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Basement Game Room Wall Decor

How To Decorate A Game Room

A chic and cozy basement living room for a family of five

To decorate a game room, youll want to consider three factors:

  • Which types of games your family most enjoys
  • Color themes to accentuate games and fit your homes other décor
  • What accessories, gear, and furniture youll need

If your family and friends love to sprawl out on the floor over a good game of Monopoly while sharing popcorn or chocolate covered pretzels, youll want a big enough open floor space and low-to-the-ground tables to keep those snacks off the carpet.

Have a household of video-gamers? Plush couches or gaming chairs, a nearby mini-fridge, and blackout curtains for the windows are must-haves.

For more of an adult-themed game room space, explore a home bar option to add to your game room so you dont have to keep running in and out of the room for refills.

Beyond just the basics, there is plenty you can do with furniture arrangements, creative storage options, and a cozy and fun atmosphere.

Our best game room setup tip: keep decorative pieces to a minimum but tables and seating plentiful, and go all out on the TV!

Basement Bowling Alley With Disco Effect Lighting

Which one of us wouldnt want to have a bowling alley in our home! A great activity to spend time with your family. The game room features a pinsetter masking unit with bowling-themed graphic panels, a computer scoring system with overhead TV monitors, and a pedestal-mounted keypad. Disco effect lighting spirit up the room. You can sit on the wooden chairs while other members playing.

ID# 109206

Design A Refueling Station

Dont forget to add a bar to your game room to ensure snacks and gamer fuel are always close. A wet bar with high-top stools creates additional seating for guests or spectators and livens up your entertaining space. If you dont have the space for a full bar, simply add a mini fridge to chill your drinks.

Want to make more space for your gaming room? Extra Space Storage has convenient self storage locations throughout the U.S. that can help you declutter and make room for what matters most. Find a storage unit near you!

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Game Rooms Of Different Shapes And Sizes

Not everyone has enough space for a designated game roomits one of the most popular uses for a finished basementbut even if you have to squeeze the fun into a portion of a room otherwise used for a different purpose, its hard to beat the appeal of a space entirely devoted to having a good time. Whether yours is mostly used for family time, a spot for the kids to blow off steam, an entertaining zone, or even your own me time, the following game room ideas will help you design the space of your dreams.

Luxury Design Made For Entertaining

Cool Unfinished Basement Remodeling Ideas for any Budget

Sharing your passions with friends is half the fun, especially when theyre willing to come over and help you beat your high score. Adding a bar and a few arcade machines to your décor will take your room from man cave to cool hangout space, especially if you plan to throw parties or host multi-player LAN gaming sessions. With so many awesome arcade game room ideas, guys should be creative and have fun. Even on a budget, there are ways to setup your area to look modern and classy.

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Cool Computer Setup With Easy Video Game Art

Infuse personality into your space by starting with an awesome gaming computer setup and adding a gallery wall to decorate the room. Art goes great with any space as long as you take the time to frame the prints for a more stylish finish. Otherwise, your gallery might come off as childish instead of posh.

Basement Game Room Ideas With Light Wooden Floor

Gray cozy sofa allows comfortable seating for playing video games or movie nights! Sports equipment can be a great wall decor in your game room, in this design hockey stick was used on a brick wall. Hockey players photographs complete this theme perfectly. If you dont have extra space for a gym you can place a bicycle in your game room. Spot lightings are a perfect choice in this room with small windows.

ID# 109208 | Credit |

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Personalized Game Room Dcor

To make your game room more unique to your family, make aspects specific to each member the highlights of the space.

Great personalized game room design ideas include displaying a homemade chess set on the center table, highlighting trophies from sports or other championships, or carrying the whole rooms theme around a favorite game or sport, such as baseball.

Dont forget to decorate for your gamers tastes! Whoever is going to be using this room most should have some say in the overall look and feel.

For younger kids, dont commit to wall décor for characters or games that theyll soon grow out of. Make sure each piece is easy to update and rotate out over time.

For room decoration games for girls, opt for her favorite colors or game characters. Create a comfortable space thats perfect for having friends over.

Living Room Gaming Setup With Minimal Dcor In Apartment

Scrabble Wall Art

Not all home decor has to be dark and edgy. An airy space with tons of natural light will work just as well, especially if youre the type of person who embraces a more minimalist approach to decor. All you need to do is make sure that your TV stand has enough space to store your gaming accessories.

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Cool Room With Furniture And Office Area

When designing your video game room, consider incorporating a seating area so youll have a space to entertain friends. If you go for a comfy couch, it can double as a bed for when youre way too tired to reach your bedroom. Blue is a relaxing color, which makes it a popular choice. Add a pop of yellow to make the space more inviting.

Functional Home Office With Gaming Area

Using a screen divider is a clever way to incorporate an area into your bedroom or home office. In this case, notice how the design elements blend seamlessly while adding individuality to each zone. Theoffice space is brighter and features a prominent motivational print, while the space grabs your attention thanks to the darker colors and a masculine vibe.

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Solo Gaming Or Family Gaming

A basement game room can serve many purposes. It could be a family-friendly space for everyone to have a laugh and hold some friendly foosball competitions. On the other hand, it could be a solo PC gaming room. In this example above, we have a family gaming room with a sumptuous seating area for card games or board games and movie nights. If you have ample space, you could incorporate some of these elements into your basement game room.

Classic Pool Table In Basement Game Room Ideas

Stained Concrete

Classic pool table absolutely the focal point of the room. The pendant light right on the pool table allows a lighter playing area. You can make a chess tournament on the red-grey chess table. Large charts on the claret red painted wall matching perfectly with the game rooms atmosphere. The small bar area provides a relaxing space between the games!

ID# 109203 | Credit |

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Modern Game Room With Mirrored Ceiling

Look at the reflection of the pole table and picture frames on the ceiling! LED lights getting the attraction in the pool table. Square-shaped panels and wooden laths bring mobility to white walls. Upper built-in cabinets provide extra storage and maximizing the functionality of the room. Wooden flooring completes this look thoroughly.

ID# 109223 | Credit |

Basement Esports Room At Illinois State

Illinois State University the first public institution in Illinois with a varsity esports team has officially launched their esports arena called The Vault.Redbird Esports varsity teams will compete in the new arena and scholarships will be available for students players.

Attribution: Twitter

Last year, Illinois State University unveiled a new gaming center that it called The Vault. The space was designed for competitive gaming, but it will also be used for game design classes or for casual players with less gaming experience.

The rig includes 25 gaming PCs, each with gaming peripherals, high-end monitors, and gaming chairs. The dark-colored walls and backlit logo have made an impression on Illinois State fans. One user commented, Where do I find the backlit bird head for my basement. #takemymoney.

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Before You Get Started

Here are some things to consider before you start to design your game room:

  • Plan in advance how you will use the space and design it from there.
  • Will it be a space for the kids to go?
  • Will it be used as more of a man cave? Or will it be a versatile space where kids and adults can hangout, play games and entertain?


  • Will this be a larger basement game room or are you converting a bedroom or bonus space?
  • One of the best ways to tackle game room designs is to pre-plan zones.
  • Do you have room for upscale options like a pool table, home theatre or a devoted video game room? Can you built out a full gaming experience, complete with arcade games and pinball machines?
  • When you’re planning out the space, remember to leave room for people to move about comfortably.

Noise level

  • While games like ping-pong and air hockey can be exciting, they are also guaranteed to make some noise. Consider soundproofing your rec room so sound wont travel and fun can be had without disturbing the entire house. You may also want to opt for carpet rather than laminate or tile floors to absorb the sound.

The Insides Matter Too

Interior Design Small Space Makeover: A Bright And Cheerful Basement

For most of this article, weve focused on design elements for the whole room. However, most of the concentration in a gaming room is going to be on your gaming device. Its aesthetics are going to matter as well. It may be worth the extra money to purchase the pretty PC parts for the extra wow factor.

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Entertaining Basement Game Room Ideas With Colorful Graffiti Walls

Nobody wants to live in this custom-designed game room! Graffiti arts are popping up on the columns and at the end of the alley. A light wooden bowling alley shines out under these gorgeous sky-viewed ceiling panels with the help of pendant lightings. You can relax and sip your drinks at this red bar between the games.

ID# 109221

Colorful Game Room Design With Bubble Pendant Lights

Love the color palette popping up on the gray room. Each detail was chosen conscientiously. You can sit and play games or watch a movie with your family on the colorful l-shaped sofa. You can sit also on the soft carpeted floor. Wooden detailed coffee table and floating shelves bring a cozy look and match with the stone fireplace. Green stickers are designed as a forest.

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Go All Out With A Game Room Theme

If youre super passionate about one game, use it as inspiration for your entire space! Whether its PacMan, Pikachu, or Princess Peach, use your favorite video game characters and their worlds as game room wall decor. Dont want to stick to just one game room theme? Mix and match for a playful variety!

Address Moisture And Temperature Control Issues

basement corner card tables

First and foremost, youll want to make sure your basement is a comfortable place for your friends to gather. This doesnt mean you need to completely finish the basement, but even an unfinished basement needs to be warm and dry enough for comfort. If you dont have major dampness issues, a space heater and dehumidifier may be all you need.

For basement that are damp, leaking or flooded, youll need to fix that first before proceeded. Fortunately, this is a LOT easier than you may think! Most basement water leaks can be stopped by simple improvements in roof gutters or grading around the foundation perimeter, without having to spend thousands on a basement waterproofing contractor.

Estimated Cost: Basement waterproofing isnt cheap, but its rarely needed. Expect to spend around $500 or less improving your gutter system to carry water away from the house and to regrade soil so that it slopes away from your foundation. Dont hire a so called waterproofer as they always sell expensive systems that are rarely needed, and do so by trying to spread needless fear and panic to get to your wallets!

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Creative Game Room Decor Ideas

Why go out when you can gather with friends at home and enjoy all that your at home game space has to offer? If you’re looking to take your rec room to the next level, you won’t want to look further than these 20 stunning spaces that make leisure time look super stylish. Whether you’re hoping to set up a home theater or just need a cozy spot to play board games, let the following rooms inspire you.

Ways To Transform Your Basement Into The Ultimate Game Room

Your basement can be more than a laundry room with added storage and a furnace. Depending on the style of your house, you could have an entire extra level of space where you could be living your best life. Whether you dream of high-tech gaming heaven or a sophisticated space to entertain friends and family, these basement game room ideas will inspire you to transform your basic basement into a hangout that will be the envy of all your friends.

Getting Started on a Basement Game Room Transformation

Before you start getting into the actual design of your new game room, you’ll need to take stock of where you are. If you’re starting with an unfinished basement, your prep work may be more complicated, but even a partially finished basement will probably need a little bit of work. Here’s a quick and dirty blueprint for tackling basement prep.

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Basement Game Room For A Console Collector

Attribution:BIG0H Reddit

Collectors of gaming consoles know that storage can be a challenge, and so this homeowner has a great idea to build his own perfectly-sized shelving unit. With 24 individual cubbies, the gamer can keep a few consoles hooked up at a time, using a switcher box as a toggle. The rest of the room uses cube storage shelving that matches the console cubbies, but its dimensions are better suited for displaying collectables.

Do you want to transform your basement into the ultimate gamer paradise? Before you get your consoles, decor, and other gear out, you need to make sure your basement is safe and dry. Start your renovation with a free inspection with your local basement waterproofing experts.

Chill Area With Clean Design

Interior Design A Fresh Family Basement Makeover

At first glance, this appears to be a typical living room. Look closer though and youll notice the thin tower speakers, perfectly organized game collection, and oversized poster. This only comes to prove that your gaming area can be a stylish space as long as you get some sleek furniture and keep clutter to a minimum. Perfect if you only have a living room to accommodate your needs.

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Design Your Own Sports Room

Love baseball, football, soccer, or golf? Use it for your home game room design. Sports room decor is not for fair-weather fans, so pay tribute to your team by utilizing memorabilia as wall decor, shelf decorations, and even light fixtures. Heres a simple decor project: create a DIY jersey frame for your favorite players!

Retro Gamer Basement Recreating The 1980s

Attribution:Kirkwood1994 Reddit

This retro basement was built during COVID-19 as a recreation of the gamer basements from the 1980s. On display are old Commodore PETs, a machine running Windows 98, floppy disks, and more. Gamer credentials include classic Pac-Man, which earned its legacy from early players as one of the greatest video games of all time.

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Try Some Diy Decor Ideas

Take your DIY efforts a step further and create some basement game room ready decor for the walls. Save up your wine corks to make the ideal backboard for darts. Use vintage street signs and license plates to add fun pops of color on the walls and stairs. Thrift store picture frames can easily become a fun decorative opportunity if you use them to frame up a DIY chalkboard made of chalkboard paint. Little thrift ideas like this can turn the space into a vibrant and fantastical space for fun and games.

Cozy Apartment Gaming Room Design

Billiards Basement

Theres no need to go overboard in order to put together the video game room of your dreams. If youre a chill guy who is content with only a comfy chair and cool entertainment system, keep the décor to a minimum. A couple of prints and a couch for when friends visit are enough to complete the look.

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Add Interest To The Walls

You might prefer to stick with neutrals in other areas of your home, but why not throw caution to the wind when it comes to your game room ideas? There are many ways to make the walls a lot more fun than an expanse of white paint: choose a bold paint color instead, hang a gallery wall full of favorite family or vacation photos, use a self-stick mural to create an accent wall, or easiest of all, slap up some self-adhesive decals that highlight the rooms uses, such as these video game-themed decals from Etsy.

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