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American Traditions Furniture And Decor

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EASY Traditional Living Room Decorating Ideas

American Traditions Furniture & Decor

Motivated by the success of my first store, The Lace Buckle Boutique, I decided to make another dream of mine come true. Being an avid fan of fixer-upper and other home decorating shows, I was inspired to open a furniture and decor store of my own. In the fall of 2018 that dream came true! American Traditions Furniture and Decor opened their doors on October 22, offering a mix of nautical, southern chic, rustic and farmhouse decor. The majority of the merchandise is new, but you will find antiques and unique pieces displayed throughout the store as well. New merchandise is being brought out to the floor weekly which is pleasing to the eye for new customers who frequent to the store.

As of recently American Traditions has welcomed Banana Bug Designs and owner Ashley Daymon into the store, offering an array of items and apparel that can be purchased as is or can be personalized with embroidery or a decal. American Traditions also carries personalized hats and beautiful unique earrings made of wood, acrylic and leather from a company called The Wooden Fence .

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What Is Traditional Interior Design Style

Traditional interior design is a popular style of décor that is based largely on 18th- and 19th-century European styles and conventional notions of what a home looks like.

A traditional interior design scheme is timeless and placeless, comfortable and put together but not overly fancy. The kinds of furniture, textiles, color palettes, and décor used in traditionally designed rooms reference history and are familiar rather than trend-setting. For example, a traditional style bedroom might include a neutral color scheme a carved wood or upholstered headboard matching nightstands and table lamps a chest of drawers an upholstered armchair and ottoman and possibly a landscape painting on the wall.

American Traditions Furniture & Decor

American Traditions Furniture & DecorAmerican Traditions Furniture & DecorAmerican Traditions Furniture & DecorAmerican Traditions Furniture & DecorAmerican Traditions Furniture & Decor

Whether it be farmhouse, rustic, coastal or Southern chic American traditions will be your one stop destination for that perfect statement piece, simple accessory and decor/gifts.

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The European & American Traditions

Bedroom Furniture

European furniture design styles and North American furniture styles generally follow the main splits and divisions in European and American culture, principally the historic interaction and struggle between the Classical view of life and the Romantic as can be seen in the history of English furniture.

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The Country Traditions History

Owned and operated by Jeffrey Yount, Country Traditions is the showroom and home-decor branch of The Decorating Center. Where weve created a one-stop destination for home improvement products, remodeling design, and primitive country furniture and home decor.

Thirty years ago, Jeff was running a commercial/residential paint business when he had a flash of inspiration. Why not create a center that could supply all his own remodeling needs as well as offer his customers a full complement of home furnishings & decor, as well as a full gallery of home decorating inspired products?

Now, Country Traditions features a unique and distinctive collection displayed in over 30,000 sq. ft. of rustic showroom space. Its become a not-to-be-missed destination for professional designers and DIY-selfers alike.

As our customers turn their house into a warm and inviting home, they truly become a part of our family. We are always here to help, answer your questions, and deliver the bespoke furniture your heart desires. Country Traditionsits where ideas come to life!

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Origins Of Traditional Interior Design Style

Traditional interior design became widespread in the 20th century as postwar suburbs boomed and people sought to emulate interior design traditions of 18t- and 19th-century Europe, particularly England and France.

Traditional interior design hums along quietly in the background while more exciting, trendy, or decade-specific design eras come and go. While Midcentury Modern designers were taking advantage of new production methods and the post-war housing boom to pump out innovative furniture and household objects using new materials, fans of traditional design were using those same production methods to create reproductions of classic Queen Anne chairs and Chippendale highboys. Traditional design held its appeal for the mainstream while the postmodern 1980s saw influential but short-lived movements such as Memphis design that challenged every conventional notion of color and form but never challenged the mainstream.

Many Americans grow up in homes that could be characterized as traditional. And many people feel most at home in a traditional interior that is nonetheless updated and comfortable for modern living. The goal of designing a Traditional living room isnt to create a wow factor but to provide a reassuring backdrop for family living that is at its best elegant, comfortable, and understated. At its worst, a traditional room can feel boring, old-fashioned, dated, and uninspired.

Creativity Comes To Life

American Traditions Dining Room Collection from Legacy Classic

Country Traditions design experts can help you discover all the unique treasures you need to make your house into a home and if you need remodeling, ask about the services of the as well!

Whether you are starting new with a clean slate or refreshing your current decor, Country Traditions at The Decorating Center offers everything you could ever need to build a home or renew your vision. From fundamentals like furniture, mattresses, and lighting to a wide variety of florals, artwork, and one-of-a-kind creations, Country Traditions has you covered!

Feel free to roam and set your imagination free! Or you can ask one of our design specialists to help design the look and feel of your dreams. We are here to help you discover exactly whats right for you.

Though we have a foundation collection of essentials, our decorating items are ever-changing with the seasons and holidays. So stop by often to see whats new!

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Rochester Institute of Technology

Introducing American Traditions Furniture

Combining a mix of classic carpentry and centuries of old designs and multi-generational traditions, our new American Traditions Furniture collection is superb. Made in America with American lumber, each piece features rough-milled textures which enhances the rustic charm. The influential styles come directly from the local landscape with colonial estates and farmhouse architecture. Strong eastern white pine and durable maple is used to create heirlooms to be passed on from family to family.

End Table

The Colonial End Table is expertly made in America with a light open frame. With a sturdy drawer and lower shelf, this nightstand is a great rustic piece with a simple yet delightful style. The fact it is available in six unique finish options is an added bonus! The size is perfect for any little corner or near a favorite reading chair.

Kitchen Island

TheBarn Door Kitchen Island is beautiful and unique in presentation. Constructed from rustic rough-milled pine with barn door hardware, smooth sliding action provides ease of access to the deep compartments. The counter-height surface also doubles as a breakfast bar when you add a couple Ladderback Bar Stools.

Your Search is Over

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Key Characteristics Of Traditional Interior Design Style

Lasting Traditions Bedroom Set American Woodcrafters ...
  • Furniture, decor, art rooted in European design primarily from the 18th and 19th century, particularly from England and France
  • Design is based on styles of the past but often finished with fewer fine ornamental details
  • Rooms are set up to be functional, family-friendly, and comfortable
  • A focus on symmetry includes conventional space planning around classic uses of space pairs of furniture and objects such as armchairs or lamps and an overhaul harmonious feel rather than a room full of juxtaposition and contrast
  • Interiors may include traditional architectural elements such as crown molding and wainscotting
  • Color palettes include subtle neutrals with sparing use of bold color
  • Wood finishes on floors and furnishings tend to be darker
  • Walls are usually painted in muted neutrals but may include subtle patterned wallpaper in traditional motifs such as floral, stripes, or damask
  • Textiles are generally neutral or subtly patterned as with wallpaper and may include heavy cotton, wool, velvet, damask, and silk

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