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99 Ways To Decorate A Pink Bathroom

Create A Focus With Pattern

BEST 10 Renter-Friendly LUXE Bathroom Upgrades | Stuff Nobody told you!

A small bathroom always runs the risk of being characterless but you can easily rectify this with a single wall of patterned tiles, placed strategically to draw attention to an end wall or a feature wall.

‘Whether its stars or stripes, monochrome patterns or colors that pop… pattern and print play a big part in bringing personality into any home it injects life into small spaces,’ says Hamish Smith, Ca Pietra Creative Director. ‘Think that pattern tiles are just for contemporary spaces? Think again and opt for a Victorian-inspired patterned tile, or a trellis pattern for a shower space to make it timeless.’

Create Your Style With Wall Decor

Whether moving to a new home or going through renovations, once youve settled on flooring, furniture and anything else you think you may need in a given room there could still be something else missing: your signature sense of style. Has your home office felt a little ho-hum or did you overlook decorating the living room or basement? Then make boring rooms new again by turning them into something truly special with the endless possibilities in wall decorations that make a statement while reconfiguring the look, feel and mood. Draw the eyes by creating stunning focal points with wall decor that can add depth to any room.

How To Add Pink

If you dont want to cover all your bathroom in pink, think how to add it creatively and dont go too far with it. For example, you can clad your shower space with pink tiles, or you can go for pink painted walls or floor, or choose a pink bathtub and sinks. If you decided to go for various shades of pink in one space, you can rock them of various materials tiles, terrazzo, onyx, wood, plaster, concrete and so on. Get inspired by the ideas below and choose what you love to realize in your home!

a light pink bathroom with a gallery wall, a coral vanity, a coral printed rug for a unique and very cute look

a millenial pink bathroom with a floating vanity clad with tiles, stained wood and black grout to make a contrast

a modern bathroom clad with pink tiles and black grout, with light-colored MDF furniture and black fixtures

a pink bathroom with bright walls, terrazzo elements, a pink sink and black touches for some drama

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What Is The Best Color For A Small Bathroom

So, what’s the best color for a small bathroom? The truth is that it depends on your own space.

First, take account of the natural daylight in your small bathroom: if it is poor or if the bathroom is north- or east-facing, you would be better choose a bathroom color that reflects light and has a touch of warmth to it.

If your bathroom is flooded with daylight thanks to a large window, there’s no reason not to choose a dark color.

Consider how the bathroom color will look on all four walls in a small space, it may be over-powering if it is dark or bold or it may make the room feel entirely characterless if it is pale and this is where you need to be clever with adding pattern and texture to complement that color.

What to avoid? A strong color and poor lighting, whether daylight or artificial light the effect will be that the entire space with have a tinge of that shade, and when you look in your small bathroom mirror you might find your face reflects that shade which is unflattering and not conducive to wellbeing.

Combine Dark Floors With Pale Walls

16 Pink Bathroom Ideas

You may be surprised to learn that dark flooring can help to make your room look bigger. Once paired with the right cooling shade for wall colour, a space really can appear much bigger than it is.

The most obvious combination is black and white, as seen here. But you could also combine a deep gray or emerald green with blush. Or dark wood with pale sage green.

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Pink Bathroom Ideas: 22 Modern Ideas For An On

These pink bathroom ideas offer up a heavy dose of fresh, modern and on-trend inspiration, from peachy tones and elegant schemes to blush-grey hues and edgy, urban designs.

ByLotte Brouwerpublished 26 January 21

The pink bathroom ideas below offer up a heavy dose of fresh, modern and on-trend inspiration.

From all the bathroom colour ideas out there, pink is the one that’s surged in popularity the most over the past year, with incredibly chic pink bathrooms popping up in designer homes and all over our social media feeds. To avoid looking naff or tacky, the pink bathrooms often feature undertones of either yellow or grey, making them an off-pink shade. Pairing the colour with more edgier details like raw concrete, black taps and Crittall doors gives these pink bathrooms a more cool and modern look, while peachy tones combined with brass and marble create more elegant, sophisticated schemes.

Another favourite of-the-moment look is graphic pink tiles, and tadelact – or polished plaster – is a great way to bring a beautiful earthy pink pigment into your bathroom or shower area. And there are professional firms who can apply it for you and ensure it’s waterproof.

Rather than tile an entire wall or floor, if you’re just after a splash of pink or a nod the the trend, think about a tiled splash-back next to basin or bath – or in a shower room.

There’s a pink bathroom idea here to suit every home…

White Goes With Everything

White is always a safe choice. White goes with just about everything and in this case, especially an uncommonly colored bathroom tile. Most white tints will work however, avoid a stark, pure white, as it will be too much of a contrast against the vintage pink tile. Select a white that is more on the creamy side of the spectrum, such as off-white or eggshell white, for more of a complement to the pink that is already present in the tile.

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Be Brave With Bold Pattern

While wallpaper is an excellent option for adding pattern to a cloakroom, depending on the level of extraction you have in your bathroom, it may not be the best choice if you use to it to bathe or shower often.

An excellent alternative to wallpaper is patterned tile, whether in a simple repeat or a mural-style design like this one by Surface View.

Ideas To Decorate A Pink Bathroom


Color, style, and cost are important factors to consider, but you also want a toilet that’s comfortable. Get all your bathroom design ideas here. Here are some tips for decorating smaller bathrooms. Fear not, these small bathroom decorating ideas will ensure that no matter how diminutive, your wc is as stylish as any other room of the house. The toilet is perhaps one of the most important features of your bathroom and selecting one for a bathroom shouldn’t be an afterthought.

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Get Retro With Cheerful Colors

If you really want to enrich the pink tile and add more character to your bathroom, choose a color such as turquoise, light mint or pale yellow. These were popular colors in the 40s and 50s, as was the pink of your tile, so by using one of these bold and cheerful paints, you will not only create a playful contrast, but you’ll also preserve that retro feel in your bathroom.


What’s The Easiest Way To Get A Pink Bathroom

A fresh lick of paint is the most obvious way to introduce pink in the bathroom. Most paint brands are onto it with trend driven colour palettes and we’ve seen a beautiful spectrum of grown-up pinks ranging from the palest calamine to those with earthy red pigments from Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Earthborn, Annie Sloan and Benjamin Moore, to name just a few.

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Keep The Decor Simple But Add Elegant Fixtures

Jonathan Gooch

In lieu of being able to enlarge room dimensions, the clever use of surface finishes can maximize the feeling of space. In a small dark space, you could keep the space light and bright with minimal pattern or color.

Use reflective finishes on joinery and recessed handles, says Nick Stuttard, co-founder of London Projects. They reflect light back into the room and streamline surfaces, minimizing any awkwardness in moving around a narrow space.

Ideas To Decorate A Pink And Black Bathroom Inspired By Pattern In A Wallpaper

6 Ways To Decorate With Pink in the Bathroom

First, we will experiment with the wallpaper formula for decorating a pink and black bathroom. The key here is to find a wallpaper pattern that you like that includes the tile colors in this case, pink and black plus anywhere from one to several other colors to give the bathroom a pulled together, cohesive, and interesting look.

Note: We think that staying away from wallpaper patterns that mimic the grid of the tile walls is a good idea to keep the bathroom from feeling too rigid and grid-like.

Then, youll located plain color accessories shower curtain, towels, etc. that repeat the colors found in the tile and wallpaper. These will complete the look without adding additional pattern, which could possibly clash with the wallpaper or overwhelm the small space. Lets look at a few examples using vintage wallpaper I found at Hannahs Treasures

Sophisticated botanical: For this first look, this 1950s fern wallpaper from Hannahs Treasures works well. Though it reads as a grey pattern, the ferns are made up of black, white and pink set on a grey background. The texture and low contrast in color and shape in the pattern help make the high contrast between the black and pink tile less stark, helping to blend the whole look together. The simple black and white shower curtain from Ikea and light pink towels finish off the decor without adding any more complexities.

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Designs To Decorate A Pink And Black Bathroom

We constantly get questions from readers who want help decorating their pink bathroom , so weve set a new, epic goal: to create 99 mood boards to decorate a pink bathroom. And part of this project: For each of six pink bathroom color combinations, well give YOU the basic photo so that you can come up with your own design board and email it to us to consider adding to our list. First up in our pink potty prettification pursuit: Ideas to decorate a pink and black bathroom a popular color combo especially in the early years of pink bathroom popularity.

Kate got the assignment to create all of our initial design boards. Thank you, Kate! To get started, she chose pink field tile from B& W a Bahama Pink toilet from Gerber and black bullnose, generally acquired quite affordably and easily from Big Box stores, Daltile or B& W, etc.

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

As mentioned, tile is king for bathroom floors. Its waterproof, easy to clean, durable, and stylish. Note that its important to choose the right kind of tile to flesh out your bathroom floor tile ideas. Tiles designed for walls may become too slippery underfoot, creating a fall hazard for all who use the bathroom.

See more about The Top 100 Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Bathroom floor tile ideas neednt be boring, monotonous grids. Ordinary tile can be arranged in chevron or basketweave patterns to add visual interest. Hexagonal tiles are hugely popular now and range in size from little pennies to 12 inches or more. Use a contrasting grout color to draw attention to the tile shape or use a matching shade to make the lines less noticeable.

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Keep It Cozy With Beige

To create a little contrast, but still remain neutral, opt for one of the many tones of beige. Beige is a soft and cozy color that adds warmth to any room. Select a medium-toned beige with earthy undertones, such as browns, grays and tans. Avoid any beiges with peach or orange undertones, which will appear pink once on the wall.

Pink And White Bathrooms With A Color Scheme Grounded In The Shower Curtain

GLAMIFYING MY BATHROOM // Princess Bathroom Re-Decorating

Crazy for chrysanthemums: Now, for the first of the paint looks, this chrysanthemum printed shower curtain with light purple, hot pink and maroon flowers on a white background works well with the pink and white tile, and allows us to paint the wall a deep pinkish maroon, to emulate the look of a vintage pink and maroon bathroom with a modern twist. Pink and white towels finish off the look.

Fancy French poodle: For a Parisian theme, this Boudoir Lounge shower curtain from complete with a poodle give the room a feminine feel. Pale grey walls and pink and white towels let the shower curtain steal the show.Cuter than a cupcake: If you like polka dots, this pink, white, beige, brown and grey shower curtain is sure to make you smile. With its youthful, playful feel, weve kept the wall a neutral beige and accented with white and pink towels.

Summer garden: This bright and modern flower shower curtain is as cute as it is colorful. Painting the wall a bright yellowy orange to match the shower curtain gives the room a cheery feel. Topping off the look: coordinating pink and white towels.

Cheap and cheerful kids bathroom: Reader Elisabeth pulled this cheap and cheerful kids bathroom all from Ikea, including a multi-color striped shower curtain, turquoise and white bath towels, matching multi-colored hand towels and an aqua wall mirror, all set on a sky blue wall color.

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Use Vertical Space In A Small Bathroom

Instead of the usual bulky towel racks and rails, look for longer, thinner versions, designed to go up the walls. Invest in ladder shelves, or open shelves. This will add a relaxed feel to the space and the bathroom wont feel so boxy. Take advantage of dead space you wouldnt usually fill and stretch out your furnishings to save space.

Expert tip tall and sleek corner fitting cabinets are an ideal small bathroom idea.

Help I Have One Of Those Pink Tile Bathrooms And Need An Update

  • on Sep 03, 2017Whoa! That’s a lot of pink!!!! I know that removing a tile or or soap dish here in there sounds like pulling a piece of the puzzle and replacing it, but more often than not, it means tearing out all of the tile. The pink in your bathroom could be toned down and made more vintage looking if you got rid of the floor and the wallpaper. I would put in a white floor with small black accents and paint the walls white. Do some black stencil work on your tile in a decorative way, but don’t overdo it. There are tile decals that would work for that.I would paint your heater white with a matching black design on it. Think 1950’sMake your accessories like shower curtain and towels a more vintage look as well.As far as you Soap Dish, Toothbrush holder, towel bars, and toilet paper holder goes, if you want rid of those, tear out all of the pink in that room! Be prepared to go down to the studs and start fresh. Its a lot of work and more money but in the end, super satisfying!!!: )

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Create A Visual Interest

Dump expensive fittings for simpler alternatives. Instead of installing a fancy chandelier, imitate Hecker Guthrie by using modern lighting options. Rather than using gold-accented mirrors, go with round frameless ones. With this design, the sculptural metallic and red marble sink with dark wood walls in the bathroom will stand out to create a strong attraction.

Place The Wallpaper Halfway

20 Pretty Ways To Bring A Pink Colors Into Your Bathroom ...

Are you looking for the perfect way to use less wallpaper and still achieve a perfect design? Well, you can cover the bathroom space halfway up instead of placing them all over the walls. This design not only saves cost, but it also prevents water from splashing on the water paper. For a white-tiled bathroom, its best to go with bold wallpapers to jazz up the interior space elegantly.

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Clad A Wall Or Two With Texture

For those who fear color may overwhelm their small bathroom, introducing texture may be a more palatable way to introduce feature walls. Cladding is a good way to achieve this you could pick roughly hewn timber cladding or, for something more modern, a fluted finish.

According to George Holland at Victorian Plumbing, ‘Fluted cladding is a great choice for smaller bathrooms prone to lots of condensation. The fluted design helps eliminate wall moisture, especially when using water-resistant ribbed tiles.’

Ways You Can Use Fabric To Decorate Every Room Of Your Home

by M.E. Gray on Feb 2, 2021

September is National Sewing Month, and in honor of the occasion, were taking a deep look at one of the most versatile materials out there: fabric! From sewing pillows to creating statement wall pieces, theres no limit to the way you can use fabric in the world of interior design. Here are 99 of our favorite tips on how to use fabric to of your home. You dont have to be a tailor to use textiles in your space. From no-sew curtains to fabric as wallpaper, theres a project out there for everybody!

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Use Mirrors To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Larger

Antique mirrored walls can be an effective way to create the illusion of a much wider space.

Also, if the passage between a master bedroom and its adjacent small bathroom is wide enough, consider adding a shower enclosure.

Ensure it sits seamlessly in the background by using clear glass possibly with a modesty panel and a flush-to-floor tray, says Kirsten Wain of West One Bathrooms.

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