures of cotton and linen with soft earth and milky browns, clay putty tones as a contrast.

Which leads nicely into artisan craft, the rise in the value of traditional craftsmanship, using natural materials to create something sustainable. This trend celebrates hand-made features, using red-toned terracotta, visible wood-grain pieces, glazed and un-glazed ceramics.

Combine Shades Of Grey For A Softer Look

Pure black and white is a bold combination which can feel stark and be hard to live with. in varying tones is an easy way to achieve a softer take on the monochrome living room.

In this space, the textured grey rug, warm grey walls and grey fireplace all help soften the strong black lines and shapes within the room.

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White Brown Living Room Ideas

White goes with any color. Any shade of brown paired with crisp white offers a clean contrast that works well for your living room. Vary the shades of brown and white to keep your living room interesting.

White is the main color in this living room. The wood couch upholstered in brown and wood accents provides the contrast to the almost all-white living room.

Mix And Match Patterns

Living Room Brown Leather Couch Decor

Brown sofas aren’t limited to a single decorating style. Pair one with eclectic patterns and prints for a global-inspired vibe. In this space, framed fabric picks up the beige hues of the sofa while coordinating with pink pillows and decor accents. The wide variety of patterns plays well together because of the coordinated color palette.

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Go Monochromatic With Brown

Bulgac / Getty Images

in a living space can also mean going ultimately monochromatic. Bring different tints, tones, and shades of brown through your wallpaper, window curtains, built-ins, rugs, and furniture for a zen effect.

Since there are so many tints and shades of brown, its easy to find a hue that works with your living room style. Here, this wallpaper motif flaunts a juxtaposition of two different browns, forming an elegant backdrop for pink accents to take the lead.

A brown upholstered sofa can easily create an earthy modern space that’s also pet- and kid-friendly. And performance fabric or not, brown wont show stains as easily as other colors. It’s a reliable choice that will look good for years to come. Bonus points: brown sofas pair well with other patterns and colors.

A wooden coffee table is a long-lasting staple and a functional piece that will forever hold its design appeal. Wooden coffee tables can also come in several shapes, sizes, and colorsideal for any style goalswhether youre going for a casual, unstuffy look or a traditional feel.

Built-ins offer an attractive display space , becoming a timeless addition to any home. Plus, you can use built-ins to frame your fireplace and television all while adding storage to showcase your collectibles. Truly, built-ins offer an outstanding aesthetic that will spruce up any sized space.

Add Interest With A Striped Wallpaper

Soften the impact of black, without taking away its style credentials by welcoming a wallpaper design that features black but is not overpowered by the shade. This sophisticated stripe design features black strips softened by accents of silver. Metallic touches within the design will help to reflect light and give the wallpaper more depth.

When using a statement wallpaper design it’s best to create a living room feature wall. Choose a wall that anchors the room, so a dominant wall whether that’s the wall with the sofa or a wall with a chimney breast and fireplace. This will depend on your living room layout and how you choose to arrange your furniture.

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Choose A Grey Sofa For A Softer Monochrome Look

Black sofas are a bold choice if you’re looking for a monochrome look that is a little less dramatic consider a grey sofa living room ideas as these may be less jarring and easier to live with.

‘Greys are hugely versatile from cool off white shades, through warmer neutral mid tones to the very deep and mysterious. They have more color and texture within them than straight black a monochrome scheme of black and white is much more unforgiving than one of shades of slate and clay, which will change subtlety with the light throughout the day, giving them personality and character,’ says Justyna Korczynska, senior graphic designer at Crown .

Choose Deep And Mysterious Black Floral Wallpaper

Black And Brown Living Room Decor

There’s something quite mystical about black floral wallpaper, especially when combined with jewel colors and shiny metallics. A dark background elevates soft and pale flowers. The perfect choice for a cozy and inviting living room to snuggle into at the end of the day.

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Enhance Bold Botanical Prints

Darker toned paint colours are ideal for highlighting the bold tones of floral and fauna. Whether natural house plants or painterly florals on wallpaper and wall murals, welcome black as the perfect backdrop to make the bold accent colours really pop!

Bright jewel toned furniture in rich velvets are beautifully offset by bold black walls, as this fine example shows.

Decorate In A Monochrome Palette

Decorating with brown and white living room color gives you the blank canvas you need to add in either splashes of bright color, warmth with natural materials, such as wood, or texture in rugs, throws and other textiles.

Link two separate spaces together using this marvellous monochrome color pairing putting it on architectural elements, such as doorways and paintwork in one area, and on furniture in others creates a subtle visual link between the two that’s understated and elegant.

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Create Stark Contrasts With Black Living Room Walls And Pops Of Color

Just as black mascara makes your eye color pop, black walls and floors make other colors in your space pop, too. Using black on all your surfaces creates a deep and solid background from which bright colors can take center stage and create real impact. A bright orange statement light in this living room creates a striking contrast and brings warmth to the scheme.

Use Black To Zone An Area

white black and brown living room black living room decor brown and ...

In this scheme, NYC designer Fanny Abbes from The New Design Project has cleverly used a paint idea to trick the eye.

‘Black was used as the natural concealer of the TV stand hidden in plain sight. However, to make it more of a design feature, rather than just a mere black wall, we added black millwork and decorative shelving. If anything, we didnt soften the contrast on this portion of the wall, we fully committed.’

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How Can I Use Black In My Living Room

You can welcome black paint to your living room scheme for dramatic impact. ‘If painting your walls feels a step too far, consider painting all your woodwork, including doors, architraves, and windows in Black instead’ suggest Farrow & Ball’s Patrick. ‘Dark woodwork will frame walls beautifully and is a sophisticated compromise.’

You can paint all four walls for a dramatic impact, or choose to create a feature with one dominant black wall.

Make A Statement With A Black Floral Sofa

When introduced in pastel shades floral room decor can have a very country feel, however, for those looking for a more dramatic take on the floral look, a black couch in a floral fabric can make a great focal point.

Here a black floral sofa has been teamed with zesty lime green accents to create a head-turning look guaranteed to wow guests.

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Light Blue And Brown Living Room Ideas

Pairing light blue and brown will give you a soft and comfortable feel for your living room.

Light blue window sills and door frames with a lighter shade of light blue wall complement the soft brown couches, center table, and drapes of this living room. Light blue pillows provide contrast to the couches.

Wooden furnishings can also be an option. Light blue pillows provide contrast to the couches. A floor mirror with shiny brown edges can provide a wider feel for your living room.

Teal And Brown Living Room Ideas

Colors to Decorate With Dark Chocolate Brown in the Living Room : Design Ingredients

Teal is medium to somewhat deep green-blue. A blue and green mixture is mixed with a white base to create the teal color. Teal blends the relaxing stability of blue and the brightness of green creating a calming balance.

The serenity of teal blends well with the richness of brown. Teal offers a lot of color and interest without being too vibrant.

In this cozy and small contemporary living room, the combination of a teal sofa and brown furniture fits beautifully with the dark brown floor and the lighter teal-colored wall.

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How To Do You Style A Black And White Living Room

How you style a black and white living room depends on the mood and look you are trying to create. If you are using pure black and white as part of a dramatic high-contrast scheme consider opting for curved furniture, tactile fabrics and plenty of cushions as well as pops of monochrome pattern to soften the look.

Bold accent colors will work well against the strong two-tone look if you’re seeking to create impact, while more muted accent colors will help calm the scheme. Mustard, olive and blush pink will bring color without overpowering the look and will work particularly well as part of a softer monochrome scheme which layers different grey tones.

How To Maximize Coziness In A Grey And Brown Living Room

‘Decorate your living room with grey paired with natural elements,’ says Annica Wallin, executive creative director, Desenio .

‘Display your black and white posters in a collage, and mix in oak frames to elegantly add wood details to the grey decor. Oak frames paired with other accessories, such as wooden side tables, brown leather pillows, and green plants, make a living room more lively while contributing an elegant balance.’

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Embrace Pattern With A Striped Sofa

Being the largest piece of furniture in a living room, the sofa will command a lot of attention, with this in mind, sometimes opting for a solid black couch design may be too dominating, especially if the couch has a robust, chunky design.

Choosing a black and white fabric is a good alternative, as it adheres to the monochrome look but the fresh white will help lift the sofa and prevent it from feeling cumbersome.

Here the striped sofa is juxtaposed with floral wallpaper and other bold geometric prints as part of a maximalist decor scheme.

How Do You Liven Up A Black And White Living Room

Beautiful Brown by Carolyn Miller

Adding an accent color is an easy way to liven up a black and white living room, and luckily, as black and white are both neutral tones, the combination works well with most shades on the color wheel.

For stark black and white schemes, adding in primary colors and bold jewel tones such as teal, emerald green, cobalt and orange can look particularly effective. Alternatively, soft blush pink and myriad greys are safe choices for creating a softer more feminine look.

‘If youre looking to introduce color into your interior, consider painting a piece of furniture or adding a highlight to woodwork in an otherwise monochromatic scheme,’ says Ruth Motttershead.

However, accents don’t just have to be colors adding in hints of metallic into a monochrome scheme is a wonderful way to bring warmth. for a touch of glamorous try adding in a gilt mirror frame or brass light fittings, alternatively just simple accessories like simple metallic candlesticks can be enough to lift the look.

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