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Behr Premium Decorative Concrete Finishes

Rust Bullet Color Flakes Vs Behr Premium Decorative Flakes

BEHR PREMIUM® Decorative Concrete Dye

Jul 20, 2018 | Concrete Paint, Environmentally Friendly, Garage Floor Paint, Rust Bullet Color Flakes

We at Rust Bullet, LLC recently announced the launch of DuraGrade Concrete and DuraGrade Clear. Rust Bullet® Color Flakes can be applied on top of DuraGrade Concrete for a stylistic finish, and DuraGrade Clear can be used as a sleek topcoat for maximum aesthetic value. Other products are available on the market such as BEHR PREMIUM® Decorative Flakes, but Behrs website only seems to feature one color with no way to purchase the product online.

Rust Bullet, LLC offers five attractive color blends, and our products could not be easier to purchase. Purchase DuraGrade Concrete on Rust Bullet, LLCs website or on . Purchase DuraGrade Clear on Rust Bullet, LLCs website or on . Add some style to your project with Rust Bullet® Color Flakes from Rust Bullet, LLCs website or .

Rust Bullet® Color Flakes are specially formulated paint aggregates used to enhance the aesthetic qualities of Rust Bullets Concrete Coatings. This unique product is random in shape, sized within a standardized range and are available in five popular color blends.

The Equipment Tools And Consumables You Need To Install A Decorative Concrete Floor

Whether youre going the acid-stained concrete route or youre evaluating your choices of dye, the surface prep and concrete finishing experts at Runyon are here to help! We pride ourselves on our extensive selection of products, but perhaps even more integral to who we are is the care we show our customers.

From delivering products directly to job sites to diagnosing and solving equipment troubles, were ready to assist you at any stage of a project. Give us a call today to talk through some concrete stain or dye optionsor to chat about anything else you might need for a high-quality installation. We look forward to working with you.


Has Anyone Had Experiance Using Behr Granite Grip Concrete Coating

I was wondering if anyone has tried using Behr Granite Grip concrete coating. Does it really make concrete look like pebbles? How do I figure how much I need? Is it hard to apply? Would it survive Michigan winters? How do you go about applying it? I love the whole idea and would love to put it on our back sidewalk but I just don’t know enough about it.

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Behr Premium Concrete & Garage Floor Paint

CHECK LATEST PRICEcolor palette offers a glimpse at 75 different colors

Behr also makes a decorative finish that can be applied over concrete paint. It is called Granite Grip, and it is available in 18 different colors. The colors of Granite Grip are influenced by natural stones. They include options such as Slate Ivory, Sunset Ridge, and Autumn Mountain.

Choose A Concrete Dye If:

Solid Color Concrete Stain
  • A project requires a wide range of colors or a unique hue, and you have enough knowledge of color theory to properly mix colors. The last thing you want is to end up with a muddy color and an unhappy customer.
  • You want to add a subtle effect to an acid-stained concrete project.
  • The floor design calls for a layered, variegated effect.
  • Your customer wants a floor with bold hues. Dyes can also be diluted to create a lighter, more watercolor-esque effect.
  • Youre working on a tight timeline. Dyes leave no residue behind, allowing for quick cleanup and overall faster application.

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Cut In Edges Fill In Hairline Cracks

Next, I used a regular paint brush and applied the Granite Grip to the edges, trim, and hairline cracks that were 1/8-of-an-inch or less. I even did the vertical edging around the pads perimeter.

Its important to apply only a thin first coat. After I was finished, I wrapped my brush in a regular plastic shopping bag. The next morning, my brush was ready to apply a second coat without any rinsing.

Exterior Concrete Paint Color Ideas

Dark colors are typically preferred for outdoor concrete paint applications. Colors with dark bases are less likely to fade or stain. They also do a better job of concealing blemishes, which are more likely in outdoor spaces. Most homeowners opt for deep grays and burnt oranges. Terra cotta, brick, and slate are popular options for patios and driveways. With that said, lighter colors stay cooler. As such, they are popular options for pool patios and places with the potential for barefoot traffic.

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The Pros Recommended A Decorative Concrete Finish

Instead of getting my outdoor living area covered with tile, the tile pros recommended I pay someone to cover my concrete slabs with a flexible and decorative concrete finish.

The cost would be much less than laying tile on my shifting slabs. They recommended various decorative finishes, including the Behr Premium Granite Grip.

Best of all, the experienced tile pros hinted that I might be able to do this job myself.

Apply 2nd And 3rd Coats

BEHR PREMIUM® Decorative Concrete Dye

The second coat was much less exhausting to apply I didnt have to use as much pressure to roll the Granite Grip around.

Do not apply in direct sunlight

Because I was in a hurry to finish the job, I made a mistake in my application. I rolled on some of the second and third coats in direct afternoon sunlight.

That direct sunlight might have been the cause of bubbles which appeared in two areas. Thankfully, the bubbles were pretty easy to correct .

The lesson I learned the hard way was: do not apply decorative concrete finishes in direct sunlight. As far as I know, thats true for any decorative outdoor concrete finish.

The pros told me I should have used a spray gun for a faster application

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How Long Does Behr Concrete Stain Last


. Subsequently, one may also ask, how long does concrete stain last?

With stained concrete, the concrete itself will last for many years, potentially over 100 years. However, for the stain to last, the floors will need to be sealed or waxed once or twice per year.

Furthermore, what’s the difference between concrete stain and concrete dye? Concrete stains chemically react with the concrete, while concrete dyes are nonreactive. Concrete stains are made of hydrochloric acid and metallic salts. These create a chemical reaction with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete to permanently alter the color of the floor.

Also question is, what is the best concrete stain?

*Coverage is approximate and depends on surface, porosity, temperature and method of application.

  • VIVID Acid Stain Walnut Best All-round Stain.
  • Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain Best Concrete Acid Stain.
  • VIVID Acid Stain Coffee Best Stain for Driveways and Garage Floor.
  • Is it better to stain or paint concrete?

    Concrete stain embeds the surface to color it translucently, while opaque concrete paint covers the top of the concrete but is subject to chipping and peeling when improperly applied. Concrete stains go on quicker, dry faster and take less work than concrete paint, but they offer no significant protection.

    My Behr Premium Granite Grip Review

    This is my Behr Premium Granite Grip review, based on my personal experiences as a DIYer. I used this slip-resistant and decorative concrete finish to cover 650 square feet of outdoor living space.

    My honest observations are my own, and I did not receive compensation or free products for this review. All I am is a typical DIYer who prepped the concrete surface, applied the product, and dealt with problems as they arose.

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    How To Apply Behr Premium Granite Grip

    I went to Home Depot and bought two 5-gallon cans of Behr Premium Granite Grip. It was expensive stuff, but was a little less expensive than competing brands.

    While I was there, I also bought two gallons of a clean-and-etch product, along with two adhesive roller covers with a 1/4 inch nap. I was ready to begin my preparation and application.

    Available Rust Bullet Color Flakes Color Blend Options:

    BEHR Premium 5 gal. #GG
    • Electric Blue Blend
    • Desert Sand Blend
    • Autumn Brown Blend
    • Size Standardized Size Ranges
    • Renewable, Sanitary and Safe

    One color blend of our Rust Bullet® Color Flakesis capable of producing multiple style options by increasing or decreasing the broadcast density of the product. Heres what we mean.

    Contact us for all your industrial, home & farm, , automotive, and concrete application needs. For more information, call Rust Bullet, LLC at 1-800-245-1600 or email us at . We cant wait to discuss your next project!

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    Best For Your Walls: Rtg Supply Co Concrete Paint

    RTG Supply Co., which sells almost exclusively through Amazon, offers great interior and exterior concrete paint for the money. At $29.99 for a quart, this paint is a little more expensive than some others in the lineup, but it doesnt require any primer or applicator . It also extends pretty far, as a quart will completely cover 80100 square feet.

    RTG Supply Co paints are available in four colors: white, light gray, sand, and amber/clear. This paint is UV stable to resist fading in sunlight and has high ratings for ease of use. This product is not made to be as tough as a garage or driveway paint, so take that into consideration if your wall faces a yard thats mowed often and will have debris thrown on it.

    Price on Amazon: $29.99

    Interior Concrete Paint Color Ideas

    Before you choose a paint color for your interior concrete floor, think about your design goals. Indoor spaces are usually exposed to less light. As such, lighter shades of paint are often preferred in these spaces. Unlike concrete stains, concrete paints create a uniform coating. They also create a protective layer that fends off moisture, heat, and pressure.

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    Nobody Wanted To Lay My Tile

    I called a few reputable tile setters, and they came over to give me a quote. When they saw the condition of my concrete pads in my outdoor living area, they all recommended that I do not get tile installed.

    What is slab heave?

    The tile setters cited various problems, all of which seemed to revolve around slab heave. They pointed out the cracks on a few of my slabs. In addition, one slab was slightly higher than the slab it butted up against.

    Slab heave, they patiently explained, is especially prevalent in areas with clay soils. Here in southern Arizona, clay-based soil is common.

    The clay absorbs water when it rains, and dries out unevenly during periods of drought. As the moisture varies in the clay-based soil, it can shift slabs just enough to crack them or heave them up. Thats slab heave.

    Apply First Coat With Roller

    Step 3 Accent Color

    When I applied my first coat of Granite Grip, I used an inexpensive roller cover that was specially made for adhesives. It had a 1/4 inch nap.

    Apply all coats when temps are 50 to 90 degrees

    The manufacturer recommended applying Granite Grip when temperatures are in the 50-to-90 degree range. As I rolled out the product, I did notice it became less easy to work with as the temperatures crept into the 80s.

    Since I live in Phoenix, Arizona, it was important I get the job done before temperatures approached triple digits. Luckily, I finished just in time, because temperatures hit the upper 90s and never looked back.

    Use pressure on the roller for the base coat

    The adhesive roller cover really did a nice job of spreading the Granite Grip over the concrete. I dipped the roller into the 5 gallon can, and used pressure to roll it into the crevices of the etched concrete.

    In addition, I changed the direction as I rolled. It was similar to the way I would brush in different directions while painting a wall with regular paint.

    Use light coverage for the first coat

    Even though the first coat will not look very attractive, its important to only apply a light coat. The solution will bind to the crevices in the etched concrete and provide a good base for subsequent coats.

    In my case, the first coat felt dry within an hour or less. However, to be sure it cured enough, I allowed it to dry 24 hours before I started with the second coat.

    Wrap roller in plastic overnight

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    Using Paint Colors To Create Artistic Effects

    You can use multiple paint colors to create stunning artistic designs. From blending to marbling, theres no limit to concrete paint. You can also mimic concrete stain without shelling out the big bucks for these pricey treatments.

    One of my favorite concrete paint designs features a dark gray base coat with white mandalas stenciled over it. This paint job was the focal point of a renovated kitchen. Its a great example of how paint can completely transform a living space.

    Concrete Stain Vs Concrete Dye

    These terms cover a variety of products, and the right choice will depend on the state of the concrete surface youre working on, as well as your desired end result. When it comes to concrete stain vs. dye, the main difference is that a stain will chemically react with the concrete, while a dye will simply permeate the material. Heres some more information on both concrete stains and concrete dyes.

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    Choose A Concrete Stain If:

    • Youre working on an exterior surface. Stains are better able to withstand ultraviolet light and are also less likely to wash away when exposed to the elements. If youre set on using a dye, youll need to apply a UV sealereven if your installation is located indoors!
    • You want to imitate another material, such as polished marble or tanned leather.
    • The chosen color palette calls for earthy tones, such as terra cotta or tan.

    How Rust Bullet Works


    When Rust Bullet is applied over rusted metal it penetrates the substrate, dehydrates the rust, until reaching the metal. This allows the resin to become intertwined with the rust, then becomes part of the coating and solidifies into an armor tough coating with phenomenal adhesion.

    * $9.75 Flat Rate shipping on orders shipped to the 48 contiguous United States.

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    Fini Dcoratives En Bton

    Revêtements de sol uniques conçus pour transformer les surfaces de béton intérieures/extérieures ordinaires en fini décoratives extraordinaires.

    Un revêtement pour planchers de haute performance qui offre un fini unique texturé et moucheté pour les surfaces horizontales de béton et de maçonnerie.

    Bénéficiez des qualités protectrices d’une teinture durable et résistante aux intempéries sans sacrifier le style de la teinture.

    Inspirez-vous! Découvrez les outils de couleur, obtenez des conseils de conception et trouvez de l’aide pour choisir la couleur parfaite pour votre prochain projet.

    La sélection de couleurs peut être un processus intimidant. Nous pouvons vous aider à trouver les bonnes teintes pour vos pièces avec lambiance que vous voulez.

    Trouvez votre parfaite couleur! Explorez, agencez et visualisez vos choix de couleurs dans des images de pièce. Notre outil vous facilite la tâche.

    Best Waterproofer: Ugl Drylok Masonry Waterproof

    If you live in an area with a lot of moisture, such as the Southeast or the Pacific Northwest, youll likely have moisture issues with garages and basements that are completely or partially below ground. This paint from UGL excels at keeping water out of these areas while also offering stain resistance.

    This product is available in blue, white, gray, and beige, and will run about $40 a gallon depending on the seller. You can expect to cover around 75100 square feet per gallon, and two coats are recommended.

    Price on Amazon: Starting at $41.79

    *Pricing information as of 05/21/2020

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    Tips On Sifting Through Color Choices

    There are a lot of concrete paint color options. How do you hone in on just one? I recommend opting for a color that compliments any preexisting architectural elements. Look at the color of your home, trim, walls, roof, and patio. Choose a color that compliments these elements well.

    Whats more, think about how a concrete floor color will affect the value you of your home. Bold, dramatic options wont appeal to all buyers.

    I recommend choosing a versatile neutral.

    Neutrals enable you to change up your decor. Remember, concrete floor paint lasts several years. Youre going to be stuck with your paint color for a long time.

    If youre having trouble picking a concrete paint, visit your local hardware store for color chips or paint samples. Whats more, look through home and garden periodicals to find the perfect color palette.

    If youre happy with the color of your walls or outdoor architectural elements, opt for a paint color that is the same but a few shades darker. Coordinated colors create instant harmony. Another option is to refer to a paint manufacturers color collections. Paint manufacturers produce booklets and paint chips that feature designer-developed color palettes. Not only can these help you choose a solid concrete paint color, but they can also inspire your interior decoration choices.

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