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Apartment Decorating Ideas For Couples

Dreamy Bathtub In Long Island

Room Decorating Ideas for Couples | Interior Design

If combining modern and traditional bathroom décor doesnt bother you, youre going to love this bathroom design idea featured in Architectural Digest. The bathtub has a modern feel, due to the material that its made of, and the fact that it is not connected to the wall, as most traditional bathtubs are. On the other hand, the rug, chair, and small table, as well as the curtains and painting on the wall, are more traditional, but somehow fit the entire décor perfectly.

Cozy Up By A Fireor Pretend To

You dont need a functioning fireplace to add warmth to your bedroom. Make use of the mantel by gathering candles and trinkets for an intimate feel. Candles are also a hygge essential and a nice way to add warm light if your bedroom isnt equipped with a roaring fireplace.

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Modern Apartment Decor Items That Wont Damage Your Apartment

1. Folding Screens

With origins tracing back to 206BCE China, the folding screen is here to stay. Nowadays, these dividers come in every possible style, from oriental to contemporary. You can use it as a strictly decorative feature or as a beautiful room divider.

2. Temporary Wallpaper

Thousands of temporary wallpaper options make it possible for tenants to really put their style stamp on their apartment.

3. Tension Rods

If you want to hang curtains without installing curtain brackets, a tension rod could be the answer. These rods extend within a window frame, pushing against the sides of a recess. Keep in mind that lightweight curtains will work best with tension rods.

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Closet Apartment Decorating Ideas

shower curtain rings + shower rod

Purse Organizer

shower curtain rod + curtain rings + scarves

Hat Organizer

Bra Organizer Using Metal Racks or Towel Hook RackYou could do the same thing with 2-3 of these Dollar Tree hooks

Winter Accessory Organziertowel bar + curtain clip rings

Flats OrganizationYou can also use bent wire coat hangers to

Shirt Organizer

screws + decorative drawer handles

Souls Desire Bedroom Design For Couples

43 Small Apartment Decorating Ideas for Couple

Embrace your Latino heritage or reminisce on a special journey south of the border with this love is the desire of the soul bedroom idea. Connect in a deep and meaningful way with your spouse as you focus on this powerful message set underneath a large photo of the two of you. A warm glow from the set of wall sconces further adds ambiance to the room and sets the candle-lit mood for a romantic evening in. The sheer white draping on the four-poster wooden bed adds another element of adventure and fun to your master bedrooms design.

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A Light Color Palette

Choosing a color palette for small spaces is usually overlooked because, more usual than not, you pick colors for individual furniture or decor. Its always a challenge to approach your interior designs color scheme in a holistic fashion. However, when it comes to small apartment design, your color palette should help you create an illusion of a bigger space. Generally, you should consider light colors such as white, off-whites, pastels, or muted colors for your apartment. These colors help create an open and expansive feeling.

Pastels might appear to be feminine for some if youre a guy, you might not like using this in your apartment. Do not worry though, because although pastel colors will bring in some airy and softer feel, you can consider using muted colors instead because they bring in the same ambiance.

Pastel colors are colors that belong to the milky and desaturated family. These are colors that have enough white mixed in to offer a colorful yet soft look.

Essentially, when it comes to small spaces, your color palette should be light colors as they are more reflective than dark colors, thereby making the space more open and airy. They also make a room look larger and brighter. You can then splash some bolder colors for highlights and accents.

Creamy Comforts In Russia

This lush, yet breezy bedroom actually belongs to a couples apartment designed by talented Russian designer, Sergey Baskakov. The light and simple color scheme works like a charm with the very low bed. This is actually an ingenious sofa, extended to accommodate two occupants. We also like how the bed is placed directly underneath the window, so it can bask in the glorious morning sunlight, for a cozy awakening. The contemporary painting of an elegant woman adds just the dash of color to this otherwise neutral room.

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Rustic Barn Wood Wall Bedroom Retreat

Charming and rustic collide in this romantic retreat. This weathered barn wood provides a perfect contrast to the delicate and romantic allure of this master bedroom. With a custom nightstand featuring a hand-painted floral lace motif on top, the charm is evident throughout this space. Adding a metal and glass bead lamp and a small house plant provide even more ambiance. And what nightstand is complete without a good book and a hot cup of joe? Never forget the day you two became one with a snapshot of your wedding day as well.

Eclectic Loft With Blue Music Studio Space

10 Small Bedroom Ideas for Couples

A wooden loft area provides room underneath for a small music studio. Accessorized with a piano, hanging guitars and a banjo, the space is a cozy spot for playing a favorite tune.

If you have tall ceilings in your studio, building a loft is a killer way to add some additional square footage to your space. In this example, the owner created a sleeping area in the loft and used the space underneath as a small music studio.

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Gold And Marble Nightstand Tray

Organize all of your favorite trinkets and accessories where you can easily access them with this gorgeous nightstand tray. Trimmed in gold and crafted in a beautiful white and grey marble, this tray makes your favorite photos and succulents feel right at home and look amazing while doing so. The handles of the tray make it easy to transport to another location like your bedroom chest of drawers or on top of the throw across the bottom of your bed. Displaying your treasured items on a tray gives it a polished look where everything is right where it belongs.

Remember That Minimal Doesnt Mean Boring

Fill the space with a few coveted pieces that speak for themselves. Cue this dreamy scalloped bed frame in Laura Harriers pink L.A. pad. By adding stand-alone pieces to your room, like an interesting nightstand or a not-so-typical light fixture, you can bring in personality and charm without steering away from an understated vibe.

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Create Ambiance With Lighting

A cozy bedroom needs light, but not just any kind of light. There is nothing worse than a harsh ceiling downlight shining on you while youre in bed, says Hamel. Turn off the overhead fixture after dark and concentrate on low light. The key to an intimate mood is incorporating various sources of lighting, including soft bedside lamps and strategically mounted ceiling lights for a touch of drama. But of course, the best light source of them all will forever be natural light. See below for what our dream bedroom would be.

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The Tv Cabinets Designs For Living Room Are Nowadays A Very Discreet Presence In The Living Room As The Main Reasons For Family Gathering Is To Be Together Not To Get Distracted By The Background

cool 59 Apartment Decorating Ideas for Couples https ...

Couple living room ideas. One of the easiest living room ideas on a budget is to don your diy dungarees and get painting. For instance, you can hide it behind a nice painting rolled along a metal track, and your room will look far more elegant than it does with the tv in plain sight. Some premier items to include, just naming a few, are an oversized cozy throw, bedside lamps or wall sconces, and soft, natural color choices.

The whole living has 17m². So many people just get the cd and then it ends up lost in a drawer when they could have a gorgeous print on the living room wall instead. I’ve created a modern, urban ambient with the contrast between black and white traces.

This project was developed for a young couple. More bedroom decoration ideas for couples is to include plenty of pieces that encourage snuggling. That has featured yellow elements.

See more ideas about home, home decor, house design. Another smart idea that doesn’t squander floor space is the floating desk that spans the left side of the room. In this living room, shades of green are applied in small doses for subtle yet impactful color.

First of all, attention should be given to functionality and comfort as much as visuality. I am moving to a single wide, and wanted some ideas, but i already had this idea in mind: Chic urban vibe and a collected style.

High style in a rental situation. Believe in the power of paint. {to keep the cost down, shutterfly always is.

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Artsy Comfort In Connecticut

If you and your partner are both art lovers, you might want to decorate your bedroom in a way that reminds you of your passion for art. In the case of this Connecticut apartment found on Elle Decor, the walls are not the only ones beaming with art. The bedding, headboard, and curtains are also art pieces by themselves. If you truly want to make a statement with your bedroom, this is definitely the way to go. Bonus: the vibrant green color of the walls!

Get Helpful Apartment Living Tips

At Triple Crown Corporation, we understand apartment living better than anyone. With rental communities throughout South Central Pennsylvania, we know what makes rental living comfortable. From how to decorate an apartment to solving roommate conflict or touring a rental home, weve got plenty of advice to offer.

Be sure to check out our blog for more helpful apartment living tips that cover everything from moving to enjoying the area you now live in. Youll have a space that transforms into your perfect home in no time.

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First Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget For Couples

When a couple is just starting out it can be a challenge to find a place that is both affordable and comfortable so that they can embark on their new life together. Decorating apartments for couples may seem cramped while bigger modern apartments are just too large for those who might be saving up to have a family soon.

The three apartments featured here offer limited space, but make up for it in the creative use of that space, making room for the couples as well as their favorite pastimes.

How Do You Decorate A Wall Without Damaging It


All of these temporary decorating tips wont be much help unless you know how to hang decorations without damaging walls. Nails, screws and other hardware are usually out of the question for a rental home, so whats the key to damage-free decorating?

Your options include products made with renters in mind that dont damage walls or getting inventive with how you display décor. Use these temporary apartment decorating ideas to make moving out or changing your décor simple:

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Wonderful Small Apartment Bedroom Design Ideas And Decor Googodecor

It is possible to create scandinavian style bedrooms on a to incorporate country style design in a small bedroom, make sure you choose wooden furniture:

Best Photo Of Apartment Bedroom Couples Bedroom Design Bedroom Inspirations Apartment Decor. See more ideas about bedroom decor, decor, bedroom decor for couples. Blue bedroom theme ideas for couples are a popular choice as the colour has a calming effect. Discover bedroom ideas and design inspiration from a variety of bedrooms, including color, decor and theme options. Especially when it comes to couples, the bedroom is the comfiest place and the most romantic getaway. If you have a small bedroom which needs after publishing small apartment ideas, we decided to find some practical solutions for styling your small.

Consider Modern Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

Modern apartment decor for a masculine bachelor pad by interior designer, Rachel H.

Apartments may be smaller than ever, but they can still pack a stylish punch. So long as you implement small apartment design tricks and trust your style sense, you can also decorate a swoon-worthy small apartment. Our favorite tips include zoning, incorporating illusions, and adding floor-to-ceiling elements.

Firstly, zoning is the practice of creating separate areas in a multi-function room with color and decor like rugs. Secondly, you can make an interior seem larger than it is with visual illusions. For instance, a mirror can double the light of an interior while making it look a little bigger than it is. Finally, floor-to-ceiling furniture and decor, like curtains or shelves, can make a room feel taller than it is. Long drapes can also add a sumptuous luxury to any interior.

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Cozy Corner Banquette With Framed Botanical Prints

This cozy small space features large windows and banquette seating. Green striped walls house framed botanical prints, giving the space a natural feel.

This charming corner banquette in a space designed by Kristi Nelson helps bring home the point that in a studio, you need to make sure youre efficiently using every square inch of space. Banquettes are a great option if you need to create an additional seating area or if you only have a tiny amount of space to create your dining room area.

Eclectic Mudroom With Bench Storage

70+ Romantic Apartment Decorating Ideas for Couples

This eclectic white entryway houses a functional mudroom featuring a contemporary storage bench. Wooden shelving is situated above the bench, creating additional storage options. Colorful geometric patterns are used to keep the space feeling lively and trendy.

In a studio apartment, it makes sense to choose as many double-duty furniture pieces as you can. Dont just choose a bed find one that has built-in storage underneath. If you dont have room for a dining table, choose a coffee table thats big enough for you to sit at when you have your meals. And if you’re going to get a bench, make sure you follow TerraCotta Design Builds lead and get one with additional storage inside.

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Modern Dorm Room With Multifunctional Furniture And Futon

When buying furniture for a dorm room or other small living space, choose pieces that are multifunctional. A futon is the perfect example by day it can be used as a sofa, but by night it can instantly turn into a full bed. Here, white tables on casters are used as an entertainment center and a mobile coffee table and the cubed bookcase not only stores books and kitchen essentials, but serves as a room divider, too. Photo courtesy of IKEA

Courtesy of IKEA

With the openness of a studio apartment, sometimes its hard to establish a defined floor plan. A great way to do this is to carve out an area in your studio with a large piece of furniture like a bookshelf. In this example from Ikea, they’re using a tall shelf to block off some space for a home office.

Use Tall Bookshelves And Wall Shelves

In a tiny apartment, its already given that the floor space is small. So use tall bookshelves and wall shelves to maximize your storage options while minimizing clutter. Its also a great way to show off wall art and memorabilia. Books, if not showcased on shelves, would end up taking up precious space in your storage boxes or closet. With the help of bookcases or wall shelves, you free up space in your boxes and cabinets while personalizing your decor with your favorite literary classics.

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Glass Table And Transparent Decor

Consider using a glass or transparent acrylic table instead of solid wooden pieces. The see through aspect of the material allows them to inconspicuously blend in with your room. Its an extremely simple way to inject an open and airy vibe. As a plus, the molded acrylic is an extremely robust material, allowing it to even act as a bench or extra seating if necessary.

Maximize A Small Apartment Kitchen


Apartments are notorious for having minuscule kitchens. Take advantage of every inch of kitchen storage by maximizing vertical space. If your setup includes open shelves, place several stacks of dishes on each shelf, arranging like items together. Use the upper shelves for lesser-used items you don’t need to access as often.

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Simple And Minimal Modern Charm Master Bedroom

Keep it simply stated and minimal in design with a gorgeous and easy to re-create bedroom design for couples. The rich and dark color choice for the backdrop of the bed is the ideal foundation for this modern space. A rustic wooden shelf holds some cute signs and a favorite photo of your new little family. Adding a little white pom-pom garland gives the space a whimsical touch in an otherwise modern and minimal design. For extra comfort, the upholstered headboard in a heather grey adds another textural element without straying from the modern color palette.

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