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App For Home Decor Design

Artfully Walls Try On Wall

Houzz App – Home decorating and planning in a snap. Review & Demo by Francie Black

Available for iOS and Android free

Settling on art for your home may not always be as easy as buying what you love. Online art destination Artfully Walls helps you decide on an arrangement with its Try on Wall app, which uses augmented reality to display a preview of art you’re considering hanging on your own walls.

Amazing Home Decor Apps

Whether you want to do a little DIY home improvement or you are redecorating your entire living room, these home decor apps are for you. Finding colors, furniture, layouts and measurements have never been easier for weekend warriors.

1. Ikea Place Mobile App

If youve ever wondered what a piece of IKEA furniture would look like in your space without having to assemble it first, look no further. IKEAs enhanced reality app uses image technology to let you place items from their catalog in your home.

You simply scan the room you want to see an item in and choose a piece of furniture from the app. Then, you can see it magically appear in any room in your house. For those people who fear commitment, cant envision furniture layouts or have trouble mixing patterns, being able to visualize the space can be a great way to try before you buy. Oh, and did we mention its really fun to play around with?


In sewing, the saying is measure twice, cut once. But for DIY interior designers it feels more like measure twice, and then a third time, forget your measurements when you go to the store, run back home to get them, realize you forgot to measure your table, call it a day, put the project off.

3. Taskers

Taskers, a British home decor retailer, uses image search on their website to make it happen. Upload any screenshot and immediately see similar options:

4. Canvas by Occipital

How Does Modsys Online Design Service Work

Getting started with Modsy interior design is easy! Youll kick things off by sending us a few photos and measurements of your room. Well turn your images into a 3D model of your exact room. Its practically magic.

Meanwhile, you give us the scoop on your project, AKA take our Design Style Quiz, dish the details on your budget and project needs, and tell us about any furniture you want to keep in your design.

From there, one of our expert interior designers will create initial designs for your room. But these arent just regular designs. Youll get stunningly realistic 3D designs of your exact room, filled with real furniture and decor that you can shop on the spot.

From there, you can work with your designer to make tweaks or revisions until your designs are 100% right. Then,From there you can shop your favorite pieces directly from your designs with exclusive savings.

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The Dream And The Build

Edward and Hazel moved from Greater London to North Devon with their two daughters looking for a different pace of life. Their home was an ordinary 1950s house nestled between some of the best beaches in England. Here, average house prices are remarkably higher than in London.

But the couple planned to put all their savings on the line by knocking down their 1950s house and building something special in its place a lighthouse, or as Kevin put it, ‘a property that will resemble a lighthouse with a four-storey tower’.

Footage from 2011 showed Kevin visiting the couple at their home to gain an understanding about the mammoth project they were planning to undertake.

‘Ive always looked at it and thought, that would be so cool to knock it down and build a lighthouse,’ said Edward. ‘Once youve got a dream like that in your head, it just doesnt budge.’

According to Edward’s wife Hazel, their current house just ‘didnt do the spot justice’.

Kevin, however, saw the huge challenges in their way: ‘To me, putting a house on top of that cliff is madness because the cliff is crumbling away.’

But Edward was adamant about his design: ‘But the new house is taking that into account, its kind of embracing the cliff retreating, so you want to be as near to the edge as possible. Rock anchors, its just not a problem. But eventually when this sand disappears, all your outside space then almost hangs over the edge, which will be well that will be dramatic.’

So what happened next?

Apps To Redecorate Your Home From Your Phone

10+ Genius Interior Design Apps

Miranda Crace4 minute read April 20, 2016

These tools take the guesswork out of decorating and make shopping around easier!

You dont have to guess what that mid-century inspired lamp will look like in your living room. You can take a picture of your space and virtually drop it next to the sofa.

Wondering if the blue on that throw pillow will match the blue you have on your accent wall? Stop guessing and starting using these apps to make your home decorating process as smooth as can be.

Get a professional opinion.

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Best Home Design Apps For Mac And Windows:

Flawlessly build floor plans. Start in 2D to sketch the space walls or just upload a floor plan and follow the contour. Then instantly switch to 3D to add more information and make the room more believable.

Best tools to turn your visions into photo realization within minutes, from 2D plans to 3D prototypes.

A Neo membership is provided with a library of more than 50,000 pre-3D models. Drag and drop the adjustable objects directly into your project or add them to the checklist. For infinite modeling, you can even create your own 3D models. quick ly and efficiently make gorgeous interior designs. Neo also contains a variety of pre-fabricated furniture styles, bathrooms, workplaces and much more, internationally assembled. AI model is never seen before. Also, Get great quality no-time renderers

Works only on desktops and laptops with Mac or Windows on Google Chrome browser

The best part about this state-of-the-art software is it gives you a 14-day trial period

Ikea Room Planner App

This app has the logo of making your dream room a reality. You can launch your dream room on this interior design app that lets you choose from a variety of kitchen and dining room furniture and fit them to the exact measurements of your real home. You can rearrange different styles until you like the result and see the result in 3D. Then you can print with all the measurements to scale like an architect. This app gives interior decorators a look at the design process and even gives them a hint as to how to do a floor plan.

This app is offered free by the Ikea company.


  • Create floor plans of your own or build on a project from an existing gallery
  • Choose and customize furniture, accessories and decor elements from a regularly re-stored catalog
  • Apply hundreds of textures and colors in different combinations
  • Drag and drop items to any place on your layout

Price: free

iOS |

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Use These Best Home Design App For New Decorating Ideas & Remodeling Or Planning The Layout Of Your Room

If you cannot afford an interior designer for decorating your house or simply want to do it yourself to give your home a makeover, then its now easier than ever with the help of home decorating apps. On the other hand, you can also use home design apps to create floor plans and collect ideas to let your designer know how you want it. The recent advancement in Augmented Reality also makes it possible to experience different arrangement in real-time with virtual furniture and colors. These room design app also helps arrange the layout before you start shopping.

Room Planner Le Home Design App

Virtually Design Any Space with Free AR Home Design App

Room Planner, which is available in the app store for iPhone and Android phones, lets designers mock-up floor plans in 2D, and then translate them to 3D. You can experiment with the overall vision of a space by adding furniture and accessories and changing colors. And if that was not enough, all of your work can be shared via e-mail or Facebook, allowing you to get room mockups to your client instantly for fast approvals.

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Ikea Home Planner Tools

When you flip through the Ikea catalog, do you ever wish you could see how a certain bookshelf and desk would look in your space? You can Ikea now has a room designing software! With the free, easy-to-use Ikea home planner tool online, you can configure your floor plan, choose from the stores gallery of furniture and decor, calculate the cost, and print out your wishlist for in-store browsing.

Room-specific tools include a virtual kitchen planner, a bedroom planner, a bathroom planner, and storage planning solutions.

Rating: N/A

Ikea Home Planner Tools. Note they are not available on the App Store or on Google Play.

Chairish Furniture & Decor

Chairish app is a one-stop-shop for buying or selling chic, antique, and vintage decor pieces. It observes upwards of 1,000 new arrivals daily, so the options are literally never-ending. Expect to find brands like Herman Miller, Knoll, Christian Liaigre, amongst others.

With the View In Your Space feature, you can instantly visualize how it will look in your home. Most importantly, Chairishs curators review all submissions, and only the worthy makes the cut.

Price: Free

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Bug Takes Away Prizes

Ive contacted support about this once already and been completely unsatisfied with the response.The bug is still there. Ive had other designs disappear when it comes time to receive my rewards, and its becoming way more than annoying. Today, Im actually getting close to being infuriated. Today, one of my original designs disappeared. When I opened the app, it told me that the voting for Lakeside Treasure was complete, and I was excited, because my first design was ahead in the voting when I checked an hour or so ago. My heart sank when I saw that – AGAIN – only one of my designs was showing in the completed tab, and it was my redesign, which performed poorly. I clicked over to look at my profile, as you suggested, and it shows the design – which did in fact, come in first. However, since I didnt get to actually OPEN the winning design, I did not receive the XP, the gold, the star tokens, or the big box of decor items. THIS IS NOT OK. That XP, in-game currency and the decor item unlocks are what keep the game going.Im a fairly new player, but I have already spent $15 in real money on playing this game. I had intended on spending more, asking my husband for money to spend on Redecor as part of my Christmas gift. If you all do not fix this bug and give me the in-game rewards I have earned, I will not be spending any more money with your company, as it would just be throwing good money after bad.

Roomstyler 3d Home Planner

The Best Interior Design Apps You Can Find On Stores Right ...

Theres a lot to like about Roomstyler. Like HomeByMe, its very easy to use. In fact, its so intuitive that theres almost no need for the tutorial videos available. Which is another plus for this software. Of all the home design tools, this one has a tutorial video available for every question you might have about the tool.

The greatest perk about this software is that you can create a custom room in a matter of minutes. This app also allows you to furnish your space using products from real brands, meaning youll be decorating your plans with items you can purchase when youre ready for your design to materialise.

You’ll often find that some of your favourite brands and retailers have their own room 3D room planners online, which offers even more scope to visualise your space, and enables you to ‘try before you buy’. Take a look at our top picks below…

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Terry Fabrics Window Planner

Home furnishings retailer Terrys Fabrics have created an app Terrys Fabrics Window Planner that incorporated innovative imaging technology to showcase over 2,000 product and material variations of blinds to their customers.

The free of charge app works by simply directing the customer to take a photograph of their chosen window before adding the measurements of the window to the app. The app will then virtually showcase the thousands of variations of blinds that are available on site, and how they will look within the interiors of the customers home. Consumers have the opportunity to flick between their potential styles, before choosing the item they are ready to purchase.

This technology allows the customer to see for themselves how the products will look within their current home style, without having to wait for samples to arrive. The retailer believes that virtual reality is the future of online interior shopping as it allows customers to try before they buy in a way like never before. They also believe that customer satisfaction should shoot through the roof, as more and more customers will be confident in their purchases before they even arrive. The Terrys Fabrics Window Planner is available to download through the iOS store on all apple devices.

Only available in iOS.

Essential Apps That Will Help You Redecorate Or Redesign Your House

If you’re like me, you’re clueless when it comes to interior design.

Maybe have no idea what’s trendy and what’s tacky, what’s stylish and what’s ugly, what dimensions work within a space and which ones don’t. Maybe you just need some inspiration.

Thankfully, as it is with pretty much everything, the internet is here to help.

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Various home decor apps are available to download onto your phone or tablet that’ll allow you to see home decor the way an interior designer would. Or, at least close anyway?

Develop and hone your decorative skills, buy things, and even see how an item will look in your own home by checking out the home decor apps listed below.

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It Needs Improvement But Still Amazing

So it definitely needs improvement!! Ive had this app for around 2 mounths now and overall its quite enjoyable! I love all the furniture options and also EVERYTHING is FREE!! Yea no $80 chair and no $20 diamond pack!! You dont have to work for money, meaning no dumb match games, which I love. But, I have had soooo many GLITCHES!!! Currently I cant even design rooms because there is no furniture showing up in the catalog! And a few weeks ago I was not getting and notifications or new designs on the community center!! I do love how they host weekly design challenges but how can I do them if I cant even design?!! Ive rescheduled out to home styler and they have not responded, and I dont think they will!! So its a amazing app to express your iner designer, but be warned there are some bugs and glitches to get through!! And this is all coming from a 10 year old!! good luck!!

The Best Interior Design Apps

Kawaii Home Design | A Room Decorating App Game!

As technology progresses, we see the invention of many things that can assist us with epic home design. Namely, a bunch of great interior design apps for your smartphone, device or computer so you can incorporate hot décor trends on the go and keep much needed information in the one place.

These interior design apps are a must have for any home décor enthusiast whether youre a professional or hobbyist or just doing up one room for the fun of it.

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Apps To Redecorate Your Home With Your Phone

Whether youre looking to give your living room a quick refresh or want to completely revamp your home, these five apps can help you get started. Create a stunning look without blowing your budget no professional interior designer needed.

Guest post by Lori Cunningham

With dozens of decorating apps to choose from and inspiration just a finger touch away, redecorating your home has never been easier. Augmented Reality now lets you use your phone to see how colors, accessories, and furniture will look in your own house. On the horizon, you can expect to see apps using Artificial Intelligence to learn your style through your interaction with them.

Whether youre looking to give your living room a quick refresh or want to completely revamp your home, these five apps can help you get started. Create a stunning look without blowing your budget no professional interior designer needed.

Houzz: Start with online inspiration

Houzz covers architecture, interior design, decorating, landscape design, and home improvement. It has over 17 million high-resolution photos, all of which can be filtered by room, style, budget, size, color, or a combination.

Many of the pictures have purchasing information on the featured items, allowing you to purchase them within the Houzz app. You can also save pictures to an Ideabook to help keep your style ideas all in one place.

The Houzz app is free on iOS and Android.

MagicPlan: Create a floor plan from your phone

Homestyler Interior Design By Autodesk

Above: With a respectable 4-star rating in both the Google Play and iTunes App stores, the Homestyler app has a ton of useful features, but my favorite part is being able to place 3D models of real furniture in your own room. Not sure what that brass pendant will look like over your island? You dont have to guess anymore!

Cost: Free

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