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Basket Decor For Living Room

Stacking Wire Baskets In Pantry

JAPANDI Style Living Room On A Budget | Minimalist JAPANDI Living Room Ideas & Decor

The humble wire basket gets a modern upgrade with these Bronze York Open Stack Baskets from The Container Store. Storing onions, potatoes, squash and more, these bulk bins also stack so you can maximize space inside the pantry.

The Container Store

Store potatoes and onions in wire baskets in your pantry or in a cabinet to maximize their freshness. The open basket will keep the root vegetables dry, and a cabinet or a pantry provides a cool, dark environment.

A Home For Bills/papers To Be Sorted

Remember my I tackled recently? I have improved on my distribution substantially but whenever we get a new piece of mail that will need attention soon, it goes right here. I vowed not to throw anything in my drawers but putting them in a closed box on top of the counter has worked really well without paper clutter getting out of hand.

Similar Lidded Basket | Similar Black Pom Pom

Make Your Living Room More Lively

Wall baskets, such as African or tobacco baskets, are very popular as wall decorations. They have been and will continue to be a 2022 home decor trend. These are a quick and easy way to add texture and warmth to your home.

Hanging any basket that you want, for example, bamboo or metal basketswill add color and texture to your space in a noticeable way. As a result, these one-of-a-kind designs bring any wall a new life and make it shine.

The basket hangs on the wall hook to efficiently use the wall surface for storage and free up floor space for a more open room.

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Work As An Art Element For The Room

When people want to decorate a wall, they often think of pictures, bookcases, or clocks, but they don’t realize that wall baskets can serve the same purpose. Sometimes with just a few simple baskets, you can still turn empty walls into true wall art.

Baskets come with special patterns and many basic sizes and shapes. Thus, when we attach the baskets to the wall, it will create a unique style. This decoration is not only simple to put together, but it can also draw attention to an empty wall at alow cost.

Living room decor with baskets will be perfect if you pay attention to the harmony of the basket wall with the furniture in the house. The color of the basket, for example, should be the same as the color of the sofa or artistic flower vases.

As the baskets themselves are a work of art, arrange them with other baskets with similar patterns.

Storage Baskets Near Furniture

DIY Greenery Basket Decor

In the living room, let storage baskets take the place of side tables next to seating. Large rattan baskets like these classic Better Homes & Gardens baskets are perfect for storing extra throw blankets within reach of the sofa. Use small vessels to collect magazines, mail, and books. Keep the look casual by choosing mismatched baskets.

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Living Room Decorations That Work For Various Interior Designs

You can easily find beautiful decor that enhances just about any interior living room design, from woven baskets to home décor wall art.

While you can find at least 101 ideas for living room decorations, we are narrowing down the list to our favorite ideas. From woven baskets to home décor wall art, you can enhance your interior living room design by keeping the following decorating ideas in mind.

Industrial Wire Basket As End Table

via contemporist

Enhance your decor while resorting to a practical storage solution with an industrial wire basket as a side table. It not only upgrades your farmhouse-industrial style space but also works as a storage basket to keep books, toys, blankets, board games, and more.

via livingly

Another way to incorporate wire baskets in your vintage farmhouse-style home decor is by using them as plant shelves. Accommodating wire basket shelves in your contemporary garden or abode can really make a statement. They suspend your plants in mid-air, creating a perfect exhibition of your prized cacti.

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Wire Basket As Bathroom Accents

Another take on wire baskets is to use them as bathroom accents. That will add an artisanal decor element to your bathroom. Here vintage wire baskets on floating shelves add character and originality to this bathroom decor. It is a clever organization option that also adds visual interest to the shelves.

A wire basket is a great detail to a farmhouse-style bathroom and perfectly combines beauty and functionality. Organize face products and toiletries or roll guest towels in simple wire baskets to elevate the design of your bathroom. You can also display an indoor plant vase to give an aesthetic lift.

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Labeled Baskets In Pantry

20 HIGH END Dollar Tree DIY Room Decor Ideas to try!

Gathering like items guarantees youll be able to find what you need, advise the organizing pros behind Neat Method. Start with basic groups like baking, breakfast, grains and snacks.

Michelle Drewes,

Speaking of the pantry, try organizing it with baskets. By separating your dry goods into groups, youll be able to keep tabs on your supply and locate items faster.

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Additional Tips & Tidbits

  • While sizes and shapes can easily be mixed and matched in a room, be wary of mixing materials. If your goal is to create a neat and tidy look, too many competing textures can end up looking cluttered.
  • If you do want to use baskets with a variety of textures, try looking for ones that are roughly the same size and shape so that there is a common trait among them.
  • To update the look of a basket, consider embellishing it with ribbon or painted numbers.
  • You can easily personalize a storage basket with names using clothespins or ribbon to attach names to the basket.
  • Do be careful when storing clean linens in baskets, as some baskets tend to shed and will get your linens dirty!
  • If youre displaying a collection, remember to group it together to create greater impact and keep it looking tidy.
  • Flat woven baskets that dont get used often will tend to show dust more than other types of woven baskets. Try using compressed air to dust those hard-to-reach spots!

Whats your favorite idea for decorating with baskets?

Living Room With Stylish Storage Baskets

Beautiful baskets in bright prints or unique textures do a great job corralling toys and extra blankets, but theyre also a great way to add decor to a small space without cluttering up a room.

©Jodi McKee

Jodi McKee

The living room is a central gathering spot, so whether you intend for them to or not, your kids’ things will probably find their way into your living space. Instead of incessantly moving every item to its proper room, designate a pretty living room basket for their favorite toys and books.

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Use Baskets As A Table

If I am stashing things away I really love lidded baskets! They look neat no matter whats inside!

And the quintessential lidded basket for maximum storage is a basket that also doubles as a table!

Heres where I keep extra pillows and blankets for snuggling!

Now grab a basket, set your timer and style it one of these 5 ways!

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Take Advantage Of Wasted Space

Worldwide Home in 2020

Many homeowners make the mistake of letting the awkward space above their cabinets or atop their refrigerator collect dust.

Why dont you add storage baskets for items you rarely use?

We recommend using a wire or fabric basket if your shelf often becomes oily from stove exposure.

Alternatively, get a basket that is both durable enough to store your stuff and stylish enough to not feel out of place.

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Wire Basket Seasonal Vignette

Wire baskets make gorgeous personalized seasonal decor and can easily be repurposed for every occasion throughout the year. Like in the above Fall/Thanksgiving rustic-styled wire basket vignette example.

How about styling a rustic wire basket with your favorite roses? The best part is that this strategy works year-round. The only thing that needs updating is the flowers, or get artificial ones that would last longer.

Round And Rectangle Basket With Low Sides

These are my go-to baskets for vignettes! They will corral items nicely, and the contents of the basket are very visible!

I especially love them for creating vignettes. And baskets are a major part of these decorating powerhouses.

Think about using sturdy baskets with low sides. Handles would be nice too. Start collecting both round and rectangle baskets to use in your vignettes.

These low sturdy baskets are also great for organizing magazines and books and papers. They look pretty and neat and give things that tend to get messy or disorganized a tidy home.

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Contemporary Nursery With Striped Throw

Baby’s room is filled with simple, beautiful pieces like the carved wood crib, toe-tickling shag rug and for storage, a large basket with handles and a lid. Pastel shapes make a pretty gallery wall.

Amy Bartlam

Who said the baby doesnt need a laundry hamper? Keep those dirty onesies in one spot with a pretty basket.

Use Them To Corral Items

DIY Basket Wall Decor

Baskets are beautiful things! They create texture and interest in home decor and can also corral, organize and hide items out of sight! If you have space on a shelf or table or even the floor, think baskets!

I am wild about baskets because they are a decor win/win in my book!

They look amazing and can hide lots of things inside! Im not talking junk Im talking about organizing. You can organize a myriad of household items in plain sight.

When you need to organize do it with baskets! And decorating with baskets is a bonus too!

Here are some things that can find a home in a pretty basket

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% Natural Materials Boho Farmhouse Decor

Contemporary Additions to Any Room: These beautiful woven wall hanging baskets add a unique and exquisite style to your home with their simple yet elegant design their natural, understated charm provides the perfect accent to a variety of living spaces such as the family room, bedroom, and more places.

100% Natural Materials: All materials are locally sourced, cut by hand, dried in the sun, processed, and finally woven into boho wall baskets.

Blue And White Bathroom With Basket

A basket is a smart place to stash extra towels in a bathroom with not a lot of storage. White tiles on the wall and floor visually brighten and lighten the space.

Jared Kuzia Photography

Especially if your bathroom lacks cabinet space, finding a spot to store clean towels is a must. Enter, the basket. Roll your towels for a casual feel .

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Make Baskets Part Of A Vignette

A vignette should be something you have mastered! Because they add an instant focal point to any room.

And my favorite way to create them is in a basket!

A basket gives them a defined space and lots and lots of pretty texture. Oh, our eyes really love a well-curated vignette!

Over the years Ive collected quite a stash of amazing round, square and mostly flat-sided baskets to call into service as the foundation of a vignette!

Contemporary Bathroom With Floating White Marble Vanity And Black Hexagonal Tile Floor

Boho living room basket wall

The floating white marble vanity includes two sinks and attached drawers underneath for built in storage space. Black hexagon tiles create a sharp contrast to the white surroundings. Wicker baskets add a nice texture and provide extra organized storage.

Breeze Giannasio

Have space under your bathroom counter or cabinet? Find baskets that fit neatly into the unused nook. Store anything from extra soap to extra linens to keep your bathroom organized.

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Linen Closet Storage Baskets

Streamline a crowded linen closet with various sizes of baskets for storage on shelves. Large, lidded wicker baskets work well for bulky items such as blankets, sheets, and bath towels. Use shallow wire storage baskets or fabric bins to corral miscellaneous items such as candles and extra toiletries. Label each container with easy-to-read tags.

Baskets As Wall Decor

Baskets with low sides make great wall decor! They can be grouped together or displayed individually and are a great alternative to a traditional piece of artwork.

Theyre also perfect for tucking into a small spot where you need just a little something.

I love to use long hanging baskets, filled with greenery or summery florals on my walls too!

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Creative Ways To Use Wicker Baskets

Im just going to come out and say it: I have a wicker basket OBSESSION. And I actually didnt even realize how far my obsession has gone until just a few days ago when my husband made a comment about how many baskets we have sitting around the house. And you know what? Hes right. I couldnt argue with him. We do in fact have an abnormal amount of wicker baskets in our home. But in my defense, they serve a dual purpose of both decor and storage. I use them in pretty much every room of our homethe living room, dining room, the kids room, even the kitchen. Theyre definitely one of my favorite things to decorate with, so today I thought it would be fun to share 10 creative ways to use wicker baskets in your home!


1.Linen closet storage. I love using wicker baskets for storing towels and sheets in our linen closet. They keep everything nice and organized, but also add a lot of pizazz to this little space. You can also use them in your pantry too.

2. Side table decor. Who says you cant use a wicker tray on top of a side table? I did this recenlty in our bedroom and I LOVE it. It adds so much warmth and texture to an otherwise simple table.

3. For the Plants. One of my favorite ways to use wicker baskets is with greeneryboth faux and real! I recently put my new fiddle tree in a wicker basket and I love how it looks. Just be sure to use a ceramic pot or planter for the tree itself, then disguise it with a basket!

Baskets As A Disguise

Dollar Tree Basket Decor DIY / Large Storage Basket DIY

Using a basket to disguise something unsightly in a room is a great decorator trick! For example, I accidentally hung these draperies too high , but since theyre really only visible from this end of the window, a strategically placed basket hides the problem.

When we added remote controlled gas logs to our fireplace, I was super disappointed to find out that the receiver had to sit outside of the firebox.

No worries though I simply make sure to keep a basket of some sort in front of it to hide the ugly little black box. Youd never know its there and the remote still functions just fine.

Do you have any unique ways that you use decorative woven baskets around your home?

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Wire Basket As Table Vignette

A wire basket can be a practical styling item to add both natural and artificial elements together to create an attractive piece. Use it to your imagination. Play with different elements to achieve the look you are after. It may take some adjustments here and there, however, the result is always stunning.

via sarahjoyblog

A wire basket is a great way to adorn your coffee table with aged metal a must-have for an authentic farmhouse or industrial style. Integrating a wire basket as a table vignette creates visual interest.

You can place stacks of books, a flower vase, or magazines in the wire basket to balance out the look.

Using a wooden rack to adjust the height of the tabletop decor will solidify the style of your arrangement.

Baskets For Storage On Shelves

Open shelves aren’t just a pretty spot to display books and collectibles they can also ensure that often-used items are easy to access. Line up identical baskets on a shelf to organize reading materials, TV remotes, and other small items. Employ large wicker storage baskets on a lower shelf to stash extra throw blankets.

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Beautiful And Easy To Hang

Easy To Hang: Each hanging woven wall basket has a strong loop incorporated into the back of it for effortless hanging, simply hammer a nail into the wall and hook the basket on the nail. Open the package and hang immediately on nail, hook, or fastener. Each of our customized indoor wall hanging baskets comes with a loop on the back for easy hanging.

Style As A Set Or Separate: this three basket set looks great styled together, individually, or added in addition to other wicker baskets for a complete decorative wall basket look.

Cool Ways To Use Baskets At Home Decor

20+ Awesome Basket Walls Boho Living Rooms Ideas You Will Totally Love ...

A basket is a great idea for many homes because of several reasons. First of all, its a comfy storage unit, second, it may be used for décor and third, its a comfy and cozy touch to any interior. If you think that a basket isnt for your décor style, you are wrong cause there are baskets of all types and looks, which can match any interior: woven wicker, knit and crochet or even metal wire ones. How can you use them in your home?

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